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Many have wondered if there are any US states that are comparable to England. While the size of the two countries varies drastically, the size of individual states can be a fascinating comparison. England is a small island nation with a total area of 130,400 square kilometers, while the United States is much larger with a total area of 9,826,675 square kilometers. 

This vast size difference makes it difficult to find any US states that are size comparable to England. However, with advanced measurement and analytics, there are several US states that stand out as being surprisingly close to the size of England. In this article, we’ll explore these states in detail and discuss how such a comparison can be useful in furthering our understanding of the US geographic landscape.

What U.S. state is equal in size to the UK?

When it comes to comparing the size of U.S. states to England, the short answer is no. England has a land area of 50,301 square miles, making it the 78th smallest country in the world. However, the vast majority of U.S. states are much, much larger. 

In fact, the smallest state in the U.S., Rhode Island is over three times bigger than England, with a land area of 1,545 square miles.


There are, however, two U.S. states that come close to being the same size as England: Michigan and Pennsylvania. Michigan is 50,586 square miles, just 285 square miles larger than the UK, and Pennsylvania is 46,058 square miles, making it substantially smaller.

Although these two states are close to the same size as England, they aren't exactly equal. England is home to a wide variety of ecosystems, from rolling hills and farmlands to bustling cities and foggy moors. 

Michigan and Pennsylvania, on the other hand, each have their own unique landscape, with mountains, deserts, plains, and countless other working landscapes.

Plus, England's population stands at 55 million people, while Michigan's has 9.9 million inhabitants and Pennsylvania's is home to over 12 million. So while they might technically be around the same size, England and these two US states are completely different in character and population.

What state is most comparable to England?

When it comes to comparing the size of US states to that of England, many might observe that the two are not immediately in the same ballpark. After all, it's easy to think of the US states as simply small parcels of land amidst a nation of vast space. However, there is one particular state which is truly size comparable to that of England: Montana.

Spanning an area of nearly 145,000 square miles, Montana boasts a total size that is almost identical to that of England, which is slightly smaller than its US counterpart at approximately 60,000square miles. 

Michigan and New York, though both sizable states in their own right, fail to measure up in terms of comparison as they nearly double the size of England.

Apart from size, there are other factors which make Montana a prime candidate as the US state most comparable in size to England. For one, the population of Montana is slightly lower than that of England. 

As of 2018, Montana's population numbered around 1.1 million inhabitants, while that of England was around 8 times more at 10 times more that the US state. Therefore, the population density of Montana and England is similar, as both regions feature vast rural areas with low population counts.

Lastly, Montana and England, as far as geographical features are concerned, also share many common themes. While England is renowned for its rolling hills and patchwork of quaint villages and green spaces, one could draw many parallels from these descriptions when looking at Montana's incredible mountain ranges, vast prairies, and old-west inspired towns.

In conclusion, Montana stands out as the stand-out US state which is most comparable to England in terms of size and geography. With similarities in population density, rural spaces, and geographical features, Montana is indeed a key candidate for the US state which is most comparable to England.

What U.S. state is smaller than the UK?

At first glance, it may seem impossible to find a US state that is size comparable to England, particularly as England is an entire country. However, as it turns out, there is at least one US state that is smaller than England in terms of total area. 

This state is Rhode Island, which measures in at 1,045 square miles of land area compared to England’s 50,301 square miles. Rhode Island’s population of 1,059,737 people is dwarfed by the 53.9 million people living in England.

Interestingly, it’s not just Rhode Island that is comparable to England in size; Maine is also within a few hundred square miles of England. However, Maine’s population is nearly three times as large as Rhode Island’s, with a population of 1,339,179. Therefore, Rhode Island is still considered to be the smallest US state with its small size, relative to England.

Other noteworthy US states that are smaller than England are Delaware, Connecticut and New Jersey, although these states are still thousands of miles away from the UK in size. 

Whatever the case, it’s admirable that these much smaller US states can still offer so much to the communities that live there and to the millions of tourists that flock to them from around the world each year.

What is the size of England compared to California?

