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Looking for iPhone clone? We found the best online stores to buy the latest iPhone clones. In our latest update, we've added where to buy iPhone 14 Pro Max clone. Check it out!

Every year there are hundreds of mobile phones like the iPhone 14. Although this isn't surprising, there are also companies that clone these phones. This is because not everyone can afford an iPhone 14 and they still aspire to buy one.

The cloned mobile devices which are manufactured are literally sold at ½ the price of the original and are pretty popular in countries like the Middle East, South East Asia, South America, and other sections of the globe. Even the iOS is mirrored.

The most sought-after clone in the market is the iPhone and the amazing part is how they seem to look and feel identical in comparison to the original. Over the last few years, GooPhone has been manufacturing iPhone clones in China and having them shipped across the world.

However, if you don't want to spend a thousand dollars and still want an exact replica, then GooPhone is worth investing in. After all, it is the best iPhone 14 Pro Max clone on the market right now. So, check out our iPhone 14 Clone: Where to buy?" article for all the details.

After Reviewing all the latest iPhone clones in the market based on various factors like design, function, performance, and price, we found out that:

The best iPhone clone is the GooPhone 14 Plus, also known as the i14 Pro Max. Featuring a 1:1 body ratio this iPhone clone is extremely similar to the original in terms of design and color scheme. It also has cameras and ports in the exact same location. However, while the hardware is impeccable, it is still sub-par to the original as it runs on an Android 9.1 OS.

Where to buy iPhone 14 Pro Max Clone?

The i14 Pro Max (Goophone 14 Plus) is the latest in the line of iPhone clones that look the part.

It's super affordable, costing hardly $88 on Alibaba or AliExpress and while I was skeptical about its performance and features, I must say I was pleasantly surprised at how decently well the device performs.

Let me share my experience with you.

Design and Display

The i14 Pro Max has a sleek and stylish design that is quite similar to the iPhone 14 Pro Max. It comes in three colors - Bright Black, White, and Gold.

iPhone Clone: Where to buy

The phone has a large 6.5 U Screen FHD+ display, which is perfect for watching movies and playing games. The touch response is smooth and accurate, and the colors are vibrant and crisp.


In terms of its performance, the i14 Pro Max is powered by an MTK6580 processor, which is not the most powerful chipset in the market but does the job well. It has a massive 12GB RAM and 512GB ROM, which provides ample storage space for all my apps and files.

iPhone Clone: Where to buy
Android Nougat

The phone runs on the Android OS 9.1 System, and it supports multi-language, which is a plus point though I felt that Goophone could have worked on the processor and its performance levels.


This is one department I would like to tell you needs a serious overhaul. The i14 Pro Max has an 8MP front-facing camera and a 12MP rear camera.

iPhone Clone: Where to buy

The picture quality is decent at best, and the rear flash IML cover is a nice addition but the overall quality of the photos and videos tends to be grainy and the low-light images are quite bad.

iPhone Clone: Where to buy

The camera app has some cool features like full-screen mode and face recognition, which make taking pictures and selfies a lot more fun but considering the price you can't expect a DSLR grade camera system.

Connectivity and Battery

The i14 Pro Max supports dual sim dual standby, which means I can use two sim cards simultaneously. The phone also has Wifi, GPS, Gravity Sensor, Alarm, Calendar, Calculator, and other useful features.

iPhone Clone: Where to buy

The lightning input connector is similar to that of the iPhone, which is convenient. The 4800Mah Lithium-ion battery provides decent battery life, and I was able to use the phone for a full day without any problems.

Overall, the i14 Pro Max is a great budget phone that offers a lot of features for its price. It has a sleek design, decent camera, good performance, and useful features like dual sim support and built-in multimedia apps. If you are looking for a budget phone that looks like the iPhone 14 Pro Max, then the i14 Pro Max is worth considering.

Where to buy iPhone 13 Pro Max Clone

The iPhone 13 pro max clone is finally out on DHgate and is available at super low prices. The prices may vary depending on the specs and the number of pieces you order but it’ll still be your cheapest buy! 

iPhone 13 pro max clone: First Look 

Right out of the box, the iPhone pro max 13 clone looks just like the real one with a stainless steel body and screen of 6.7’’.

