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Let us talk about a few tips, tricks and hidden features in iOS 12. Now iOS 12 has been released officially about the week ago and ever since I updated it

I've been really happy with the performance and I have also been trying to find some new tricks, tips and also some features that I didn't know about. So today I'm going to share them with you. So the first feature that I'm going to be showing guys today, is the fact that you can select different words with just basically this little feature here. So how this works is basically like this and then you just go like this, this works using the 3D touch and it allows you to select phrases, again what you want to do is, select something and then just press harder and it will start selecting everything.

This is absolutely amazing I really really like it and it is one of my favorite hidden features in iOS 12. Up next another cool little thing is the ability to play YouTube videos by just, let me first off enable Wi-Fi, what you can do is go into YouTube, you can go into a video let's say, if you just quickly go, okay so let's say you're watching with a video and you quickly double tap the power button, the video will be still playing in the background, so I don't know if this worked with me a recording but it's definitely something that you can use.

Okay, so this next little-hidden feature that I have for you is now in messages and probably also somewhere else but in messages, it's where I used it the most. What you can do when you get a message from some someone you can just click on it and you will get this little audio, FaceTime and also info button, instead usually it'd just open it up, but now you have the ability to straight up call, FaceTime or just get the info of the contact and this is definitely something that I have been really really enjoying.

The next feature is the fact that you can now turn on a flashlight with just using Siri, so you can just say hey Siri turn on the flashlight, turn off flashlight this is absolutely amazing, as it's finally available and it's much easier to access and this is again new in iOS 12. Here is another thing that you can do in iOS 12, what you can do is basically use, a lot, a lot, a lot of markup colors, so again if you just use markup, usually there were like three or maybe four colors available, but now you have a whole palette of these colors available, which is really really cool and basically you have many more colors than you usually did.

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