Can Someone Hack My iPhone By Texting a Picture

Can Someone Hack My Phone By Texting Or Calling Me

Worried about suspicious calls or text messages? Check out our 'Can someone hack my phone by texting or calling me' guide if you think you might be at risk of getting hacked. 

Most people spend at least a few hours on their phones. From browsing to texting to calling to watching content to streaming music and more, we use our phones for a variety of tasks. And most of these tasks are done online, which means we are at risk of getting hacked. 

However, there is also the fear of getting hacked by text messages or calls. So, can someone hack my phone by texting or calling me is a question that scares many. 

In this article, we will explain if you can be hacked using a text message or a phone call. We will also give pointers on how to avoid getting hacked and how to know if you are hacked.

Can someone hack my phone by texting or calling me? No, they can’t just hack you by sending a text message or calling you. You can only be hacked if you click on any link in the text message or if you give away any personal information by replying or answering the call. So, you can easily prevent yourself from getting hacked. For a detailed explanation, continue reading this guide. 

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Can Someone Hack My Phone JUST By Texting

Can Someone Hack My Phone By Texting Or Calling Me

It depends. When you receive a suspicious text message from someone you don't know, you won't get hacked. Just by receiving a message, your iPhone cant is hacked. However, if the text message has links in it, then it depends on you if your iPhone gets hacked.

Even opening a text message from a hacker won't do any harm, but if you click any links in the text message, then your iPhone can get hacked. 

The links in such text messages will redirect you to websites that might install viruses on your iPhone. Some links can directly install harmful apps on your phone. While sometimes these websites or apps might not be harmful, they are still shady.

And sometimes as I mentioned, these links can lead you to harmful sites or install malicious apps on your phone. 

For example, the Nbryb web page is one such site that downloads a malicious app onto your iPhone without your permission. This app then runs in the background of your iPhone sending info to hackers. You will also see a lot of popups when the Nbyrb virus is on your iPhone.

And sometimes the links on these text messages will take you to websites with unusually good offers claiming that you have won something. They will then try to make you pay and run away with it, basically a scam. 

While hacking an iPhone can be hard, it is not impossible. Hackers keep trying to find ways to exploit any vulnerabilities on iPhones and use them to hack/scam.

In the end, it all depends on the user to be safe. Don’t interact with suspicious text messages on your phone, and never click on links that you don’t trust. If you be safe, then the answer to can someone hack my phone by texting is a big, fat, NO.

Can Someone Hack My iPhone By Texting a Picture

So, can someone really hack your iPhone by texting you a picture? The good news is, in most cases, the answer is no. It’s highly unlikely for someone to be able to gain access to your device through a photo because of the secure system that Apple has in place. The only way an attacker could potentially gain access to your data is if they already knew the contents of the image and had the capability to decode it.

However, it’s important to take certain measures to protect your iPhone from any possible hacking attempts. As with any digital device, regularly updating your software is one of the best ways to maintain security. This includes making sure you have the latest version of iOS installed so that you are protected against vulnerabilities that malicious actors could exploit.

Additionally, being cautious of any unknown messages or unusual notifications that you receive on your device is key. After all, it is the user’s responsibility to ensure that no malicious content has entered their device.

Another tip to protect yourself is to be mindful of which pictures you are sending and receiving. Photos may contain hidden data which attackers can use to gain access to your device and the personal data held within it. This is especially true for pictures that are sent over email or unsecured websites. Thus, make sure to use secure messaging platforms like Signal when sending photos.

Can Someone Hack My Phone by Calling Me?

Can Someone Hack My Phone By Texting me

While with text messages you have to click on links to get hacked, with calls there is no such feature. No one can hack your iPhone by calling you. There is no such technology and if there was, no one would be safe.

The most anyone can do by calls is trick you into buying stuff or make you share banking information, and these are scams, not hacks. 

So, a piece of advice is to never share any of your private information with people you don’t know, even if the caller claims to know you or claims that they are an official. Banks will never ask for your banking information over calls. And no one will ask for any of your usernames or passwords. 

