Can I Ship an iPhone From the USA to the UK | Everything You Need to Know!

Can I Ship an iPhone From the USA to the UK

Are you wondering- can I ship an iPhone from the USA to the UK? If yes, check out here the details about the shipment, customs, restrictions, and a lot more. Read further to know more details about it. 

iPhone's are one of the fanciest gadgets that everyone wants to own because of their stylish look, features, camera, etc. but it’s also extremely expensive. This smartphone brand keeps introducing new models every year which are just priced higher and higher.

The UK has a huge demand for iPhone's but it’s extremely expensive in the country while across the globe in the US, it’s sold at an extremely reasonable price. You might think of getting an iPhone shipped to the UK from the USA and just using it normally but that is a very risky business.

So, let’s answer your question - can I ship an iPhone from the USA to the UK for an in-depth understanding of how it can be shipped and other requirements.

Can I ship an iPhone from the USA to the UK?

Yes, you can ship iPhone's from the USA to the UK via international courier services however it’s an extremely risky business. As long as you pack the iPhone securely and declare it as a gift, you won't have any problems. Mobile phones are considered restricted items so make sure that it’s packed well and isn’t declared dangerous. US-bought iPhone's will only work in the UK if the sim isn’t locked to the US network, so if anything goes wrong with the iPhone you’ll have to send it back to the US which will cost you a fortune.

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Can I Ship an iPhone From the USA to the UK?

Yes, iPhone's can be shipped from America to Europe, but international laws need to be followed in order for this delivery service to be done correctly so as not to have legal issues at any time! Let’s talk about this as we move further.

How Do I Ship An iPhone From the USA to the UK?

There are various international courier companies that can help you ship your iPhone's from the US to the UK. You’ll just have to ensure that your iPhone is packed well. Some courier companies also provide packaging services at extra costs. You can pick one of the shipping services listed below to ship your iPhone from the USA to the UK.


Can I Ship an iPhone From the USA to the UK

FedEx is an American multinational conglomerate that helps with shipping goods and services locally as well as internationally. FedEx is considered to be one of the safest courier companies in the world. Here’s how to ensure safe shipping of your iPhone from the USA to the UK.

You have to ensure that the iPhone is shipped as intended. Mobile phones are considered restricted items so obtaining an ECCN number or export license before shipping it. Avoid shipping it to prohibited receivers. Obtain a special permit to ship your iPhone if required.

You’ll also need to gather the required documents and answer questions about the commodity’s value, purpose, manufacturer, estimate taxes, etc. Create an international label, pack your item well and drop it at FedEx. International shipping charges for iPhone's are between $30-$100 based on the item and postal address and get delivered in under 5-6 business days.


Can I Ship an iPhone From the USA to the UK

DHL Express is another great mail and logistics service that originated in San Francisco, USA. DHL is safe and provides regular as well as live tracking for your courier that can help you locate where your parcel is that ensures it’s safe.

To ship your iPhone from DHL Express, you’ll need to request a DHL express account. After creating your account, classify what type of commodity it is. For iPhone's, you’ll need to get the ECCN code or HTS code on Schedule B number. It’s advisable to check the duty of the products because sometimes commodities appear to be similar but are different.

Choose your DHL import or export service and request a rate quote and transit time after that. This will give you a detailed description of the time taken to reach the destination and the estimated shipping charges. Further, your landed cost with DHL Trade Automation Services (TAS). This will tell you about the expected cost that you’ll have to pay including insurance, duty, taxes, and the fee of the iPhone. 

After completing your documents, you will receive a Waybill where you’ll get all the information about tracking ID, shipment moving information etc. You’ll also get a commercial invoice of your shipment. 

After the shipment leaves the US, it’ll go for a review for customs where you’ll need to upload necessary documents. Fill your customs requirements as soon as possible as it’ll avoid delays. After the customs clearance, your iPhone package will move fast and you’ll receive it in no time. 

You can also get in touch with the customer service team of DHL express in case you’re facing any issue. They’re attentive to your problems and will help you find a solution quickly.


Can I Ship an iPhone From the USA to the UK

UPS is an international courier company that will help you ship your iPhone safely without any hassle. UPS’s international courier service is pretty much similar to DHL express. You’ll need to create a UPS account and classify your commodity. You’ll then need to obtain ECCN or HTS code.

Request for rate and transit time post which you’ll receive a commercial invoice with a detailed description of taxes, duties and commodity price. You’ll have to pay with your credit or debit card online or if it’s in the office, you can pay with cash. After your iPhone is shipped, it’ll go for custom clearance. 

Upload all the important documents for custom post which, you’ll receive your iPhone in no time. Get in touch with UPS customer service if you’re facing any issue.

Is it cheaper to fly to the US from the UK and buy an iPhone?

Many UK residents travel to the US for shopping. Be it for purchasing expensive electronics or designer brands, UK tourist shopping is known to happen in the states. iPhone is one such product. 

But is it cheaper to fly to the US and buy an iPhone, say, the latest iPhone? The answer is a big no. It is actually expensive because of the price differential between the two countries. The latest iPhone 13 retails in the UK for around £799 whereas it is available for $799 in the US.

The price difference is due to the VAT tax that is imposed on the UK customers. If you were to buy the mobile phone in the US, you will have to pay the VAT tax as well.

How Long Does it Take to Ship an iPhone from the USA to the UK?

Shipping time depends on the courier service and options you’re choosing. Standard shipping service will obviously be a little less expensive than the speed shipping service. Here’s a comparison between prices and transit time. 

Courier Service Company Courier Service Charge Transit Time
FedEx $130-$1230 7 days
DHL Express $60-$70 3-4 days
UPS $80-$90 2 days

Will a US iPhone work in the UK?

Yes, US bought iPhone's will work in the UK but only if it’s sim isn’t locked. Some iPhone's bought from the US have their sim locked only to the US network which is why it’s advisable to buy a sim-free iPhone from the US.

Also, if you buy an iPhone in the US, it’ll only have the warrant coverage of the US. So, if you’re facing any trouble related to your iPhone after going back to the UK, you’ll have to send it back to the US to get it fixed.

This will cost you shipping charges to the US. It'll be extremely expensive to cover this entire process and isn’t really worth it.

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How To Pack Your iPhone for International Shipping?

Pack your iPhone very well as it’s going through a journey with a lot of different parcels together. Pack the box of your iPhone with a bubble wrap and go for double layer packaging to ensure safety. Secure the entire box with strong quality tape. Finally, pack the box with a shockproof box that will prevent jolting of the iPhone box during transit.

Can you send an iPhone in the mail internationally?

You can send an iPhone via any air-based courier services like UPS, FedEx, DHL Express etc. using their First Class Package service. Make sure to pack your iPhone well with bubble wrap and double layer packaging and in a shock prevention box to avoid any damage. Fix a ​​UN3481 label outside the box.


Hope you got an insight on how to ship your iPhone from the US to the UK. Although you can do it, it’s not really worth it because there’s an involvement of various hidden costs that makes the product more expensive than what will cost you to buy it in the UK.

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