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Are Books Still Popular and Relevant? (Yes, Here’s Why)

Despite the rise of audiobooks and e-books, reading hard-cover books is still an appreciated style of reading. In recent years, reading has transformed. Where people once stood in line for book...


Are Books Dying? Is Reading Dying Trend?

Print books will not go extinct in the near future. Instead, e-books and audiobooks will make reading more accessible. In 2022, the world is more technologically advanced than it has ever been....


Are Books Actually Good Gifts in 2021? Do People Like Them?

Books make exceptional gifts because gifting and receiving books is still considered to be a universal expression of respect and friendship. Are you searching for the perfect gift to give your ...


Are Books a Waste of Time? Should You Still Read Them?

Books are a staple in the world, but as the years go on, more and more books are available. As many as 2.2 million books are published each year, we find ourselves now pondering a unique question,...


Are Books Still Worth the Money in 2023? (My Honest Opinion)

In today’s digital age, it may seem difficult or inconvenient to unplug from your smartphone devices and pick up a book or magazine. However, reading has a myriad of benefits that have been shown ...


What Type of Books Should You Read?

Reading is a huge part of our lives – so huge that you’re actually reading about what to read! The best part about ‘What Type of Books Should You Read’ is that there isn’t just one answer because ...