The clone’s rear camera is designed to look like the real iPhone 13 pro max with the triple camera but only one camera is functional with 12 megapixels. It features an 8-megapixel front camera for selfies. 

Along with the iPhone 13 pro max clone, you get a USB-C charging cable, a sim card tray ejector pin, and the instructions manual in the box.

It features a dual SIM card tray, just like the real one. However, you can only access 2G and 3G. There’s no 5G function available on the iPhone 13 pro max clone. When it comes to RAM and usable storage, there are pretty decent options as well.

You can choose between 1GB RAM and 4GB storage or 2Gb RAM and 16GB storage. You can also add a 32 GB memory card for extra storage. 

The iPhone 13 pro max is available in 7 colors on DHgate - White, black, blue, pink, gold, orange, and Silver

Check the latest prices of iPhone 13 Pro Max clone on DHgate!

iPhone 13 Clone: Where to buy?

The iPhone 12 hit the market recently and it's absolutely fantastic. However, the price is out of this world. Honestly, it's pretty insane. So, if you want a clone that pretty much looks and performs the same then the GooPhone is your best bet.

The iPhone 12 clone from GooPhone has been named the ‘GooPhone 12 Pro Max’ and can be purchased online on DHgate. DHgate is a popular Chinese E-commerce site that was launched in 2004. This platform has loads of sellers that create a clone and other knock-offs among other things.

What is Goophone?

Goophone is a Consumer Electronics/Tech company based in Shenzhen, China whose primary focus is manufacturing SmartPhones, SmartWatches, and Tablets. The company has been in the market designing clone phones of various popular brands such as Apple and Samsung. 

Since 2012 they have manufactured a variety of iPhone copies from the iPhone 5 to the iPhone 11 Pro. Each of the devices sold is typically priced between $80 - $200 as compared to the $799+ cost of the original phones.

iphone clone for sale

Specifications of the iPhone 12 clone

Model Name GooPhone 12 Pro Max
Operating System Android 9.0
CPU Quad-Core MTK6580
Storage (ROM) 4GB; 8GB; 16GB
Display  Size: 6.7”
Res: 2560x1440px; HD+
Battery 3500 mAh
Primary Camera 18MP
1080p video recording
User Interface iOS 13.5.1
Network Supported WCDMA900 WCDMA2100 GSM900 GSM1800 GSM1900 WCDMA1700 WCDMA850 WCDMA1900 GSM850 
Sim Card Dual Sim (Nano)
Color Variants Silver, Space Gray,  Gold, Midnight Green
These specifications of the iPhone clone are on par with the actual iPhone.


iPhone 12 Clone - Design

The iPhone 12 clone is extremely similar to the real deal when it comes to the design and builds. While it isn't surprising for it to be similar in terms of measurements, it is rare for it to have the same minute color details.

Similar to the iPhone 12 Pro, the Goophone 12 Pro Max has the same 1:1 design with a straight edge and beautiful contours. It definitely looks premium. Especially with the glossy finish at the back and the comfortable body texture.

It actually has a much better grip when compared to the iPhone 12 Pro. While it has the same build there is a slight difference when it comes to the finish. Since the clone has a slightly rougher exterior, it actually ended up having a better grip. The difference in look is negligible.

The ports are all located in the same place except that it uses a Type-C port instead of a lightning port.

While the design is eerily similar, the screen is devastatingly poor when it comes to quality. Not only does it have a low brightness of fewer than 300 nits but it has an extremely dismal color output. It seems dull and is even worse under sunlight. Check out our guide on iPhone 12 Clone: Where to buy? for all the details.

Interestingly enough it still is an AMOLED display which is 6.7 inches. Now, considering the price of $100, the quality of the display is too poor. There are cheaper phones with brilliant displays out there in the market.

