12 Quiet Places to Read a Book in Peace


Reading is obviously a great hobby. It could be a great stress buster and importantly, it also could help in enhancing knowledge and gathering new information.

But there is a need to choose the right place for reading books. In this article we will have a look at some obvious places where a person could get into some serious reading.

We are sure that the information that is being shared over the next few lines will help the readers to get the right answer to the question where is the best place to read a book?

  1. Your bedroom
  2. The beach
  3. Fireplace
  4. A cozy Café
  5. Cozy bar
  6. Public transport
  7. Window seat
  8. Nook
  9. Library
  10. Bookstore
  11. Hammock
  12. Park

1. Your Bedroom

Most of us are short on time.

We are stuck in our day-to-day chores. Commuting to our workplace and getting back home consumes a lot of time.

Yes, over the last year or so, work-from-home has become the norm. However, even work-from-home is extremely strenuous and one has to be glued to the laptop for long hours.

In such situations, identifying a special spot for peaceful reading may be asking for too much for many men and women.

If you wish to be a regular reader of books then identifying a spot away from home could be a tough situation. For many their own bedrooms are often considered to be the best place for reading their favorite books.

A comfortable bed with adequate lighting and the right environment could be a perfect setting for reading comfortably and peacefully.

2. The Beach

The beach could be a wonderful place for reading your favorite book, undisturbed and in total peace. However, the weather has to be conducive. One cannot obviously choose a beach as a reading place during winter.

However, during summer when homes tend to get warm and stuffy, spending a few hours in a beach, with the right protection against sun could be the perfect setting for that peaceful reading. The sea waves as it crashes against the land could add to the wonderful atmosphere and make book reading even more enjoyable.

3. Fireplace

If it is that winter evening or night when it is freezing cold outside or perhaps even snowing, you may have nothing much to do.

In such situations, it would be a great idea to spend some time reading a few interesting books in front of the fireplace. The fireplace will not only be able to create a warm and inviting living room, but the warmth will also bring in a new sense of energy and excitement in you.

If you have a good book in hand, irrespective of the topic or subject that it is about, there is no doubt that a warm fireplace with an adequate spotlight and perhaps a soothing music could be the wonderful setting for reading that favorite book in the comfort of your home, or your farm house on a cool and wintery night or even during the day when the sky is overcast.

4. A Cozy Café

Restaurants and cafes may be wonderful places for those who are keen on meeting on a date or for spending quality time with friends and relatives.

At the same time, it also could be the right place for reading the favorite book peacefully. I have personally come across many men and women, comfortably seated in a corner chair in a decent restaurant.

They would certainly have a book in hand and I have admired the way they get lost in the books. The atmosphere in many cafés is quite comfortable and there are times when they are not overcrowded or noisy. If you are able choose the right time, you will be able to find the café relatively empty and it could create the best environment for reading in peace and tranquility

5. Cozy Bar

We often associate bars with noise and cacophony.

However, this may not always be the case with some bars. There are many men and women who choose some bars that are less crowded.

Further, even some prime bars are not always crowded and there are times when they are almost empty. Avid book readers, who are keen on finding the right atmosphere choose these bars and are there at the right time.

They may order a light drink or two to make sure that they do not turn tipsy. The light drinks along with the right atmosphere could help in setting the right atmosphere for reading a good book that may be of interest to them.

6. Public Transport

Public transport systems are the lifeline for thousands of men and women not only in this country but across the world.

I know about many men and women who travel hours making use of public transport. They travel from one end to another and therefore they have quite a bit of time to spare.

They would like to make good use of the same and this is where public transport systems could come in very handy.

Some of the best books are read by avid book readers while travelling from one place to another and therefore it would not be a bad place to enhance knowledge, information or just reading for entertainment.

7. Window Seat

The window seat of your home according to many experts is a wonderful place to read books of one’s choice because of many reasons.

We often gaze outside our home to enjoy nature or just to have a look at the people moving to and from on the road below. Many people find the window seat a good place because of the atmosphere and environment it offers.

8. Reading Nook

If you are a serious book-reader, it makes a lot of sense to understand the importance of setting up a reading nook.

It can easily be set up and it also does not require too big space. I have come across many reading nook corners that are just around four feet by four feet.

All that is needed is the right environment and the right mindset. It would be a good idea to have a corner for some chosen books because that might help you to create the right atmosphere.

9. Library

Yes, for ages libraries have been the chosen place for reading books. The environment, the overall set up and the atmosphere in any library is perfectly suited for book lovers.

You can expect the library to be completely quiet and therefore you can peacefully without any disturbance. You also have a choice of books if you are a member of the library and this helps in more ways than one.

10. Bookstore

Yes, bookstores are wonderful places for reading through some books that are close to your heart. You may not be able to get the same atmosphere and environment as a library but the point is you will be amongst those people who are book lovers.

Hence, they understand the importance of keeping the place silent to the extent possible. The chances of your being disturbed as a book enthusiast are very minimal.

11. Hammock

Wow, this could be a great idea to convert an open space into a wonderful book reading arena.

You can convert your garden or backyard into a wonderful book reading arena and it can be done within a few minutes. It is perhaps one of the best possible book reading places, especially during summers and weekends.

12. Parks

Finally, there are enough parks and gardens even in small cities that could make wonderful book reading avenues and arenas. They are clean and there are some corners that are free from noise and you could conveniently spend hours reading a book or even studying for your exams.

Things to look for reading a book in peace

I'm sure that the above would have given the readers a reasonably good idea about the obvious places that could be suited for book reading in peace.

While some like bedrooms, book corners, libraries or even bookstores are ready-made with the required infrastructure, others may just be makeshift arrangements.

But if one has the passion for reading books, any place can easily be converted into a temporary book reading arena. For example beaches, parks, and even hammocks in your backyard are perfect examples of book reading places, where peace and tranquility rule.

However, before you choose the right book reading space, make sure that it has a few things in place.

It may offer a decent place to sit comfortably, because book reading could take hours in most cases. Secondly, whether it is indoors or outdoors please make sure that it has the right lighting. Book reading in a peaceful environment should not cause too much strain to the eyes.

Finally, make sure that you are safe in the place where you are reading especially when it is indoors. There could be desolate but unsafe places and you don’t want to end up being mugged or robbed.

Why do you need a good reading space?

Finally, many people would like to ask the question why there should be a separate space for reading in peace.

The answer is quite simple. Reading requires a lot of concentration and focus and this cannot happen unless one has the right environment.

Reading in a crowded space or a dingy and stuffy environment could be disturbing and your focus will not last even for a few minutes, leave alone being at it for hours at length.

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