5 Real Reasons Why Books are So Expensive in 2022


If you’re an avid reader, you will, of course, know how expensive books are. Have you ever wondered why they are so expensive?

I will today answer this question for you. Once you go through the article below, it is easy to understand why are books so expensive?

I will share the reasons below and help you understand how you can save money while buying books.

Why are books so expensive?

Books are expensive because of the rising cost of printing on paper, royalties, the economy of scale, return policy, and transit costs.

I will go into the details of all these reasons below. Before I do so, I will share the average price of a book with you to help you understand how expensive they are.

What’s the average price of a book?

An average-sized book can range anywhere from $14-$18. While this might seem affordable but when you’re an avid reader, the numbers quickly add up. It means that it will become difficult for you to read multiple books throughout the month.

I will now go into the details of why these books are so expensive.

Five reasons why books are so expensive now

Let me now highlight the reasons why books have become so expensive.

1. Cost of printing and paper

Physical resources needed to print a book like printing machine, paper, and so on are increasing in price consistently. Due to the same, the cost of the books is also increasing.

The problem is that the cost of these resources is increasing at a higher rate than inflation. It is the primary reason why books are so expensive.

2. Royalties

Publishers have to pay royalties to authors as well. Publishers and authors have to incur marketing expenses as well. As the author becomes more famous, the royalties of the author increase as well.

It, in turn, increases the price of the book as well.

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3. Economy of scale

You might be thinking, shouldn’t books be more affordable because of the economy of scale?

The problem is that economy of scale works in the opposite direction for books. The number of avid readers is decreasing day by day. That is why; the sale of books is decreasing in terms of copies.

With the lower copies being sold, the price of the books is undoubtedly bound to increase. That is what is happening.

4. Return policy

Most online, as well as offline bookstores, have a return policy. It means that if you do not want to read the book or do not like the book, you can return the book and get a refund.

However, bookstores have to factor in this return policy loss to make a profit by selling books. That is why; the margins of the retailers need to be increased. It is another factor which increases the cost of books.

5. Transit costs

Physical books need to be stored and need to be transported from one place to another. The logistics costs certainly add up. That is because books need to be transported pretty carefully.

Due to these reasons, books are certainly expensive in 2021.

One thing which you would have noticed is that ebooks are cheaper as compared to printed books. There are a few reasons for the same as well. I will share with you these reasons below.

Why are ebooks a bit cheaper than printed books?

The reasons why ebooks are a bit cheaper than printed books are:

1. No per copy printing cost

Ebooks do not use resources for every copy. Once the recording is done, unlimited copies can be sold.

The no-per-copy printing cost of the book certainly makes them cheaper.

2. No delivery or storage cost

Similarly, there is no storage cost for ebooks as well. Also, there are no transit costs as well. The overall costs are much less. It is the reason why ebooks are more affordable.

3. No return loss

Whenever a consumer or a reader gets a refund on any book, there is no loss to the publisher or the site selling ebooks.

It is one of the main reasons why you will not have to worry about spending a lot while opting for an ebook.

Now that you know why books are expensive, it is time to understand how you can buy them cheaper.

How to buy books way cheaper?

There are few ways to save money while buying books. These are:

1. Used books

The number 1 way to save money while buying books is to buy used books. You can get them in excellent condition. You can still read them easily. Since the reading experience is not compromised, used books are the best ways to buy books cheaper.

2. Audiobooks

Another option is to go for audiobooks. Most audiobooks selling websites provide you with a subscription as well. It means that the cost will decrease even more.

3. Ebooks

Similarly, ebooks are incredibly affordable as well. You can read them on any device.

These are the three ways in which you can save money while buying books.

I will now share with you a few places where you can buy books at low prices.

Places to find used books at low prices

1. Amazon

Amazon gives you the option to buy used or new books. You have to visit the listing of the book. On the right-hand side, there is an option to buy used books as well. You can certainly get a hefty discount by opting for used books on Amazon.

2. Thriftbooks

ThriFtbooks.com is another website that allows you to buy books at a lower price. The website offers you thousands of books starting at as low as $3.99. Despite it selling used books, the condition of the books is undoubtedly up to the mark. That is why; it is another great place to buy used books.

3. Half Price Books:

Half Price Books is a website that sells new as well as used books at a hefty discount. Not only that, the website has physical stores as well. It means that if you want to visit a store and buy the books, you can do so easily.

True to its name, it certainly provides you with books at almost half the price. That is why; it is a great option to buy books at an affordable rate.

These are three places where you can buy used books at lower prices.

Thus, now you are aware of why books are so expensive in 2021. Not only that, when you follow my guide above, it will become easier to save money while buying books. You can buy not only physical books at a discount, but I have also listed some other alternatives which allow you to enjoy the knowledge of books without going for physical books. In a nutshell, my guide above can help you in more ways than one when it comes to buying books affordably.

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