AliExpress Apple Watch Band Review 2022

AliExpress Apple Watch Band Review

I'm looking at straps for my Apple watch and did not keen to fork out extra money to buy one from from Apple store. If you have a lot of money, Apple charges a super huge premium for their watch straps.

I don't even know how they justify charging so much but fortunately, there are third parties and I'm looking at different watch straps from AliExpress so these are no surprise.

This is my take on the top 5 best AliExpress Apple Watch Band Review:

  • Leather Apple Watch Strap
  • NATO Style Apple Watch Strap
  • Silicone Watch Strap for Apple
  • Metallic Apple Watch Strap
  • Transparent Apple Watch Strap

Cheap Apple Watch Bands on AliExpress

AliExpress Apple Watch Band Review

New straps for your Apple watch - let's have a look.

AliExpress Apple Watch Band Review is my take on the best Apple Watch Bands in the market today. Rather than paying a hefty fee to pick up the original Apple Watch Strap, you can find alternate bands available in the market at budget prices.

AliExpress as you may know, carries a number of Apple watch straps sellers and many of them sell some pretty interesting bands in a range of styles.

While most of these brands are unknown, many of them offer top-notch products made from high-quality materials.

We did manage to find one that looks like the one just launched on Kick-starter we'll get there in a moment but they have a quick-release mechanism now turns out that the Apple watch has its own little buckle and there's a button in the back you push and then you can slide off the strap.

#1 - Leather Apple Watch Strap

AliExpress Apple Watch Band Review
Price: $15.99
AliExpress Apple Watch Band Review
Price: $15.99

You can put on a different one super easy way easier than a traditional watch just one of the many innovations in the Apple watch but that mechanism itself is not inexpensive.

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I have this obviously it's easy enough to slip on and now I have my Apple watch with this this is the pewter gray silicone strap but I'm gonna go and jump in and we'll do a close-up and I'll show you how easy it is well relatively easy it is to switch the bands on the adapter so that you can actually put them on your Apple watch.

So what we're gonna do is we're gonna switch from this gray one which is again the silicone strap and this is 16 bucks with the adapter so pretty crazy inexpensive then we're gonna switch to this really premium Italian leather strap and this is the one that's going to be on Kickstarter.

As you'll notice it doesn't have the Apple watch adapter so let's jump into the close-up so we'll start by just taking the bottom part you can see it slides right out of the Apple watch easy enough and then using the tiny little mechanism. I actually can pull the strap off of the Apple watch adapter.  Now let's go ahead and put the correct one on and it's a little tedious. You'll see there's a little bit of fiddling involved here but you slide that teeny tiny little hole and then it should line up got it good slide it back into the Apple watch done.

Now let's do the other half of the watch strap and that should work hopefully equally smooth so let's see this time. I'm not gonna actually take the adapter out of the Apple watch just is a little bit of a shortcut but this does mean that it's going to be a tiny bit trickier so we'll switch straps. I'll put it in the one side and then I used a little slider.

My strategy is to put it on top and then use the slider to get it to line up and it is as I said a little bit tricky to get it to work but we are just about there. Unfortunately, my hands in the way but there you go you saw it snap in and done that's easy enough let's just flip it over and enjoy how beautiful this Italian leather strap is and there we go switched easy well not super easy.

Honestly, it's a little fiddly; it's not something I would want to do multiple times a day but if it's once every couple of days or once a week probably not a big deal and here's the good news if it really stresses you out and you watched that little close-up and you thought there's no way I'm gonna do this you can buy each strap with the watch adapter already attached all ready to go and that only cost you six dollars more per strap which obviously gets us to the question of alright then how much do these cost.

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#2 - Nato style Apple Watch Strap

Let's go ahead and look at that. Let me just get this watch back together there we go so let's look at the other 2 different straps.

AliExpress Apple Watch Band Review
Price: $1.60

Now let's see we're going to start with this one the is the clover rouge NATO style strap and it's $2 or less. If you don't want the adapter and this is a fabric, it's actually really cool-looking. I really like this one. This Apple Watch band comes in a range of color options and designs to choose from, you will find of every shade available and what ever it is, this is one fantastic looking Apple Watch band.

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#3 - Silicon Watch Strap for Apple 

AliExpress Apple Watch Band Review

Number two is this we saw that at the beginning this is the pewter gray silicone strap so this is very much like the straps that Apple sells and the default strap you get with your watch but just in lots of different colors and this one is a crazy inexpensive $1 with the adapter.

That is a whole lot cheaper than what Apple charges. More over, silicone Apple Watch straps are waterproof so you can wear them year around, even when it rains. They're rugged and are kind of hard to snap so you wouldn't have to worry about damaging one.

AliExpress Apple Watch Band Review

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#4 - Metallic Apple Watch Strap

The nicest of the three this is this very nice Milanese Loop Strap strap and it's gonna retail for less than $4 .

Compatible Models: For Apple Watch 38mm(40MM)/42mm(44MM)

Material: stainless steel

Stainless steel mesh with adjustable Milanese Loop 42mm(44MM) (male)length: 255mm,width:23mm 38mm(40MM) (female)length: 225mm,width:20mm 

A modern interpretation of a design developed in Milan at the end of the 19th century. Woven on specialized Italian machines, the smooth stainless steel mesh wraps fluidly around your wrist. And because it's fully magnetic, the Milanese Loop is infinitely adjustable, ensuring a perfect fit.

Another great thing about the Milanese loop is that it's airy so there's less sweat build-up and in return it does not cause allergic reactions. These trendy metallic Apple Watch straps are made from high quality stainless steel and are rust-proof. At the price point it's being sold for online, i'd definitely pick up 3 of these straps alone (each in a different color).

AliExpress Apple Watch Band Review
Price: $4

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#5 - Transparent Apple Watch Strap

AliExpress Apple Watch Band Review

Transparent Apple Watch straps are trendy little accessories to own. They look futuristic and would look perfect on those who have wrist tattoos. This graceful looking Watch band is unisex so it can be worn by anyone and is water-resistant making it safe to wear while taking a swim or doing the dishes.

Another great thing about the transparent Apple Watch is that it lasts for a really long time and can easily be adjusted according to your wrist size.

Transparent Watch straps are normally interchangeable and can be used on either the 38/40mm Apple Watches and typically come with a strap width of 20mm. These straps are made of Polyurethane so even if your Watch falls down there will be some level of safety provided so the Watch itself doesn't get damaged.

AliExpress Apple Watch Band Review

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Are Fake Apple Watch Bands Good?

The internet is over-run with fake products of nearly every brand on the planet, one of them is the Apple Watch band. Though knockoffs are rather cheap to own and some of them are a waste of money, there are a number of brands that sell high-quality watch bands at a fraction of the price for the original.

Which Strap is Better for Apple Watch?

While picking an after-market Apple Watch strap, you should consider what material you're looking for, the compatibility with the Watch you own and any safety features if necessary. In my opinion, the best Apple Watch strap would be the ones made from Silicone and those made from Stainless steel.

Buying Apple Watch Bands on AliExpress

If you want to back it so I would definitely check back and look through Kickstarter to see how much good designed watch straps for Apple cost. But after looking on AliExpress, i told myself not to buy on impulse.

At AliExpress, you can get a very nice watch strap and you know if you can't find it on Kickstarter for that kind of price. They have a huge variety of straps and some pretty nice fake apple watches for sale!

So that's all I got. I'm gonna go ahead and put my watch back on my wrist!

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