“No one likes you when you’re 23.” What does that mean?

no one like you when you’re 23

Have you either received or told someone good luck with their or with your future? Or have you ever thought about how to properly wish someone a good future? Probably you have heard or personally received this commonly used good luck phrase, “good luck with your future endeavors”, haven’t you? 

Wishing someone good luck is just indeed to be very sweet and thoughtful whether it is to a family or a colleague, isn’t it? But did you know some good luck messages can not be well understood by some? Just like this good luck phrase, “good luck with your future endeavors”. 

This good luck message is commonly not well understood by some because of the words “future endeavors” which can have a different meaning for other people, especially that we don’t have the same vocabulary at all times. But, the question is, is this good luck message really a good one to say as a wish for someone’s good future? What does this phrase really mean?

Moving on, to answer all of your curiosity, be sure to read this post all throughout as we will be providing a lot and deep explanation about this good luck message. Whether you will be the one who will be sending this good luck message to someone or you are personally the one who received it, this post would be definitely worth reading.

So, is this phrase a good and proper way to say if you want to wish a good future for someone? Let us all find out together!

What is endeavor?

Before anything else, let us first discuss what do “endeavor” really mean and how can it be differently used in such sentences. It is important to know what this word really means so you can easily understand what this good luck message, “good luck your future endeavors” really means. 

So, endeavor means an effort or attempt you want to do just basically something you are trying to do or want to achieve. If you will be using it in a formal conversation, endeavor means to attempt (fulfillment of a responsibility or an obligation, for example) by employment or expenditure of effort. 

If you endeavor to do something, you try very hard to do it. I will endeavor to arrange it. An endeavor is an attempt to do something, especially something new or original. His first endeavors in the field were wedding films.

What does “future endeavor” mean?

And now that you already know what the word “endeavor” really means, we can now move on to what the “future endeavor” means. Is this phrase really appropriate to use when you want to wish someone good luck for their future? Let’s find out!

So, first, the term “future endeavor” is commonly used to wish someone good luck in their future or in other words, a good luck in achieving their goals or attempting to do something and go forward. These attempts or goals can be based on someone’s education, job, career path, projects, or other type of activity they are planning in the time ahead of basically, in the near future. 

While for the term “future” means the time that is yet to come or something that will just to happen. So, if we will put future and endeavors together, making it future endeavors, this means to try hard at doing or achieving something in the future. It can also be identified in the sense of noun to mean “a protective attempt at achieving a goal.”

How to use “future endeavors’ correctly?

Let us now proceed with how you can properly use the word “future endeavors”. You might probably really be confused about this so let us discuss it with you further. 

The phrase “future endeavors” is used in specific occasions in which a person uses it. This term is commonly used when you are sending or expressing a wish for luck for someone. “Future endeavors” are commonly used when you are wishing luck for someone who just graduated from college in which that person will pursue a career or a more in-depth understanding of their knowledge with the education that he/her gained.

It can also be used when a person leaves one job position for another. Basically, this phrase can be used regardless of whether you are having a casual or formal conversation with someone. As long as you will be using it appropriately, all is well and there will be no one feeling offended.

On the other hand, this phrase can also be a form of consolation or a comfort received by a person after a loss or disappointment. For example, when someone you know has been fired or released from a position, you might as well tell him or her “good luck with your future endeavors.”

Is it correct to say “good luck with your future endeavors”?

One of your worries right now might be whether is it really a good way to say “good luck with your future endeavors” when you are wishing good luck for someone, aren’t you? We understand why you are feeling that way especially if you are not really that familiar with this good luck message.

That’s why we are here to guide and clarify to you all of your worries and concerns regarding this topic. 

Moving on, you probably have seen this phrase in an email, letter, or just or heard it in a farewell speech. Well, it is because it is a common good luck message in the corporate world where people move from one position/opportunity to the next, but is it correct to say?

If you still haven’t known, the “good luck with your future endeavors” is actually a polite expression by which the speaker expresses a desire for the listener to experience favor or a good fortune in the near future. If you think that this phrase is not correct to say, you are mistaken. 

You may actually use this phrase both in a formal or semi-formal conversation, written address, or a speech in a gathering or party. However, be mindful and avoid using such direct one on one conversation because it might sound too formal or impersonal. 

On the other hand, as this good luck message is addressed only to one, you have the option of adding "I wish you" before the phrase to make a full major sentence. You can use both the subject and the indirect object while addressing someone else in an urgent or courteous statement since the context and manner of delivery indicate who each person is. 

Because the verb in a polite saying is often an indication of desire that is obvious from the statement itself, you may also use it in a small phrase.

When can I use “good luck with your future endeavors”?

This good luck wish message for someone’s future is used when you are addressing someone who will undertake a new professional, career path, or personal activity. This can be used in a written letter. spoken address, email, or at a semi-formal gathering. 

When we use the word "endeavor," which we have already discussed what this means, we are referring to a deliberate course of action through which someone aspires to reach a certain goal or objective, such as graduating from school.

However, take note that this phrase could just not be used to someone who will be graduating from school. Remember, this can be used in a different type or context of communication with someone.

For example, if you are talking to your officemate who will be resigning from your office or organization, you might as well include this good luck message to your farewell message or letter to your officemate.

Anyone who you know will be taking a new path, regardless whether it is from school, job, or any other personal activities, you can freely include this good luck message to your message or farewell to them.

Final Thoughts

“Good luck with your future endeavors” is indeed to be a very gentle and sweet good luck message to someone whom you wish to achieve their goals in the new career path that they will be taking. Remember, you can use this in both professional and semi-formal conversations to express a kind sentiment to a family, friend, or associate who will be departing.

It was nice discussing this topic with you all and we hope you were able to gain lots of new information, learning, and most importantly, we were able to answer and clarify all the curiosity you have in your mind right now with regards to this matter. 

We would be glad if you will be sharing your thoughts and opinions with this topic as by commenting on them below. We would also be glad to find out how interesting you find our post is and an honest review or feedback would be highly appreciated. 

What then are you still holding out for? If you have a party to attend and are intending to give a speech, start preparing your farewell or good luck message to a family member or coworker.

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