Cost of iPhone and iPhone Repair in Singapore

cost of iphone repair singapore

Redwhitemobile offers the Best iPhone repair Singapore as the workers here are experienced, skillful and professional. Apple iPhones are well-known for their durability, particularly in terms of battery life.

iPhones are quite expensive and in great demand, particularly in Singapore, because of their durability and the uniqueness of various features that other phones do not have. Having an iphone is a privilege, which is why it is such a huge deal when one malfunctions.

We understand how frustrating and upsetting it may be when your phone breaks. Phone repair is expensive, especially when the damage is severe. Some phone problems, on the other hand, can be resolved without the assistance of a mobile technician.

That’s why we are to guide you on how you can resolve your issues with your iphone and where you can get it fixed in Singapore. Is fixing your iphone worth it or not? Let’s get started!

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iPhone Price List Singapore

Since you’re already here, we have compiled a list of some of the newest phone models of iPhones as of February, 2022 that you might consider buying if you’re still hesitating about getting your current Apple phone to be repaired.

iPhone Models in Singapore


iPhone 12

(Black, Blue, Green, Purple, Red, White)

$ 1,149.00 - $ 1,389.00

iPhone 12 Pro

(Gold, Graphite, Pacific Blue, Silver)

$ 1,553.78 - $ 2,149.00

iPhone 12 Pro Max

(Gold, Graphite, Pacific Blue, Silver)

$ 2,092.92 - $ 2,276.68

iPhone 13

(Blue, Midnight, Pink, Red, Starlight)

$ 1,270.00 - $ 1,740.00

iPhone 13 Pro

(Gold, Graphite, Sierra Blue, Silver)

$ 1,610.00 - $ 2,364.44

iPhone 13 Pro Max

(Gold, Graphite, Sierra Blue, Silver)

$ 1,799.00 - $ 2,610.00

Top 5 Common iPhone Issues

Apple iPhones are well-known for their durability. However, it continues to have common issues that practically every iPhone user encounters. Having these issues is very common, especially if your device is quite old, your storage is nearly full, it is out of date, or you have done something wrong in its settings.

Perhaps the problem you're experiencing on your phone is one of the most prevalent problems with iphones. Rest assured that these common concerns may be readily resolved with simple and easy processes and solutions, and they can, of course, be resolved by yourself. Here's a list of the most common iphone issues:

1. Screen Gets Stuck and Unresponsive

This is the most common problem which affects almost every mobile device. You may have experienced this once before if you overuse your phone, or if your phone is already at full storage. This common issue with iphones may be completely resolved without the need for expert assistance from a mobile specialist.

2. Apps Not Downloading from Apple Store

Many Apple users have already complained about this problem. A certain application either becomes stuck during downloading or does not start at all. However, it is not something to be bothered about.

3. High Battery Drainage

Apple iPhones are well-known for their long battery life. If your battery drains frequently, you shouldn't be too concerned because this does not necessarily indicate poor battery health. Other factors that lead to frequent battery drainage should be assessed and scanned through your Apple iphone.

4. Overheating

Almost every Apple phone user has experienced this. In fact, almost all types and brands of phones have persistent issues like this. This is quite normal. However, we don't want it to happen in our phone because it might harm the health of our battery.

5. Trouble Connecting to Wi-Fi

The most common problem with Apple iphones about which you need not be concerned. It does not imply that your iphone is defective. It is possible that there will be some signal disturbance that is unrelated to your phone.

Tips to Troubleshoot Problems

No matter how high-end or expensive your mobile device is, it will eventually encounter such software and hardware issues. That is why you should understand how to cope with these typical difficulties so you can avoid them from worsening or, more likely, so you will not panic if you personally experience them. Here are some tips on how to troubleshoot some common problems with Apple iphones:

Screen Gets Stuck and Unresponsive

  • First, try continuously pressing the power button on your Apple iPhone. This problem may be resolved immediately by just locking and unlocking the device.
  • If the first step does not work, restart your phone by pressing and holding the power button for at least 10 seconds. It will restart automatically.
  • If the above mentioned steps both did not work, a factory reset would be the key.

High Battery Drainage

  • Connectivity features that you don't absolutely need or use on a daily basis, such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, and NFC, must be turned off.
  • If you spend too much time on your phone, make sure it is on Power Saving Mode.
  • If you consume too much time on your phone, always turn on its Power Saving Mode.
  • If you're merely scrolling and not doing anything important on your phone, consider lowering the brightness.
  • The Always On Display feature must be disabled. It's not absolutely essential.
  • Use live wallpapers minimally. It will just make your battery more prone to drain.


  • The temperature or weather of your surroundings can contribute to your phone overheating. As a result, try to keep your phone at a normal temperature.
  • Because temperature affects your phone's overheating, avoid using it in direct sunlight as well.
  • Never use your phone while charging it. It will not only cause your phone to overheat, but it will also shorten its battery life.
  • When you're not using it, turn off your cellular data. It will severely overheat your phone.

Trouble Connecting to Wi-Fi

  • If your Apple iPhone still does not connect to Wi-Fi after several attempts, you may just restart it. If it doesn't work, simply put your phone in Airplane Mode for at least 10 to 20 seconds to let your phone's signal rest.

Apple iPhone Screen Repair & Replacement in Singapore

The most distressing part of being a digital user is unintentionally dropping your phone and damaging the screen. Dropping our phone unintentionally causes us all a lot of headaches, especially if the screen is cracked or damaged. It is both irritating and aggravating when the screen has already been affected.

