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Many Russian names are cool and cute names even we hate them in war with Ukraine. Russian names have meanings and origins, and for that reason many names are long, which makes it a bit difficult for people to understand, but here is a ranking of cool Russian male names and cute Russian female names.

Why so many Russians have the same name

Russian names are often taken from the names of saints and myths, and it seems that they rarely give new names.

As a result, there are many people with the same name, so it is said that if you are sandwiched between two people with the same name, you can make a wish and it will come true. In Japanese, it feels like there are a lot of "Taro".

Why Russian names are so long

If many people have the same name, they may not recognize each other, so Russians often call their names by their nicknames.

This is a little different from what Japanese people call nicknames. That's why you don't know who you're talking about, even in Russian literature.

Depending on the person, the way you call someone changes, and the closer you get to know someone, the longer the name becomes. Even among Japanese people, there are nicknames that can only be understood by close relatives, so it may be similar to that.

How to name a Russian

What is the first name?

First comes the name. Even if there are many names with the same first name as above, nicknames will change how you call them.

Russian names include the father's name. Even if this is a single mother, the child will always have the father's surname.

The father's name is "Father's name + Vic" for boys, and "Father's name + Vna" for girls. By adding this, Russian names become longer, but it is now possible to understand that they are sons and daughters of 〇〇 (father).

What is your last name?

Lastly is the surname, Russian surnames are divided into masculine and feminine forms. Even though they live in the same house, older brothers and younger sisters have slightly different last names.

However, this is not always the case, and some surnames have the same form. Russians call their first names by their nicknames, which show familiarity and respect, while surnames are used in formal situations such as interviews.

Russian names [BOY] Ranking

54th place:Rudolf

Rudolif in Russian

The name Rudolf is "Rudolf" in English, and is the same name as the song "Red-Nosed Reindeer" that often flows at Christmas

The name "Rudolph" is not only used by Russians, but many people around the world, and it is the same as the name of the Roman Emperor and the Austrian Emperor. Many people in the art world wear it, but some Germans are famous among philosophers, physicists, and astronomers. In Japan, there is a horse named Symbol Rudolph who won the Classic Triple Crown without losing a match.

53rd place: Zigfrid


The Russian name `` Siegfried '' is `` Siegfried '' in English, and the modern German reading `` Siegfried '' is famous.

It is the name of the main character in the famous German epic "Nibelgenlied", and has the same origin as "Sigurd" in Norse mythology (Germanic mythology). "Siegfried" in German is "Siegfried" in Russian. Since it is a mythical character, it will be a slightly difficult reading and a long name.

52nd place: Zakhar


The name "Zakhar" is also popular with Russians. There is also the popular German writer Zakhar Prilepin and the famous violinist Zakhar Bron.

The Russian name "Zakhar" becomes the name "Zachary" in English. There is a popular American actor named Zachary Levi who played the role of Flynn Rider in Disney's "Rapunzel on the Tower". In Japan, it is used as the name of anime characters.

51st place: Georgii


"Georgii" is a very masculine and cool name and is popular among Russians. It is named after the saint Georgios and means "farmer".

The name "Georgii" is "George" in English and "Georg" in German. And there are many “George”s in Japan as well.

50th place: Stefan

Stephan or "Stepan"

"Stefan" is a common European male name. Originally, the name "Stifano" was changed from a character in the Bible.

It's a cool name that many Europeans have, but in English it's "Stephen". So does the famous novelist Stephen King. "Stephen" also means "crown" in Greek.

49th place: Patriki


"Patriki" ranked 49th in the Russian name ranking is called "Patrick" in English and French.

The Russian name "Patriki" comes from the Latin word for "aristocrat", but the most famous one is the saint "Saint Patrick". Every year on March 17th, St. Patrick's Day, the world goes green.

48th place: Osip

Osip is sometimes called "Iosif". Many Russian names are long, but "Osip" is short and easy to remember. "Osip" also means "rash".

The name "Osip" is "Joseph" in English and "Joseph" in French. The name "Iosif" is also the same name as Jacob's child "Joseph" in the Old Testament.

47th place:Martin


Ranked 47th among Russian names, “Martin” is a cool male name. In English, it would be "Martin".

Its meaning is "martin", but the name "Mars" in Roman mythology changed to "Martinus" in Latin, and many different names have been given in various countries.

46th place: Lui

The Russian name "Lui" is one of the shortest in the ranking, but in English it changes to "Louis" and in Italian to "Luigi".

