Raycon Earbuds vs AirPods | Are AirPods or Raycons better?

Raycon Earbuds vs AirPods

Confused between the Raycons and the AirPods for your next earbuds? Check out our article on Raycon Earbuds vs AirPods to know which one is better for you.

We all know how popular the Apple AirPods (2nd Gen) is. They have been one of my favorites and some of the best-selling true wireless earbuds since their launch. Even after getting replaced by the new AirPods (3rd Gen), they have been selling like hotcakes.

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Raycon is a new earbuds brand. With its stylish look, Raycon is set to take on the market leader, AirPods. I have taken a liking to them over the past few months. This blog will talk about the similarities and differences between Raycon and AirPods.

Check out this comparison, Raycon Earbuds vs AirPods to know which one is the best affordable earbuds you can get right now.

Raycon Earbuds vs AirPods

Raycon has been gaining a lot of traction and popularity with its earbuds. They have been refining their earbuds over time, and what was once known as the Raycon e25, is now The Everyday Earbuds. These are Raycon’s cheapest yet most popular earbuds, with tons of positives. They are a steal deal at $79.99.

Om the other hand, we have the Apple AirPods (2nd Gen), which are also extremely popular even though the new 3rd Gen AirPods have been on sale for a while now. The popularity of 2nd Gen AirPods is because of their price, at just $129 (you can find it for $109 on sales), they offer a lot of bang for the buck.

Below you can find a comparison between The Everyday Earbuds from Raycon and the ever-popular Apple AirPods (2nd Gen).

Are AirPods or Raycons better?

When it comes to the design of the earbuds, both brands have different approaches. The Raycons are compact, while the AirPods are thin and long. Based on looks, I would choose the AirPods over the Raycon's, but from a practicality standpoint, both have their advantages and disadvantages.

The Everyday Earbuds from Raycon vs AirPods - Design, Build Quality, and Comfort

Raycon earbuds

The Raycon's use silicone ear tips, which are fairly comfortable and can fit different ear sizes easily. The AirPods are comfortable only if the person wearing them has ears that are a perfect fit for them. If the ears are too big, then they can fall off easily and if the ears are too small they can be uncomfortable to wear because of the hard plastic shell.


This is why I prefer the design of the AirPods Pro compared to the 2nd Gen AirPods. Even the 3rd Gen has a more contoured design which suits ears of varying sizes better.

When it comes to case designs, the AirPods case easily wins thanks to its smaller case that also looks and feels better.

Raycon vs AirPods price

Apple offers a wireless case for the AirPods for which you have to pay extra or buy separately. Raycon's case is also good but nothing special but the case is wireless with Qi compatibility.

raycon e25

And the overall build quality of both products is good, though nothing special. The Raycon's are IPX6 rated meaning they are protected from water and dust. They are the better pair if you are looking for workout earphones. The Everyday Earbuds from Raycons fit better and are IPX6 rated.

So for looks, I would go with the Apple AirPods but if you want something practical, then The Everyday Earbuds from Raycons are better.

The Everyday Earbuds from Raycon Earbuds vs AirPods - Sound

This is an area where both earbuds punch above their weight. I was expecting the AirPods to be better for mids and highs, and the Raycons to be better for lows thanks to their silicone tips, but fortunately, both of them sound equal.

Both earbuds are surprisingly close in sound quality with only the situations and surrounding affecting the results a bit. When it comes to indoors, I found the AirPods to be slightly better as their designs suits indoors better.

This advantage for the AirPods doesn't apply when I used the earbuds outside, where the Raycons were better because of the better seal with my ears. This meant that I could hear more details even in fairly noisy surroundings.

raycon e55 vs airpods

Overall, you can put them apart, if you are looking for the best sound quality, the AirPods do perform a bit better but only indoors. On the other hand, if you are someone who wants to use your earbuds outdoors, then the Raycons are better. I would pick the Raycons for the added versatility.