However, if you are stubborn and absolutely want this iPhone 12 alternative. Then you should know that you won't be able to make out the fine details. And this is at a level where you won't be able to find text and image details without zooming. So, if you planning on reading e-books on these, get some glasses for the horrible eye strain and blue light.

When we come to the other components of this iPhone 12 clone it unfortunately is not the best. For example, the button wears out if you tend to press it in a rough manner. The most important thing when it comes to design is its weak build quality. It is extremely easy for this phone to stop working if it falls down. So, ensure that you use it carefully.

How to distinguish between the actual iPhone and an iPhone clone?

These days it’s not a surprise that the iPhone clones are getting to seem more like the original and manufacturers are replicating even the smallest of details in their clone products. 

With regards to the iPhone, there is one method that can help you figure out if the phone you’re using is actually an original iPhone or an iPhone clone. In order to find out if yours is the real deal follow these steps:

  • Click on ‘Settings’
  • Select ‘General’
  • Scroll and select ‘About’
  • Check the Serial Number.

What are the differences between the Original iPhone and the Clone iPhone?

Firstly, if you’re looking at the structural design of the GooPhone there are hardly a handful of differences that can be spotted. 

  • The camera setup at the back shows a Quad-Camera setup similar to the iPhone 12 but unfortunately, three of the four cameras are duds so you’d only get the clarity of the one camera and not multiple camera setups. 
  • The software being run on the clone iPhone is based on Android and uses an iOS interface.
  • Relatively slower processor than the current original iPhone models in the market.
  • The camera on the iPhone clone does not deliver as expected, has some grainy images but is overall a decent piece for the price quoted.
  • Slightly boxy with flat edges as compared to the original iPhone.
  • Display brightness on the clone is lower than on the original iPhone and results in a slightly dimmer display.
  • The sim card tray is located on the right-hand side of the phone in the clone.

There are no differences in terms of the size of the phone between the iPhone 11 Pro Max and the Goophone 12 Pro Max.

iPhone Clone

Software and Interface of the iPhone clone

The primary directive for making a clone is to have it copied almost identically from the original. The software on the Goophone 12 Pro Max is supposedly iOS 13 but upon further inspection, it is in fact an Android 6.0 (Marshmallow). Check out our guide on iPhone 12 Clone: Where to buy? for all the details.

  • These clones can be made to actually mirror the original but then that beats the purpose as the manufacturers will have to shell out more to have the phones manufactured. 
  • The iPhone is equipped with a display that is pretty much the same size and looks like the original but is not of the same quality and finishes. This helps the clones to be sold in the market at a lower rate.
  • The haptic feedback while pressing keys in the iPhone clone is present only on the Home Screen and not throughout the usage of the phone. 

Icons are rebuilt so as not to carry the original design and code behind them and would have some blemishes and flaws to them such as color mismatch, size, or shape.

iPhone 12 clone Camera Setup

The Goophone 12 Pro Max comes with an apparent ‘Quad Camera setup’ as that is what the Apple iPhone 12 is rumored to have. But wait, there’s a catch. A Youtuber and Tech Blogger, EverythingApplePro broke down the clone iPhone only to find that the Rear Camera setup is actually a Mono Camera setup with 3 blank cameras to mimic the look of the original iPhone.

A rule of thumb when buying a clone is that never invest in one for the camera. After all, even with this remarkable clone, you find 3 fake, non-functional "cameras" that simply look good. Even the one that does work isn't amazing. Hell, it's not even "good".

The Quality of the Camera footage is slightly grainy and lacks superior zoom functionality as it supports a maximum of 2x zoom. The quality would equate to something 480p. So, you can imagine how poor it actually is. However, this is most evident when you take photos of large objects.

The Rear Camera on the Goophone 12 Pro Max is a 16MP camera with a flash and autofocus whereas, the front-facing camera is a 12MP camera.


iPhone 12 Clone Performance

iPhone clones are always going to be a little subpar. After all, it's still a clone at the end of the day. So, you should expect a lack of performance when it comes to processors and memory. The crappier clone can even have just one functioning camera instead of a full-blow quad setup like the original.

