Why You Need to Buy a Kindle Even if You Have an iPad


Many people these days have a tablet-like iPad.

Whenever someone recommends having a Kindle, they are faced with the question whether they should still buy a Kindle even if they have an iPad.

I will today answer this question. Not only that, I will back up my answer with valid arguments as well.

Once you go through the article below, you can make this decision quite quickly.

In short, should You buy a Kindle if You have an iPad?

Kindle for reading is better than iPad, because it has excellent battery life, a vast ecosystem, reduces strain on your eyes and offers a better reading experience.

I will list below not just one or 2, but 7 different reasons you should buy a kindle despite having an iPad.

1. Less strain on eyes

Kindle uses e-Ink technology. The advantage of this technology is that it uses reflective light. It does not emit any blue light as well.

On the other hand, when you look at the iPad, it emits blue light even on the lowest setting. Due to the same, the strain on your eyes increases when using the iPad for a longer period of time.

For the first hour or so, you will not notice any difference. However, when reading, you need to use the device for hours together.

If you use the iPad for hours together, there will be a strain on your eyes due to the iPad.

The same problem will not happen with Kindle. That is why, even if you have an iPad, it makes perfect sense to buy a kindle for reading.

2. Excellent battery life

Another stark difference is between the battery life of Kindle as well as iPad.

The battery life of an iPad is 4 to 6 hours. It means that if you’re reading on the iPad for 2 hours per day, the battery will last for two days. It is assuming that you do not use the iPad for any other application.

On the other hand, when you look at Kindle, the battery life is 28 hours or so. It means that if you’re reading for 2 hours a day, the battery can easily last for two weeks.

So, once you charge the Kindle, you will not have to worry about charging once again. You can use it uninterruptedly for days together.

Thus, another reason why you should get a kindle despite having an iPad is that the battery life of Kindle is much higher.

3. Vast ecosystem

The entire ecosystem of Kindle has been created to help you read more and more books. Since the device is dedicated to readers, the number of books available in the Kindle store is plenty.

With over 400,000 books, you have quite a few options when going with Kindle. In addition to these books, there are over 250,000 book pockets as well.

While iPad also has an Apple box but the library is not as vast. Due to the same, you might not find some books on the Apple box. You will be able to find the Kindle store.

Not only that, if you’re buying a kindle for your younger ones, then too, it makes perfect sense to get one for them. That is because the books which are available for children are also over 250,000.

Every feature of Kindle is geared to help you read. The same is not true for the iPad.

Not only that, Amazon is incorporating more and more features into Kindle. The sole aim of these features is to help you read more.

Consequently, when you get your hands on Kindle, there will be at least a few new features that can help you get more.

Thus, if you like reading and have an iPad, it is still a good idea to go with Kindle.

4. Better reading experience

There are numerous ways in which Kindle can improve your reading experience. Most of these ways are not available when you’re going with the iPad.

I will highlight these ways below.

Strain less experience

The e-ink technology of Kindle means that you will not have to worry about any strain on the eyes. When there is no strain on your eyes, you can read for hours together.

The same is not true for the iPad. The stainless experience certainly improves the reading experience of the reader.

Allows you to change the font

When reading books on an iPad, it is not that easy to change the font. However, the same is not true for Kindle.

In Kindle, you have the choice of various forms as well.

The advantage of being able to change the font means that you can read easily. You can select the font that is convenient for you to read.

Not only that, there are bold fonts available as well. Consequently, the readability increases manifold.

The simple feature certainly improves the reading experience of Kindle.

Excellent outdoor reading experience

While using an iPad outdoors, you will have to worry about glare as well as light. While an iPad might be better than many android tablets but it is not as good as Kindle.

The technology used in Kindle does not reflect light. You will not have to worry about glare as well. Consequently, using Kindle outdoors to read is indeed quite easy.

If you have to choose between a reader which you can use outdoors easily and which you can’t, which one will you buy?

It is another reason why buying a kindle makes perfect sense as it improves the reading experience.

Built-in dictionary

One of the main problems which you might face while reading is understanding the words in the book. While understanding your words can improve your vocabulary but researching and finding the meaning of those words can take time as well.

The advantage here of Kindle is that it has a built-in dictionary. It also lets you know the meaning of the word without losing the book. Consequently, it becomes easier for you to understand the context, expand your vocabulary, and read all at the same time.

The seamless reading experience which it provides cannot be matched in an iPad.

Allows bookmarking of reading position

You can easily bookmark the reading position in Kindle. The next time around you open the book; it will become easier for you to continue from the point where you left off.

While Apple books also allow you to bookmark the position but the experience is not that seamless. Kindle has an advantage in this department as well.

As you can see, there are quite a few small features that make the Kindle reading experience much better. That is why, even if you have an iPad, it makes perfect sense to buy a kindle for reading.

5. Built-in screen light

Many Kindle models come with built-in light on one side. The advantage of the same is that you can easily increase the light on the screen. When you’re outdoors or when you’re reading in a dark room, you can use this light.

The light functions the same as a clipped light. However, still, it does not generate blue light like an iPad.

It means that when you’re using this inbuilt light as well, you will be able to read without putting any strain on your eyes.

The inbuilt delight certainly improves the reading experience on your Kindle.

6. Affordable

One of the most prominent reasons to go with the Kindle is because it is much more affordable. Depending on the exact model which you are buying, you can get it for under $ 100.

Many times, and cyber Monday and Black Friday sales, you can easily get it for almost free. Amazon regularly has such promotions as well.

On the other hand, the cost of the iPad is much higher. For buying an iPad, you will have to shell out around $ 200 or more.

Thus, instead of worrying about the additional cost of Kindle, you can easily buy in an affordable fashion.

When you take into account the lower price of the Kindle in conjunction with the numerous features on offer, you will no longer avoid buying a kindle.

7. No distractions

Whether you are reading the physical book, Digital book on Kindle, or digital book on iPad, if there are distractions, you will not be able to read at a decent speed.

Not only that, you will not be able to grasp most of the ideas from the book as well.

The disadvantage of the iPad is that it can consist of various other applications as well. You might have social media applications, games, or even applications like Whatsapp.

In that case, when you’re reading diligently on iPad, you’re likely to get interrupted by one of these applications. If the interruptions continue, it will become really difficult for you to read.

On the other hand, Kindle is designed to enhance your reading experience. That is why the number of distractions on Kindle is virtually nil. Once you start reading, there will be no distractions at all.

Consequently, Kindle can actually encourage you to read.

As you can see, there are quite a few reasons why it makes sense, even if you have an iPad. When it comes to the reading experience, Kindle has numerous advantages. If you’re in 2 minds, you should definitely go ahead and buy a Kindle rather than avoiding it.

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