Is Apple Coming Out With a New iPad Pro in 2023?

Is Apple Coming Out With a New iPad Pro

Apple's iPad Pro lineup has consistently impressed tech enthusiasts, and with the recent release of the iPad Pro 2022, users are already speculating about what the future holds for Apple's flagship tablet. 

While concrete information about their upcoming iPad Pro is limited, we have gathered the available rumors and insights to provide a detailed overview of what can be expected from this highly anticipated device.

Is Apple Coming Out With a New iPad Pro This Year?

While Apple enthusiasts eagerly await the next generation of iPad Pro, the Cupertino company's plans for a new release in 2023 seem unlikely. 

The iPad Pro 2022 received significant updates, and based on Apple's historical release patterns, the next gen iPad Pro is most likely to make its debut in early 2024. 

Rumors suggest exciting possibilities such as OLED screens, enhanced design, and improved performance with the M3 chip. 

However, those seeking an iPad Pro in the near term may need to consider the current model. Stay updated for the latest news on Apple's future tablet releases.

iPad Pro 2024 Leaks

2024 iPad Pro with OLED display

OLED Screens and Beyond Rumors surrounding the iPad Pro 2024 suggest that Apple may introduce OLED screens, a significant departure from the previous models. 

These screens are expected to be thinner, offering a more immersive viewing experience. Leaks indicate that Samsung and LG are preparing to manufacture "hybrid" OLED panels specifically tailored for the iPad Pro 2024. 

However, it is worth noting that Apple's current focus on developing other products, such as its headset, might limit the extent of upgrades to its existing lineup.

Release Date Expectations: Patience Required 

Considering Apple's historical product release patterns, the arrival of the iPad Pro 2024 is unlikely to be imminent. 

Typically, Apple updates the iPad Pro every 1-2 years, with an average gap of about 1.5 years between generations or roughly 18 months. 

Based on this timeline, it is reasonable to anticipate the iPad Pro launching in early 2024, coinciding with Apple's spring event. 

Renowned journalist Mark Gurman has also indicated that a new iPad Pro in 2023 is unlikely, with the successor expected in the first half of 2024.

Price Speculations: The Balance Between Innovation and Affordability 

2024 iPad Pro Price Speculations

Determining the price of the iPad Pro 2024 at this stage is challenging. 

Apple has displayed a degree of restraint in increasing prices for its Pro models in recent years, taking into account economic considerations. 

However, if the 2024 model introduces substantial and costly enhancements, it could potentially result in a price increase. 

While a supply chain report suggests a significant jump of $700, translating to a starting price of $1500 for the smaller model and $1800 for the larger one, it is crucial to approach this information with caution until more concrete details emerge.

Camera and Storage Expectations

Potential storage options of the iPad Pro 2024

Shrouded in Mystery The camera specifications for the iPad Pro 2024 remain largely unknown at this early stage. 

Historically, Apple has not placed significant emphasis on camera enhancements in its tablet releases. 

As for storage options, the iPad Pro 2024 is expected to maintain similar configurations to the 2022 model, offering options ranging from 128GB to 2TB. 

It is likely that the higher capacity models will be accompanied by additional RAM, following the current trend.

iPad Pro 2024 Design Possibilities

iPad Pro 2024 Design Possibilities

The Evolution of Aesthetics Numerous rumors have circulated regarding a potential design revamp for the iPad Pro 2024. 

Speculations include slimmer bezels, a glass back, and even the possibility of a notch similar to the iPhone. 

Some sources have suggested the inclusion of the Dynamic Island, an exciting feature that could provide dynamic and contextual controls. 

Bloomberg's Mark Gurman mentioned the possibility of an enlarged logo facilitating wireless charging, although this prediction did not materialize for the 2022 model. 

However, Gurman has indicated that an updated design might be on the horizon for the iPad Pro 2024.

Display Upgrades: OLED Panels and Increased Size

One of the notable disappointments of the iPad Pro 2022 was the absence of a Mini LED display for the 11" model. 

However, rumors now suggest that the 2024 iteration might introduce OLED panels for both the 11" and 12.9" models.

Industry insider Ross Young and journalist Mark Gurman have both substantiated this possibility. 

Additionally, Apple is reportedly perfecting a "hybrid" OLED technology specifically for its high-end iPads. 

iPad Pro with 120Hz ProMotion

ProMotion technology, providing an adaptive refresh rate of up to 120Hz, is expected to continue being a standard feature. 

There have also been leaks hinting at a slight increase in display size, with potential models featuring 11.1" and 13" screens.

Battery Life and Performance

iPad Pro 2024 equipped with the M3 processor

Efficiency and Power While specific details regarding the battery specifications of the iPad Pro 2024 are currently unknown, iPads have historically delivered impressive battery life. 

Apple's dedication to optimizing performance ensures that users can expect the 2024 model to provide excellent battery efficiency. 

Powered by the anticipated M3 chip, which typically debuts in the MacBook lineup before transitioning to the iPad Pro, the next-generation tablet is poised to deliver enhanced performance and energy efficiency.

Features and Software

M3 Chip and iPadOS The iPad Pro 2024 is highly likely to feature Apple's advanced M3 chip, following the company's pattern of introducing new M chipsets in the MacBook lineup before incorporating them into iPads.

This powerful chip will undoubtedly enhance overall performance and productivity. The tablet will run the latest version of iPadOS, which as of now is iPadOS 17, introduced during the WWDC 2023 event. 

Users can expect a seamless user experience and a host of new features and improvements.

Should You Wait for the iPad Pro 2024? 

Determining whether to wait for the iPad Pro 2024 depends on individual circumstances. 

While rumors surrounding OLED screens and potential design enhancements are exciting, the considerable time gap until the release might not align with immediate needs. 

If you require an iPad presently, it is advisable to proceed with a purchase, as the 2024 model is still nearly a year away.


The iPad Pro 2024 has generated significant anticipation among tech enthusiasts, and while concrete information is scarce, the rumors and insights gathered provide a comprehensive overview of what might be expected from Apple's next-generation tablet. 

From potential OLED screens and design updates to improved performance and software advancements, the iPad Pro 2024 promises to deliver an exceptional user experience. 

As the release window approaches, more details will undoubtedly emerge, revealing the full extent of Apple's innovation and advancements in the tablet realm.


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