The Everyday Earbuds from Raycon Earbuds vs AirPods - Connectivity

When it comes to connectivity, the connection between Apple AirPods and other Apple products like iPhones and iPads is almost instant and flawless. Along with Hey Siri, the iPhone and AirPods are the duo to beat. AirPods features Bluetooth 5.0 for stable connectivity.

While Apple and its ecosystem are great, Raycon's The Everyday Earbuds shine when it comes to compatibility across different platforms. The Raycons can connect with iPhones, Android, Windows, Macs, and almost any device with Bluetooth connectivity. Raycons features Bluetooth 5.0 which offers stable and quick connectivity options.

Overall, get the AirPods if you own an iPhone or any other Apple device. If you don't have an Apple device then the Raycons are the way to go, even with Apple they work well and have everything you need.

The Everyday Earbuds from Raycon Earbuds vs AirPods - Battery

Raycon improved greatly in the battery department with The Everyday Earbuds. This new pair of Raycons can last 8 hours without the case. The case provides additional 24 hours of battery life, taking the total to 32 hours, which is pretty impressive.

AirPods on the other hand offer 5 hours of battery life in the earbuds along with an additional 24 hours from the case. This takes the total to 29 hours of battery life which is close to the Raycon Everyday Earbuds.

Both earbuds feature fast charging technology, with Apple offering 3 hours of battery life after 15 mins in the case. While Raycon offers 2 hours after 15 minutes in the case.

raycons earbuds review

Overall, when it comes to batteries, both of them are equally matched. The Raycon's have slightly better battery life while Apple has better fast charging technology. If I had to choose one, I would go with the Raycons only because the wireless charging case comes included for no extra charge.

The Everyday Earbuds from Raycon Earbuds vs AirPods - Features

Both earbuds today are entry-level models from each brand.

Even though The Everyday Earbuds from Raycons are their cheapest models they come with some features that make them exciting. The Raycons have spatial audio, sound profiles, Awareness Mode, IPX6 water rating, and more. They also come with 4 pairs of ear tips.

raycon earbuds

Apple, on the other hand, doesn't offer many extra features with the AirPods (2nd Gen), they are as basic as it gets. The only notable feature of the AirPods is the support for Siri.

Overall, the Raycons are better if extra features matter to you. Spatial Audio and IPX6 water resistance are a huge upgrade over the AirPods. If you are someone who uses Siri a lot then the AirPods might be worth considering.

The Everyday Earbuds from Raycon Earbuds vs AirPods - Conclusion

Both The Everyday Earbuds from Raycon and the Apple AirPods are excellent wireless earphones. They offer good sound quality for affordable prices. Both earbuds have advantages and disadvantages over the other.

Yet I feel that The Everyday Earbuds from Raycon is the better choice. Raycon Everyday Earbuds provide great sound quality, natural bass, solid noise isolation, comfortable fit, and more at $50 less.

It also has unique features like Spatial audio, IPX6 rating, and a wireless charging case that Apple AirPods 2nd Gen doesn't offer. Some of the advantages of the AirPods include good sound quality especially indoors, excellent connectivity with Apple Products and Siri.

Despite this, I would pick the Raycons thanks to their price and better feature set.


Do Raycon earbuds work well with iPhones?

Raycon earbuds are known for their good connectivity options. With Bluetooth 5.0 and excellent compatibility across platforms, the Raycon earbuds work well with all Apple devices including iPhones. They might not be as good as AirPods, but they are certainly on par if not better than other competitors.

Are Raycon earbuds good for phone calls?

Raycon earbuds are not as good as Samsung or Apple earbuds for phone call quality, but at the same time, they are not bad either. Raycon Earbuds are decent for phone calls. They feature Raycon’s Vivid Voice Technolgy which is supposed to offer better phone call quality, but in practice, it is nothing exceptional.

Do The Everyday Earbuds from Raycon have active noise cancellation?

Unfortunately no. The Everyday Earbuds are Raycon’s most affordable pair of earbuds and sop they don't feature active noise cancellation technology. They do have passive noise cancellation thanks to the silicone ear tips.

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