Does the Apple Vision Pro Have Games?

Does the Apple Vision Pro Have Games

Apple’s highly anticipated entry into the MR (Mixed Reality) headset landscape, the Apple Vision Pro, has ignited a flurry of discussions. 

Priced at $3,499, this innovative device had been the subject of industry whispers for years. 

Now, with its recent unveiling, everyone is abuzz with one pressing question: "Does the Apple Vision Pro have games?"

Apple might not have openly showcased the gaming prowess of the Vision Pro on its reveal day, but there are clear signs pointing towards its potential in this realm. On the reveal day, Apple highlighted that the Vision Pro will support a significant library of over 100 games from Apple Arcade. Plus. The Vision Pro will also be compatible with the Unity AR/VR platform which goes to show that Apple does acknowledge the importance of gaming.

Does the Apple Vision Pro Have Games?

The MR (Mixed Reality) Gaming Challenge

The Apple Vision Pro’s announcement intriguingly sidestepped the gaming arena.

Does the Apple Vision Pro Have Games?

This was unexpected given the historical association of MR (Mixed Reality) with gaming and Apple’s commanding presence in the gaming platform arena. 

By June this year, the top five games on Apple's platform raked in over half a billion dollars for the company, highlighting the undeniable significance of gaming in Apple's ecosystem.

Few MR (Mixed Reality) games, such as Beat Saber and Half-Life: Alyx, have dominated the space, overshadowing potential new entrants.

Examples of MR (Mixed Reality) games

Vision Pro’s design also veers away from traditional gaming. It leans heavily towards augmented reality (AR), adding layers to existing reality rather than creating a new one – a paradigm shift from conventional gaming.

However, Apple's support for over 100 Apple Arcade titles at Vision Pro's launch and its compatibility with Unity's AR/VR development platform suggest a tacit acknowledgment of gaming's relevance.

Drawing Parallels: iPhone and Vision Pro

A historical parallel can be drawn with Apple's iPhone, which, upon its 2007 launch, didn't come with the App Store installed in the device.

The real gaming boom on iPhones came later when third-party developers migrated en masse.

Similarly, with improved tech, refined developer practices, and more accessible pricing, Vision Pro might soon embrace gaming more openly.

Apple's recent gaming-centric moves, including launching Apple Arcade and porting renowned games like No Man's Sky and Death Stranding Director's Cut, to Mac, further underpin its vested interest in the sector.

What games will be available for the VisionPro?

What games will be available for the VisionPro?

As we know, upon its release, the device will host over 100 games from Apple Arcade. 

Although Apple has been discreet about the entire assortment, NBA 2K23 has been confirmed as one of the offerings, as showcased during the Vision Pro's unveiling. 

Other glimpses from the event included popular titles like Candy Crush Saga and Rec Room, though it’s still unclear whether they will be made available to play on the day of the release or if these would receive a launch at a later date.

Apart from these, based on the games currently available on Apple Arcade, we feel that other potential Vision Pro gaming titles could be;

  • Air Twister
  • Asphalt 8: Airborne
  • Cat Quest II
  • Crossy Road Castle
  • Disney Melee Mania
  • Exit the Gungeon
  • Human Fall Flat
  • Oceanhorn 2
  • Oregon Trail
  • Sayonara Wild Hearts
  • What The Golf?

Vision Pro’s Gaming Future: What Lies Ahead?

Vision Pro and Apple Arcade

One of the most striking prospects is the evolution of AR gaming. Given Apple’s significant emphasis on AR app development since 2020, it's not difficult to envision the birth of expansive immersive AR games, reminiscent of sensations like Pokémon Go.

Beyond just AR games, the Vision Pro has the potential to redefine how we experience sports and eSports. 

The device might offer a paradigm shift by allowing users to view live games while simultaneously accessing live stats and scores, crafting a more immersive spectator experience than ever before.

Moreover, the existing synergy between the Vision Pro and Apple Arcade cannot be understated. 

The device supports over 100 games from Apple Arcade, which when combined with spatial computing, can significantly enhance the depth and realism of the gaming experience, making players feel more 'inside' the game.

Anticipating the Roadblocks

Yet, it's essential to approach this optimistic future with a hint of caution. Some roadblocks could hinder the Vision Pro's dominance in the gaming sector. 

For starters, Apple's decision to produce less than half a million units of Vision Pro points towards a conservative strategy, perhaps to test the waters before a broader rollout.

Additionally, the design of Vision Pro appears to prioritize individual experiences. This might curtail longer gaming sessions and the rich social interactions we've seen in popular titles like VRChat.

Lastly, the competitive landscape is fierce. Giants like Meta and Sony are making substantial strides in VR gaming, and their aggressive strategies, coupled with more affordable pricing, might pose significant challenges for Apple. 

The Vision Pro, despite its promise, has a tough battlefield ahead, especially considering its premium price point.


Does the Apple Vision Pro support gaming?What can we expect in terms of AR gaming on the Vision Pro?

Yes, the Apple Vision Pro does support gaming. On its reveal day, Apple highlighted that the Vision Pro would support a library of over 100 games from Apple Arcade.

Additionally, the device will be compatible with the Unity AR/VR development platform, indicating Apple's acknowledgment of the gaming industry's significance.

What can we expect in terms of AR gaming on the Vision Pro?

Apple has been emphasizing AR app development for a while now. With the Vision Pro, we can expect the evolution of immersive AR games, potentially similar to sensations like Pokémon Go. 

Moreover, it might redefine the experience of sports and eSports, providing users with live stats and scores while watching a game, crafting a more immersive viewing experience.

Concluding Thoughts

Apple's Vision Pro marks a watershed moment in MR (Mixed Reality) technology. 

Even though gaming took a backseat in its grand reveal, history has shown Apple’s prowess in evolving its devices. 

As developers begin to explore and innovate, Vision Pro might soon become a hub for the next generation of MR (Mixed Reality) gaming. 

Only time will reveal the depth and breadth of this potential transformation.


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