Obviously, the best option for restoring and avoiding further damage to your Apple iPhone's screen is a screen repair and replacement. It is the most secure option if performed by a qualified and trustworthy mobile technician. Never try to fix it on your own since it will just worsen the situation.

You won't have to spend much time looking for a commendable screen repair and replacement store in Singapore because there are many trustworthy iphone repair shops that offer quality repair and cheap Apple iPhone repair parts.

iPhone Screen & LCD Replacement in Singapore

The worst-case situation is when the LCD screen has already been damaged. It is more stressful since it is more complicated and expensive to repair. It is better to damage the front screen (external) rather than the LCD screen (internal) because it provides all of the display features of a smartphone.

If your LCD has discolored patches, lines, or black spots, it simply implies that your whole LCD screen has been damaged, not just the front screen. This should be mended as soon as possible since if you let it break, the damage may worsen over time.


As a result, Apple iPhone repair shops in Singapore constantly urge Apple users to get their phone restored and repaired rather than getting a new one straight immediately. If you're considering getting your Apple iPhone repaired in Singapore, I assure you won't be disappointed.

Apple iPhone Back Glass Replacement in Singapore

Almost every iphone model is designed with a glass-type back. As a result, many Apple users are experiencing significant difficulties. A phone with a glass back would be pretty, but it would also be susceptible to tiny scratches. This phone is not for clumsy users since it is extremely slippery, making it prone to being dropped unintentionally.

As a result, many repair shops in Singapore have already begun to offer back glass replacement because many iphone users struggle to find the best repairing shop in Singapore that offers a back glass replacement.

Is repairing Apple iPhone worth it in Singapore?

The cost of repairing your iPhone in Singapore is definitely worth it. The majority of Singapore repair shops provide competent and qualified personnel that will fix your iPhone while never taking advantage of your money. They constantly make certain that they will deliver the greatest service possible to their consumers. You will surely get what you paid for!

However, it still depends on the situation or problem with your iphone. Allow yourself the freedom to make the decision. Because even fixing your Apple is worthwhile, especially in Singapore, but if it looks like you would be better off purchasing a new one due to the severity of the damage, I would advise you to do so.

Is it worth repairing my Apple iPhone screen in Singapore?

As long as the damage is moderate and you have important data stored on your Apple phone, it is well worth repairing. Apple screen repair shops in Singapore offer the best but most inexpensive service. Rather than purchasing a new Apple iphone, it will save you both time and money.

In most cases, an inexpensive screen repair in Singapore may extend the life of your smartphone by months or even years. Just make sure you get it fixed from a reliable and reputable Singapore repair shop. Thus, you don't have to be concerned with taking the risk of fixing your iphone’s screen because these Singapore repair shops are held liable for your device when it is repaired. Make certain that it is fixed in a shop that provides a warranty.

iPhone repair parts price list in Singapore

iPhone Battery Replacement Singapore

iPhone 5


iPhone SE


iPhone 6


iPhone 6s Plus


iPhone 7 Plus


iPhone 8


iPhone XR


iPhone XS Max


iPhone 11


iPhone 12 Pro


Phone Screen + LCD Replacement Singapore

iPhone 5s


iPhone SE 2020


iPhone 6


iPhone 6s Plus


iPhone 7 Plus


iPhone 8


iPhone X


iPhone XS Max


iPhone 11 Pro Max


iPhone 12


iPhone Glass Crack Replacement Singapore

iPhone 5c


iPhone SE


iPhone 6 Plus


iPhone 6s


iPhone 7


iPhone 8 Plus


iPhone X


iPhone XS


iPhone 11


iPhone 12 Pro Max


Our phones play a vital part in our daily lives. Especially in this time of pandemic, we spend almost our time in front of our phones. That's why, when something’s wrong on it, we want to fix it straight away. So, here is a price list for iPhone repair parts:

Where to Repair iPhone in Singapore

In Singapore, there are already a variety of Apple repair shops. So, you won't have to worry since you won't have to spend time looking for a repair shop; instead, you'll only have to select among these reliable and trusted repair shops in Singapore. Here's one place you may go to get your Apple iphone repaired:

Red White Mobile - Best iPhone Repair Shop

Best for

Can repair phones in just couple of minutes or hours


420 North Bridge Road #01-20 North Bridge Centre (S)188727

Contact number

6735 4811


Red White Mobile

Red White Mobile is one of Singapore's top iPhone repair shops. They offer the most trained and expert mobile technicians on site that can totally repair any problem or damage to your iPhone. They can repair any form of damage to your iphone, including the LCD, camera, microphone, battery, charging port, and back glass.

The parts they utilize to repair your broken iphone are authentic and long-lasting. What you'll love most about this repair shop is that they will automatically issue a 30-day warranty following the repair work. If something goes wrong with your phone after they repair it, they will be held accountable and will fix it again without you having to pay again. Thus, they work very quickly, and they always make certain that their clients do not have to wait too long to get their phone fixed. It usually just takes a few minutes or hours to receive your iphone repaired.

iPhone Repair Singapore Services

We hope that this article has helped you figure out how to solve frequent iphone problems and how to cope with them. Thus, we hope we have assisted you in determining if it is still worthwhile to repair your iphone. You're in good hands as long as you get your phone fixed at a reputable repair shop, such as Red White Mobile.

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