7 Serious Reasons Why Kindle is Better than Phone


In a world full of distractive media like television and social media, it is truly amazing how reading has stayed prevalent.

Statistics say that more than 52% of adults in America own an e-reader. But people debate on whether a Kindle is even necessary, especially since almost everyone owns a cell phone.

In this Kindle vs phone discourse, is a Kindle better than a smartphone?

A Kindle is a better choice than a phone. Kindles are built and marketed towards readers; its hardware, software, and overall use will suit the most avid book lovers.

Now let's get into details why a Kindle is better than a phone when it comes to reading.

Reason 1: A Kindle is Cheaper than a Phone

First and foremost, yes, there are cheap cell phones out there, and they are arguably cheaper than an e-reader. But those phones that cost around $50 or $60 are tiny, have a lackluster design, and are a headache to use.

You'd probably toss the phone away after just one night of trying to read with it.

If you want a decent cell phone, you'd have to spend around $200 to get something useable, $150 if you are lucky. But with a Kindle, you're looking at the cheapest price being around $89.99.

E-readers are generally cheaper than phones because they are only made for one task: being an e-reader. Phones have to cram in so many features like call, text, Internet browsing, music, media, games, and so much, that cell phones need a stronger CPU and display.

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Meanwhile, a Kindle only needs to worry about being able to turn to the next page and display a wall of text. Overall, price-wise, a Kindle is a smarter decision if you want to buy a device only meant for reading.

Reason 2: The E-Ink Display

Cell phones have a fancy screen, no doubt about it. It has color, it has flashing lights, it has all the bells and whistles that can make any person go "Wow!" A Kindle, meanwhile, only has an e-ink display.

An E-ink display is meant to simulate the looks of a piece of paper. So when you look at a Kindle, you might feel like you are looking at a real-life novel. That's the beauty of the Kindle's display.

You don't have those bright LCD or AMOLED displays that are constantly shining in your eyes. With the Kindle's display, your eyes get to read on an electronic surface that won't tire them out.

A lot of people have complained about how their eyes get strained after a long day of being in front of a computer or smartphone. If you are someone who is prone to getting headaches and just wants to unwind by reading, a Kindle might be for you.

Reason 3: A Kindle Is Small and Portable

If I have to measure the size of a typical cell phone and a Kindle, then yeah, a cell phone is thinner compared to a Kindle. A Kindle may be the same height, but its width is more comparable to a tablet rather than a phone.

But even if a phone is smaller, there is no denying that a Kindle is small and portable enough to fit any pocket or bag. Most e-readers are only 6 to 7 inches tall, making them smaller than an iPad or tablet.

The size is perfect to hold and large enough for people to read on. You can also easily take it along with you on trips and commutes without taking too much space in your luggage.

Reason 4: You Can Only Read on a Kindle

Phones are pretty distracting. You can be sitting down trying to catch on some reading when behold, you have seen a notification popping up! Ten minutes later, you are scrolling through your social media mindlessly and forgetting to read.

A Kindle is made for one thing and it's to read. Sure, you can also listen to audiobooks, but the main selling point of a Kindle is that it is a device that you can use to read on, no more, no less.

A Kindle makes you focus only on the thing you're reading by removing distractions. Emails, text messages, and notifications can't reach you since the Kindle is not made for those things.

So you can sit back and focus on the words right in front of you, not on what's on your daily feed.

Reason 5: The Battery Life is Fantastic

Remember when I mentioned the E-ink display Kindles have? Not only is it a great display to help you avoid eye strain, but E-ink also does not use up a lot of battery.

E-readers are known for their long battery life. Because the E-ink display does not display any bright light or intense color, it does not need to refresh every millisecond. The only time it does refresh is when you move to a different screen.

Thus, a Kindle's lifespan before charging is not measured by hours, it's measured by days. A Kindle can last a whole week on one charge because of its display.

If you are worried about losing battery and searching the whole house for a charger, then a Kindle is going to be your best friend (just remember to charge it when it's actually running out of juice.)

Reason 6: You Don't Get to Worry About The Sun

Ever had that experience where you're using your cell phone and the sun just decided to shine down upon you and made the screen completely dim and unreadable? It's a pain!

But with a Kindle, all your reflective nightmares will be gone. E-ink displays are easy to read under sunlight because of the non-reflective screen and the lack of backlighting.

The Kindle is great if you want to sit by the park and read or relax while at the beach. You don't have to worry about any glares shining right back at you just like when you are using your phone.

Plus, if you are feeling like you need some late-night reading, newer Kindle models have an enabled backlight option that you can manually turn on or off. You can also adjust how bright and how strong you want your lights to be.

And Finally, Reason 7: It's Water Resistant!

If you buy the more expensive Kindle Paperwhite or Kindle Oasis, then you are getting an added benefit of water resistance!

These Kindle models have an IPX-68 water-resistance rating, so you can drop your device in shallow freshwater for as long as 30 minutes. And while you're not really expected to go scuba diving with your Kindle, it means you can bring your device near a pool or along with you in your bubble bath without any problems.

When compared to cell phones, phones with water resistance are usually at a higher price point. If you want to stay on a budget for your reading devices, stick to a Kindle.

2 Situations When a Phone is a Better Choice to Read On Than a Kindle

Throughout this entire time, I have been pointing out all the pros that a Kindle has over a phone. But that does not mean that cell phones don't have benefits over a Kindle.

There are times when a smartphone is the better choice over a Kindle.

  • First, if you already have a high-quality, flagship-level cellphone that is big enough for you, then spending extra on a Kindle might not be economically smart. If you are only a casual reader who browses a chapter a night or reads short stories, a cell phone can do the trick. Not to mention, multitasking is possible on a cell phone, something a traditional e-reader can't do.
  • And second, if you love reading colorful pages like magazines and comics, a Kindle may not be for you. Cellphones have colorful screens that can tear an E-ink display apart. And while colored E-ink is slowly becoming popular, it can't beat the eye-popping colors that an LCD or AMOLED screen has to offer.

So is the Kindle The Superior Reading Device Over a Phone?

It all depends on the consumer. This article is meant to give a spotlight to the Kindle and to list down why it's worth buying.

The Kindle has a lot of cool features that are great for readers. It is small enough to carry around, has a nice screen that won't hurt your eyes, and it can last you the whole week on a single charge.

If I have to be honest, if you are to give this to someone who is a book-lover and a voracious reader, they'll definitely love it. It's an overall great alternative for a book and you can keep all your collection on one device.

Now when compared to a phone, the Kindle can have its pros and cons. There are some things that a phone can do that a Kindle can't and vice versa.

Overall, it's up to you to decide on which is better. Whether you are a seasonal reader, a daily reader, or somewhere in between, there will always be a perfect device waiting for you to pick it up.

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