"Louis" is taken from the name of the King of France. Famous luxury brands have the same name. In England, "Lewis Carroll" who wrote "Alice in Wonderland" is famous. Both names are masculine.

45th place: Adam


"Adam" is "Adam" in English and Spanish, but Russians call it "Adam". In French it is called 'Adane' and in German it is 'Adam'.

Speaking of "Adam", as you know the origin and meaning, it is the first male name created by God. Since it is a biblical name, it is used by men all over the world. It's a perfect name for a man.

44th place: Aaron


The name "Aaron" is derived from the name of the brother of the prophet Moses in the Old Testament. His older brother, Aaron, was also a prophet who assisted Moses.

It is a very masculine name and is also used in Germany and France. In English, it is called "Aaron".

43rd place: Bernard


The Russian name "Bernard" is a popular name that has changed around the world and is often given as a male name.

In German it's "Bernhard", in French it's "Bernard", in English it's "Barnard".

42nd place: Fridrix


The 42nd place in the Russian name ranking is read as "Friedrich". It is a popular name in Russia, but it is also used as a male name in Germany and Rome.

"Fridrix" is "Friedrich" in German. The name comes from the ancient German words "frid" meaning "peace" and "rîhhi" meaning monarch.

41st place: Frants


The Russian name "Frants" is a cool and masculine name. The German name is spelled "Franz" and the English name is "Francis".

It's a cool and masculine name used in various countries, but it can also be feminine, so it's a name with many celebrities for both men and women.

40th place: Isaak


The Russian name "Isaak" is derived from the saint "Isaac" who appears in the Old Testament. He will be the grandfather of 48th ranked "Osip".

"Isaak" is "Izaak" in German, but "Isaac" in English. There is also "Isaac Asimov" who is a famous science fiction writer.

39th place: Maksimilian


The Russian name "Maksimilian" becomes "Maximilian" in English, German and French, all of which are popular names.

"Maksimilian" is famous for the name of the emperor of Mexico and ancient Rome. The name comes from the names of the Roman politicians Quintus Maximus and Scipio Aemilianus.

38th place: Nikolai


The name “Nikolai”, which is cool even in the ranking, is a very popular male name in Russia.

The name comes from the last Tsar of Russia, Nicholas II. Nicholas II also had an incident in which he was cut down by a police officer in Otsu, Shiga Prefecture, during his visit to Japan as Crown Prince.

37th place: Pyotr


The name "Pyotr" comes from the first Russian emperor "Pyotr I". It's a cute little name.

"Peter I" was a big man taller than 2 meters, possessing superhuman strength, and was very good at extracting teeth. In addition, he was very skillful with his hands and had technical knowledge, so many posthumous works remain.

36th place: Vasilii


Russian name ranking "Vasily" is a long and difficult name, but this is "Basil" in English.

"Vasilii" is taken from the herb "Basil". "Basil" comes from the Greek word "basilikos" which means "royal". The name means "king", so it's perfect for men.

35th place: Sevastyan


Russian name ranking 35th "Sevastyan" is a popular name attached to men as "Sebastian" in each country.

In English, the spelling is "Sebastian". A name with so many celebrities, it originated from a Roman soldier, but its original name comes from "Sebastian" who was killed in Christian persecution.

34th place:Robert

Russian name ranking 34th place "Robert (Robert)" is a popular male name in various countries. "Roberto" in Italy and Spain, "Robert" in English.

The meaning of the name is ``famous'', and it also means ``bard'' or ``messenger'', and is the name of a person who conveys the word of God. It has been worn by many celebrities.

33rd place: Kornei

"Korne", ranked 33rd in the Russian name ranking, is a cool and masculine name. In English, it is "Cornelius".

32nd place: Kazimir


The Russian name "Kazimir" is a name that sounds cool. In German, the spelling is slightly different, "Kasimir", but in English it becomes "Casimir".

"Kazimir" means "destroyer" in Czech. Kazimir Malevich, the first Russian artist to create abstract paintings, is well known.

31st place: Timofei


The Russian name "Timofei" is a cute name. In English, it becomes "Timothy" and there are many celebrities.

30th place:Eduard


The slightly longer name "Eduard" becomes "Edward" in English and is a traditional name in England.

"Edward" is nicknamed "Ed", "Ted", and "Teddy". Teddy bears come from here. Also, "Edward" is a very nice and meaningful name as "guardian" of "luck" and "wealth".

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