If you have any doubts, then just cut the call. Scammers will try to make it sound like an emergency, but don't fall for it. If you receive such calls and are worried, then you can call the bank again to confirm the case before making any decisions. Keep calm and don't share any information. 

You can’t get hacked by a phone call, especially with your involvement. 

What are the common methods used for Hacking?

Apart from text messages and phone calls, hackers try the following methods to hack, 

Phishing: Phishing is one of the most popular hacking methods. Hackers/attackers create a sense of fear and urgency in a victim so that they give away important information like usernames, passwords, banking information, etc. The hackers then use these details to get hold of your accounts. 

Public Networks: WiFi networks at public places like malls, cafes, etc lack security. This allows hackers to use security vulnerabilities to gain access to devices that are connected to these networks.

black smartphone

However, hackers can’t gain access to your device, unless you click on a suspicious link or have no security on your device. Always have a password set up on your device and don't interact with suspicious links when you are on a public network. You can also use a VPN for more security.

Keyloggers: Keyloggers are applications that hackers use to know what you are typing on your device. This allows hackers to get hold of your passwords, and other details like card numbers, etc that you might type on your device. However, installing a keylogger won't be possible until you mess up by clicking on an unknown link or installing an unsafe application. 

Spyware: These are similar to keyloggers but instead of getting information through your keyboard, hackers will use your device's other input options like microphones, cameras, etc. Hackers will either use this information if they can, if not they will try to blackmail you with it.  

Brute Force: While this is the hardest, hackers still use this method of trying to guess the usernames and passwords of devices/accounts to get control of them. Hackers have specialized software for this purpose. However, hackers will need direct access or at least online access to your device.

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How To Tell If Your Phone Is Hacked

Do you think your iPhone might be hacked? There are a few giveaways for a hacked iPhone. If you notice multiple of the following issues, then it is safe to assume that your iPhone might be hacked.

Battery Draining Quickly: iPhones have good battery life and if your iPhone’s battery reduces unusually quickly even when you are not doing anything intensive on it, then your iPhone might be hacked.

Battery draining quickly can also be due to an app running in the background, so go to Settings, then Battery, and check if an app is using a lot of battery. If everything is normal, but the battery still drains quickly then iPhone might be hacked. 

Pop-ups: If your iPhone is hacked, you might stumble across popups every now and then. These popups are usually ads and can be irritating. They will appear even if you are using an Ad Blocker which can be even more frustrating. These are malware trying to steal information from your iPhone which is also known as phishing.

Poor Performance: iPhones have the best processors among smartphones and if your iPhone is performing poorly all of a sudden, then it might be hacked. Once your iPhone is at least a  few years old, it should run smoothly, so if your iPhone is sluggish or crashing a lot then it's a cause for concern. 

The reason for poor performance is that malware apps might be running in the background using your iPhone's resources like processor, RAM, storage, and internet.

Increased Data Usage: Malware will try to send your information to hackers and for this, they will use your internet. And so your internet usage may be higher than usual and you might also have a hard time loading webpage or streaming content on your iPhone.

Outgoing Calls and Texts you didn't initiate: If your iPhone is hacked, you might notice that there are calls and texts placed/sent on your iPhone automatically. Hackers can do this, so if anyone you know receives calls or messages from you without your knowledge, then your iPhone is hacked. 

Unusual activity on accounts linked to your iPhone: If your iPhone is hacked, you might notice weird activity on accounts linked to your iPhone. This means hackers have access to those accounts and are using it as well. This is a serious issue.  

Can Someone Hack My Phone By Texting Or Calling Me - Conclusion

So, the answer to ‘can someone hack my phone by texting or calling me’ is yes and no. 

In both cases, you have the most important role to play. In the case of a text message, if you don't click on any links or reply and give away any information, you will be safe. And in the case of calls, if you don't give away any information to the hacker, they can't get access to your accounts. 

So, it always depends on you, even when you are on the internet. If you browse safely, avoid shady sites, and don't download from unofficial sources, you will be safe. Always have antivirus software and use additional security measures like VPN when you are on public networks. 

We hope this guide on can someone hack my phone by texting or calling me was helpful. Reach out to us if you need help regarding any iPhone troubleshooting in the comments.

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