The lack of performance can actually be attributed to memory. This iPhone clone promises 4 GB RAM and 512 GB ROM. However, it's actually only about 1GB RAM and 16GB ROM

When it comes to the processor the Goophone actually has a decent chip. It is equipped with a MediaTek 6580 quad-core CPU that is usually seen in older Android phones.

That being said is more than enough to run basic applications and games and even has features such as Full HD 1080p video encoding and decoding and 18:9 HD+ display support.

While it won't give you a brilliant experience, especially considering the modern exterior device, you can still use it and fake your way through.

You'll also be in for weird UI errors as the OS is an iOS skin based on Android 6. Interestingly though, it's not bad as it actually runs smoothly without any stutters or lags.

Although performance will be slow it doesn't mean it's going to be a crappy device. It just means you can play FPS games and run heavy spec-dependent apps. At the end of the day it still works fine and for a device that is a fraction of the price of the original, it's not bad.

Like the actual device, the fake also offers software upgrades at different intervals. Although these upgrades aren't significant, it still improves the device with every iteration. One of the unique aspects of the iPhone clones is that they also evolve with respect to hardware. So, you can expect different and better versions of the Goophone 12 over time.

iPhone 12 Clone Specifications

Goophone 12 Pro Max Specifications
Display 6.7-inch LCD Screen
Operating System Android 6.0
Camera - Front/Back 5MP/13MP
CPU MediaTek MT6580
Storage - Internal/External 16GB/32GB
Battery 2600 mAh
Connectivity WIFI, WLAN, hot spot,
Built-in –GPS, Supports A-GPS
Bluetooth 4.0
Sim Dual Sim
Color Gold/White/Black/Green
Price $152.00

Is iPhone clone worth buying?

That solely depends upon what you’re looking for. If you’re in the market for a premium-looking phone that resembles an actual iPhone but is willing to compromise on the user experience then it is a good option to choose from. 

However, if you’re looking for an actual replica that mimics everything from the original then it most probably won’t be possible. At least, not at the price margin, the clones are typically sold at.

You would have to take into consideration the fact that the iPhone clone runs on either a 1GB or 2GB of RAM, this is an original iPhone running the actual iOS UI would be beneficial as the software is built to function flawlessly on 1GB/2GB

However, since the iPhone clone actually runs on Android with a 1GB/2GB RAM you’ll be able to find that the gameplay, smoothness, and overall performance of the phone will be a bit slow as android is built to function smoothly on higher RAM capacities such as 4GB +.

Would you say that the iPhone clone is durable?

Based on the quality of the parts used in manufacturing iPhone clones, it is safe to say that the modern-day clones are pretty durable and would typically last on an average of 4-5 years of normal everyday use before you’d have to replace their parts. 

However, dropping the phone from great heights and accidentally banging them on surfaces or edges would result in damage to the screen. This is something that can be easily rectified in a clone iPhone rather than the original because the parts cost cheaper in the clone than in the actual Apple iPhone.

What’s the price of the iPhone 12 clone and where do I buy one from?

At its current retail of $194.29, the Goophone 12 Pro Max is a budget-friendly mid-range smartphone that appeals to all those who wish to own an iPhone from Apple but is on a budget constraint.

How is the iPhone clone packaged?

iphone 12 pro max price

The Goophone 12 Pro Max comes packed in a black iPhone-shaped box with an image of the phone at an angle as compared to the straight upshot of the phone on original iPhone boxes. Within the box, you would find a set of Airpods (wired), 1 USB cable, 1 Charger, and the phone manual

There are no Apple stickers that you would find in an original iPhone box. 

iPhone 12 Clone: Where to buy? - Takeaway

The iPhone clone is built to mimic the upcoming iPhone 12 and is not up to standard as an original iPhone. It can never be, if you thought that a clone is meant to be priced at a lower rate but still carry the same specifications as the original then you’re wrong. 

It’s evident that this year's model for the iPhone clone (Goophone 12 Pro Max) has seriously been a step down from previous models. Maybe it’s the pandemic and restrictions on exports or whatever it could be, the iPhone clone could have been worked on a bit more at least in terms of the software and some hardware changes. 

