Are People Terribly Wrong Saying That Reading is Important?


Over the years, reading has been the subject of debate.

Many people encourage it as a habit because of the numerous benefits it can have on the brain and stress. However, with the recent rise of technology, many others are favouring apps and technology to replace reading for fun because it is simply quicker and more efficient method to get the information they need.

So, the question is: is reading important?

Reading can be an important habit, depending on your personal preference. Some people have compromised by favoring audiobooks, while others choose to skip books altogether. Ultimately, reading can have a positive impact on your life if you make time for it.

Why is it ok not to read books?

One of the biggest turn-offs that drives people away from spending time reading is the fact that it simply consumes too much of their day.

Getting engrossed in a book can take a big chunk out of your busy routine that a lot of people do not have the luxury for. For others, it might be a matter of a short attention span.

Concentrating for long periods of time is just not realistic for many people, which is why reading is not a viable past time.

Many people have come to realize the fact that there is a significant portion of people who do not want to read books. This has given rise to apps that summarize books, providing the main and most crucial details of the books in a condensed and bite-sized way.

Reading books can also be overwhelming for people who don’t know where to start.

Finding the genre that you might enjoy can take a long time because there are so many books that exist on the market. This can deter many people because they may feel discouraged from not enjoying the first few books that they pick up.

Why reading is NOT the key to success?

Reading can be extremely beneficial by providing tips and introducing good habits into your life that will lead you onto the path of success. However, simply reading books does not make you any more successful.

Not only does reading take up a huge chunk of time out of your day but trying to filter through all of the information a book provides can be confusing and even more time-consuming.

While reading encourages good habits and is inherently a productive way of spending your time, it is by no means the key to success.

For example, reading a book about finance will not automatically make you any richer, and a good financial resource will be able to inform you of this.

Rather, the important thing is how you implement the lessons from the book into your everyday life. This is why reading is not necessarily the key to success, although it very well can be if you implement good habits into your daily routine.

Before you stop reading books, consider these benefits of reading

  • Strengthens the brain. Reading requires an extended period of mental focus and concentration. Actively practicing these mental exercises through reading regularly will benefit your brain health and challenge your mind.
  • Time is spent wisely. Making time to read can greatly impact the rest of your day and your time management skills overall. Because you will want to make time for all of the things that you prioritize in your life, spending 20 minutes to read will be another productive part of your day.
  • Builds empathy. Reading books leads people to be more reflective. Because books offer a variety of perspectives and point of views, this leads to people being more understanding and worldly of different circumstances and the conditions that exist in the world. It also leads individuals to acknowledge their own privileges and circumstances that differ from others.
  • Builds vocabulary. Books will expose you to new vocabulary that you may have never encountered otherwise. These new words are great for building a larger vocabulary, which can influence your education and professional life in a positive way. An extensive vocabulary enables a better grasp on communicative skills.
  • Reduces stress. Taking the time out of your day to read quietly can have a big impact on relaxation. Because reading shares many qualities with meditation, incorporating a few minutes into your routine everyday can help calm your mind and help you forget about the stressful parts of your day temporarily.
  • Aids sleep. Spending your time scrolling through social media on your cellphone before going to bed can negatively impact your sleep quality. Instead of doing this, reading is a good way to prepare your body to wind down before bed.
  • Reading is contagious. Reading is a good habit to instill into children because it exposes them to new perspectives and dynamics that can increase empathy and educate them on the world. One of the best ways to show them that reading is fun is by doing it yourself.
  • Portable. Investing in a e-reader like a Kindle is a good tip for people who are constantly on-the-go or commuting. With an e-reader, you are able to have access to thousands of books and your entire library at your fingertips. E-readers are also customizable for people who struggle with reading from a particular font or typeface.

What should you read if you don’t want to waste your time?

If adopting reading as a habit does not suit your lifestyle, that does not mean that all hope is lost. With the rise of technology, new apps and programs are being developed and improved every day to make our lives more efficient.

If you find that reading takes up way too much time out of your day, there are plenty of mobile apps that summarize all of the main points of books that can be read on-the-go and in a few short minutes. Book summary apps cut through all of the fluff and highlight the main concepts that are the most important parts of the book.

Another great way to cut out reading is by listening to audiobooks.

Many people find that the extended periods of concentration needed from reading is difficult, with all of the distractions going on around them. A great way to curb this is by listening to audiobooks.

These are a fun and exciting way to read a book, without having to focus on the words on a page. This is a more immersive experience that people are increasingly turning to because it offers a more vivid escape into the stories.

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