5 Successful People Who Don’t Read Books


You must have heard of Bill Gates saying he reads about 50 books per year. I wonder what books he read that made him so successful.

It may be true that reading books can make you successful. But, what about these 5 successful people who don't read books?

Succesful people who don't read books:

  • Meghan Trainor
  • Kanye West
  • Kim Jong-Suk
  • Donald Trump
  • Brian Krzanich

No Fifty Shades of Grey For Meghan Trainor

A YouTube video from Cosmopolitan reveals her little secret. She doesn't read books, but her debut single earned a billion views on YouTube.

Meghan already showed her interest in music since she was young. She started singing in church when she was six years old.

Kanye Hates Reading But Writes A Book

Who would have thought that the 2021 Grammy Award for Best Contemporary Christian Music Album would go to Kanye West? He told Reuters he doesn't like books, but he became an author himself.

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Kanye West actually dropped out of college to pursue his musical career. It may have disappointed his mother, but he earned numerous awards throughout his career.

Kim Jong-Suk Finds No Time To Read

She is a South Korean orphan girl who became a French minister of culture named Fleur Pellerin. She hadn't read the novels of a famous French author, but she ranks second in a list of 100 Most Influential French Entrepreneurs.

Pellerin earned her Master's degree in Management at age 21. Her political career flourished in 2014 when she was appointed Minister of Culture but was plagued with ethical issues shortly after her appointment.

Donald Trump Watches Baseball More

He may not be your ideal American president, but he wrote the number 1 best-selling business book of all time. Donald Trump prefers to watch television.

Everybody knows Donald Trump has been listed as one of the wealthiest businessmen in the world. Although filled with so many controversies, he managed to build a business empire out of his father's real estate business.

Intel CEO Agrees With French Minister

Brian Krzanich shares the same sentiments with Fleur Pellerin. Working his way up to the top of the corporate ladder of Intel, he finds no time to read books.

The Intel CEO began as a process engineer in one of the company's chip factories. He graduated with a bachelor's degree in chemistry at San Jose State University in California.

Why Don't They Read Books?

Kanye West said it himself. He is no fan of books, and he wouldn't have an autograph for it. He would rather talk to people and do things in real life.

Donald Trump doesn't read entire books. He simply reads bits and pieces because he said he has no time.

Fleur Pellerin and Brian Krzanich think the same. Their busy schedules don't give them the luxury of time to read those books.

Meghan Trainor already admitted that she doesn't read books. Perhaps she just loves hearing music more than the written word.

Meghan's parents recalled that their little songbird had been playing by the ear since she started her musical career. She had always been determined to become a musical artist.

If you aren't successful, you should read books.

Wasn't it fun reading the quick biographies of these successful people who said they don't read books? I find it pretty interesting.

Learning about the lives of famous people is one of the reasons you should read books. It helps you discover your life's dreams and ambitions.

Not everyone has a billionaire father like Donald Trump or supportive parents like Meghan Trainor's mom and dad. Even Kanye West, who said he doesn't like books, must have read one book that changed his outlook in life.

If you aren't successful, then you should read books. You will find more successful who are huge readers of books than those who don't.

Here are five reasons you should read books.

  • Increase knowledge. - It is one of the most obvious reasons people read books. Parents are often advised to encourage their children to read books.
  • Find inspiration. - Read life stories of successful people and learn how they faced challenges to reach their goals. You can use those skills to face your own challenges.
  • Build up self-esteem. - There is an overwhelming number of self-improvement books out there. They will be definitely helpful for your success if you read them.
  • Enhance creativity. - When you read books, you use your imagination to paint a mental image of the words you read. This is a good exercise for developing creativity.
  • Learn to Concentrate. - Staying focused is an essential skill you need to become successful. Reading books trains your mind to focus your attention.

Reading is truly essential for success. It can teach you many things that help you achieve your goals.

I cannot accept that people can be too busy to read a book. You can always find a few minutes to read just a few pages.

You don't need to be like Warren Buffet, who reads 500 pages a day. One good book can potentially turn your life around.

I don't believe Kanye West truly hates books. He simply knows that one needs to pick the right books to read to become successful.

Donald Trump only reads fragments of some books, but he is already successful. Imagine what happens if he starts reading entire books.

Meghan Trainor may not have read 50 Shades, but I believe she has read music books. How else could she have learned all her skills?

Brian Kirzanich and Fleur Pellerin may have said they're too busy to read books, but they still find time to read a few texts. I believe they have read a few good books that helped them reach the peak of their careers.

I can see one thing in common with these five people. They were all clear on their goals and determined to reach them.

Reading books can be life-changing. Its pages can give you the keys to success.

The lives of these famous people must have inspired you to reach for your own dreams. If you can read more books like these, you will be even more motivated to reach your goals and achieve success.

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