Overall, the iPhone clone is an ideal choice for those who don’t wish to shell out much and have budget constraints, or are unable to procure the new Apple iPhone.


Are iPhone Clones safe to use?

It honestly depends. Even among iPhone clones, there are "reputable" manufacturers that stand out due to their quality. For example Goophone and Ulephone. However, there are a ton of other sub-par clones out there that are made with really poor materials. So, I would recommend you don't go near these.

Goophone, on the other hand, seems to have issues at the moment. So, you can go ahead and get it, if you really want one. However, you should also note that these clones won't offer the same longevity as the original. It's not even close.

You should be glad if it makes it to the 3rd year without any issues. Additionally, these clones don't come with a warranty.

As for physical issues, there hasn't been any drastic damage. However, I honestly wouldn't trust these as the quality of their internal components is too poor. As for software-related safety issues, we recommend you remove the bloatware as soon as you get them.

How can you tell if your iPhone is fake?

It's actually rather easy to tell if an iPhone is fake. Simply type in the serial number into Apple's official warranty coverage checker. This portal also doubles as an authentication platform. If your iPhone serial number doesn't exist then you may have a clone on your hands.

However, the majority of the clone makers don't like to spend a lot of money on perfecting the build. So, there will definitely be a few issues with the build, design, or display.

Additionally, a great telltale sign is the OS. Clone makers won't be able to install an iOS easily. So, the majority of the clones come with an Android Skin. So, head to the App store. If it opens as Google play instead of Apple's App Store, then you definitely have a clone on your hands.

If you're still in doubt, you can try connecting it to your laptop to check if it connects to iTunes. An original iPhone will automatically connect to iTunes.

Phones that look like the iPhone 12

Clones might be a perfect physical look alike. However, it, unfortunately, does not deliver when it comes to performance and overall user experience. However, there is another alternative solution to this problem.

There are certain phones like the UMIDIGI S50 that "look similar" to the iPhone. The UMIDIGI S50, for example, is not a clone. it's an android phone that just happens to look extremely similar to the iPhone 12.

It's more or less similar to the iPhone 12 clone in terms of price. However, the quality is significantly higher. This phone comes with a solid 6.39" AMOLED screen with a resolution of 080 x 2340 px and a pixel density of 403 PPI.

But what you're really paying for is the Octa-Core processor. The MediaTek Helio G90T. This beast can let you execute spec-dependent tasks with ease.


What is an iPhone clone?

An iPhone clone is a device that looks similar to an iPhone but is made of cheap and poor-quality materials. An iPhone clone will be cheap while also having poor performance, bad cameras, and terrible software experience as they will run on old versions of Android.

Does clone iPhone have iCloud?

Nope, since clone iPhones don't have iOS, they don't feature the native iCloud app found on original iPhones. But since iCloud can be accessed from a browser, you can use iCloud on a clone iPhone using a browser.

Do iPhone clones run iOS?

No, they don't, iPhone clones run Android with a skin that looks similar to iPhone. Even established manufacturers like Vivo and Xiaomi have design features that look similar to iOS. Also, note that clones usually run older versions of Android making them vulnerable to security issues.

Can I buy a clone iPhone?

Go for it if you have a drastically low budget and want something high-end. However, honestly, you can pretty much get other phones that are really good for the price of a clone. Although these clones are good, they are still sub-par and not by a bit. Even the OS is based on an Android that's mirrored to look like iOS. If you're still interested, check out our "iPhone Clone: Where to buy?" article for all the details.

User Reviews

This phone is exactly what I thought it would be. It looks just like an iPhone 12 pro max. the screen clarity and the lightweight of the phone are dead giveaways that it's fake. for whatever reason, I can't get it to connect to my cellular carrier.

The phone is a bit slow and laggy but still has its uses. I've always used an iPhone for work but I never was interested in using one for my personal phone. This phone made me fall in love with the form factor. Time to buy the real thing.

Edward from USA

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