When comparing the size of England and California, it quickly becomes clear that there’s a stark contrast between the two. England is approximately 20,438 square miles in size, while California measures around 163,695 square miles - more than eight times the size of its Atlantic neighbor. 

That's not to say there aren't any US states that are size comparable to England; Alaska has a total land area measuring roughly 361,000 square miles, around 17.7 times the size of Britain. Though its landmass dwarfs England's, the population of Alaska is a mere 731,000 - not even a tenth of the size of England’s population of 56.1 million. 

Overall, it’s safe to conclude that England is of a quite small size compared to other states in the US, such as California and Alaska.

How many England fit in Texas?

According to the United States Geological Survey, the land area of England is just over 50,000 square miles. Meanwhile, the Lone Star State of Texas measures a whopping 266,800 square miles. 

That means the state of Texas is roughly five times larger than the small island nation of England. To put things in perspective, England would fit almost five and a half times across the massive expanse of Texas.

The sheer size of Texas is truly enormous when compared to England. Despite England’s relatively small population, their country is large enough to support a feature-rich landscape filled with bustling cities, coastal cliffs, gentle rolling hills, and rich agricultural countryside. 

If England were placed into Texas, the Lone Star State would be so large that it could accommodate about five entire regions of England.

Each area of England in Texas could feature its own unique history, culture, and attractions. For example, the northwest section could reflect the history and culture of the North of England. 

Meanwhile, the southeastern area could mimic the rolling hills of England's Heartland, the Midlands. All in all, the state of Texas is so enormous the residents of the Lone Star State could be said to be living in the equivalent of five Englands.

Is England or Florida bigger?

When it comes to comparing the size of US states to England, the obvious first comparison is between England and Florida. The Sunshine State of Florida is the 22nd-largest state with a land area of 65,755 square miles, while England is slightly smaller at 50,301 square miles.

Taking the population of both into consideration, the size comparison is much closer. England has a population of 55.6 million people, and Florida has 21.5 million. This means the population density in England is nearly three times that of Florida at 411 people per square mile, compared to only 84.2 per square mile.

When it comes to tourist attractions, England offers a rich history and culture that dates back to 700 AD, as well as a range of stunning landscapes, historical sites, cultural attractions and castle ruins. In contrast, Florida boasts world-class theme parks, resorts, miles of sandy beaches, and plenty of year-round sunshine.

Comparing England and Florida in terms of size, England has a larger total land area but a much greater population density. 

But when it comes to the attractions and experiences that each has to offer, it’s hard to choose a winner. Whether visitors opt to sample the history and sites of England or embark on a fun-filled Florida adventure, it’s sure to be a trip to remember.

How big is the U.S state?

When it comes to the question of whether there are any US states that are size comparable to England, it's certainly an interesting one. That's because in terms of size, the United States is a huge place compared to the relatively small island of Great Britain - which makes it inherently difficult to accurately compare the two geographies. 

That being said, it is possible to get a sense of how big the individual US states are, relative to England.


The US is made up of fifty states, and twelve of them are larger than England. Alaska, Texas, California, Montana, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, Wyoming, Oregon, Idaho and Utah are all larger than England which spans to a total of 9,363 square miles, while the US states range from 137,700 square miles in California to Wyoming at 97,100 square miles and Alaska at 656,424 square miles. 

That's significantly more than what you're likely to find in England, which has a max area of about 34,300 square miles.

The remaining 38 states in the US are all smaller than England, with the smallest being Delaware and Rhode Island at only 1,344 and 1,542 square miles respectively. 

However, there's still an immense amount of variance within these states and each offers something a bit different from the other, whether that's mountain ranges, swamps or deserts.


Overall, it's clear that the US is significantly larger than England and that, even within the individual states, there's a huge amount of diversity in terms of size and geographical features - something that all lovers of the great outdoors will appreciate.

In conclusion, the US is a large and diverse country and, as such, it can be difficult to identify US states that are comparable in size to England. However, some states, such as Texas, Montana and Alaska, are quite large and are much larger than England. 

While these states are much larger than England in terms of area, they lack England's population density, which explains why none of these states can measure up to England in terms of size.

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