Why You Get Tired When Reading (+ How to Prevent it)


So, you're reading a book and suddenly, you get sleepy and tired.

I bet it happend to you not once and not twice.

Today we will talk about it!

Does Reading Make You Sleepy And Tired?

Most people who love to read will experience fatigue during their life, even students with learning disabilities in abasic reading and reading comprehension.

These people are vulnerable to getting sleepy because it all depends on how much time they spend reading. Also, reading in a comfortable position sitting/lying down and if everything around you is quiet and having had a busy schedule all day and you decide to sit down and read that favorite book of yours.

Reading can cause you to fall asleep because reading is relaxing. The task can take your mind off everything around you.

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So if you are stressed and have anxiety and felt like you have just dealt with too much over the week, reading can take your mind from all that, leaving your mind only to think about the words you are reading.

What Are The Symptoms Of Being Sleepy While Reading?

  • Sleepiness
  • Falling asleep while or after reading.
  • Yawning a lot while you are reading.
  • Irritated eyes.
  • Your eyes can become itchy.
  • Your eyes have a burning sensation.
  • Your eyes may start to tear up.

Your vision may become blurred, and you will have difficulty focusing on reading your words. Your eyes may also become extremely dry and even give you the feeling as if a speck of dust may be in your eye, which can cause it very hard to focus on your book. Your eyes could also become teary as well making it hard to keep them open.

Should You Force Yourself To Read When Your Are Tired?

If you have a huge test the next day and you have been studying all night and have become tired, but you realize you still have so much to take in before you close your eyes and go to bed.

But, if you are studying for a test and become excessively sleeping, it would be best for you to stop and go to bed because your brain will not take in all the info needed. If you struggle with reading, then it will just make you sleepy.

Also, if reading is your passion, then go right ahead and continue reading, and if you fall asleep with the book in your hands, dreaming away about your story of what may happen next.

Great Tips On How To Read Without Getting Tired?

  • Sit In An Uncomfortable Way

If you are reading/studying in your bed, your brain will think it is time to get some sleep because your bed is warm and comfortable, and it will make you want to nap pretty darn fast. So, if you find a place to sit that is not as comfortable as you would like and sit sitting straight up while you read.

  • Grab A Snack

Finding a great healthy snack like yogurt, eggs, apple, nut, something that will give you energy will also help you stay awake as you read or study. Make sure you shy away from the junk food, resulting in draining you and making you sleepy.

  • Move Around

Now, if you can walk as you read, you might want to consider taking your book or studying material to the gym and trying to walk on a treadmill. Get some great exercise as you get some studying done, or maybe while you have alone time, you can finish your book.

  • Make Sure To Check Your Surrounding

If you are in a noisy room where there is too much noise, you might want to find a quiet space with the lights on to help you focus more. This way, the lights are on. You know it will have to get back up at some point to turn them off.

  • Try Not To Be Bored

Have you ever got a book or are studying and find that you can not read this it is boring well, if you find yourself in this situation, you will need to tell yourself that whatever you may be reading is fantastic? You will want to keep going to find out what happens next.

  • Try To Drink Something

Whether it is coffee or soda, maybe even water, this will keep your body physically busy, resulting in maintaining alert so that you may finish your book.

  • Be Active While You Read

If you start to take some notes or highlight some crucial area in your book or studying material, this can keep your brain alert and more active you take ay more information in than just reading typically. It can also help you to stay awake as you are keeping your mind alert.

  • Do Not Expect To Read It All At Once

Don't beat yourself if you can not read everything at once. Try to take a few breaks here and there. Try to read for only fifteen minutes at a time or even just a chapter at a time. But, if you are eating lunch or at work, taking a couple of breaks to day-long enough to grab a few words keeping you reading but without going to sleep.

  • Make Sure You Get A Full Night's Rest

You will want to make sure you get a good night's sleep, and at least try to aim for a total of eight hours every night will help your health and help you become more productive in the long run.

  • Pay Close Attention To The Time

You are the only one who knows your body best some people are productive at different times of the day, so if your time is between eight a.m. and ten p.m., stop where you may be doing focus on your reading. So, if you got some other things in the day to do, but you have to read your studying material, or you want to read your favorite book, then taking breaks in between cleaning or whatever you might be doing at the time, read for a bit and go back to the book.

  • Try To Go Out In Public

Putting yourself in a place that could be embarrassing for you to fall asleep like the local coffee shop could also help you. Or Maybe try the Park if it is a lovely day outside. The Park too could help you pay attention more.

  • Something Cold Can Wake You

Taking a cold shower or even go and splash a bit of cold water in your face can wake you up also, instead of jumping up every thirty minutes to splash water in your face or jump into the cold shower. Try a cold drink like ice water. Drinking something cold might make it a bit easier for you to stay awake and focus on reading.

  • Try To Read Aloud More

If you start to read aloud loud, you are also hearing what you are reading about and absorb the info a little better also; this way makes it much harder for you to fall asleep as you are reading. As if you are becoming your auto book, it will help you stay alert and absorb many more.

Do people also have the same problem?

People who tend to get sleepy while reading tend to get tired for the same reason as the ones that do. Some experts believe these people get sleepy for many different reasons, but not everyone does get sleepy while reading.

See, the act of reading causes you to move your eyes more as your read across the page. Your brain is translating the words into sentences, and your mind is running wild with your imagination bringing your story to life.

But, if you have a learning disability, reading will make you sleepy. If you tend to have trouble comprehending can result in making you tired. So, if reading is your passion and you get sleepy quickly, then remember to try to read aloud or drink a cold glass of water, or even find yourself an excellent energy-boosting snack to keep you alert.

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