How to Hack an iPhone 14 - Find out Ways to protect your iPhones

How to Hack an iPhone|How to Hack an iPhone

Apple is one of the most secure tech companies in the world and their iPhone’s are pretty darn difficult to hack into. These smart devices come with multiple layers of security that restrict others from tapping into them easily. 

There was a time when I wondered if I could hack an iPhone and decided to carry out my research into the topic. I managed to find out that there’s actually a couple of ways this can be done.

While it’s not recommended, you can easily hack into someone’s iPhone if the device has been jailbroken, you know their passcode/iCloud credentials, or if you have access to a premium subscription of some third-party spy software.

So, if you have easy access to an iPhone and want to hack into it, here’s - how to hack an iPhone.

How to Hack an iPhone

You might have figured out by now that it’s not easy to hack into an iPhone and that everyone who searches online, gets the same answer - it’s not possible to do so.

Well, what if I told you that there are in fact a couple of ways this can be achieved. In fact, by the time you’ve finished reading this article I'm pretty sure that you would become a pro hacker.

As I said earlier, there are three things that are required, think of them as prerequisites. You can go in for any one option or can take on all three, it’s up to you. However, they would hardly take 10 -15 minutes to set up and once you’re done, you have complete access to everything that goes on in that particular iPhone.

Here’s how to hack an iPhone.

Method 1 -- Jailbreak an iPhone 14

The first method on this list refers to completely unlocking the iPhone so you can install some spy software on it. Jailbreaking is not recommended as it can lead to some complications and chances are that the iPhone would get infected with a virus or malware. 

Jailbreaking an iPhone refers to the process where someone installs a cracked version of iOS onto your iPhone. By doing this, your iPhone loses all its security blocks and practically anyone can infect the iPhone.

If you have access to a jailbroken iPhone then the right application you can use to hack and spy on someone is FlexiSpy.

How to Hack an iPhone

FlexiSpy is a unique spy application that needs to be installed on the iPhone before you can view anything. It’s compatible only with jailbroken iPhone’s and you would not  be able to install it on an iPhone that is locked.

It’s very simple to access FlexiSpy, all you have to do is 

  • Start by purchasing a license from the FlexiSpy website. Once you have purchased the license, you will have to activate the software on the target iPhone.
  • When the software is installed, you will need to hide the icon from the home screen so the user doesn’t know that someone is spying on them.
  • What you need to do next is proceed to the FlexiSpy dashboard and from there, you will be able to see everything that has been stored, sent or received on the iPhone. It’s a very simple tool to use and the only drawback is that the iPhone has to be jailbroken.

Note: To hide the FlexiSpy icon from the iPhone’s Home screen, you will have to download another software called SBSettings. Since the iPhone is jailbroken, you will have access to the black market app store - Cydia. From here you will need to download SBSettings to hide the icons on the iPhone. You can even use SBSettings to hide Cydia, SBSettings and FlexiSpy so there’s no trace of the iPhone being hacked.

Features of FlexiSpy

With over 150 features, FlexiSpy is one of the best spy applications out there. It delivers information real-time and you can monitor all kinds of data using this app.

  • Monitor Messages - FlexiSpy lets you view messages that have been sent or received on any messaging platform such as, SMS, email, iMessage, Messenger, Snapchat, Viber and Skype.
  • iPhone Keylogger - This tool will show you every single keystroke on the iPhone and that includes passwords too. You will be able to see new passwords or other inputs that the user has made on their iPhone screen.
  • Monitor Internet Data - You can view the users browser history, their download list and even get access to Bookmarks that were stored and accurate date/time access stamps of each URL visited.
  • Monitor Live Phone Calls - One of the best features of FlexiSpy is the ability to listen in on live phone conversations. You can even record the call in case you need it for proof later.

Method 2 -- How to Hack an iPhone Using iCloud or the iPhone Passcode

How to Hack an iPhone

This is by far the easiest method to hack an iPhone and it doesn’t even cost a thing. Here, the only thing you need is access to the target's iCloud credentials, preferably the account that is used for the iCloud backups and what’s used on the targeted iPhone.

What you will need to do is to boot up a stock iPhone (first time boot or recently formatted) and when it comes to the screen that asks you to restore a backup, proceed to login with their Cloud credentials.

As the iPhone boots up, you will start to see your iPhone as a replica to the target users. This includes message history that was backed up, applications that are installed and even call log data and browsing history.

Another way to hack an iPhone is by using the iPhone Passcode to get into the device. This is not an easy thing to crack as it could be one of a million possibilities but it is possible if you have Spyic activated. 

How to Hack an iPhone

One of Spyic’s noted capabilities is the iPhone keylogger. This tool lets you view every keystroke entered on the iPhone’s display including passwords and passcodes. All you have to do is follow the steps laid out above for Spyic and then access the iPhone keylogger section of the dashboard to view the passcode. 

Once you have obtained the passcode, you can easily unlock the iPhone and access anything on it.

Method 3 -- How to Hack an iPhone Remotely?

While many think that hacking into an iPhone is a tiresome process, i’m here to tell you that they’re wrong. You can actually hack into someone’s iPhone without them knowing. 

For this, you would require a spy software and you should have knowledge of that person’s iCloud credentials

If you have these two, you can gain access to everything that’s on the iPhone, from messages to call details and a whole lot more. Third-party spy software would only work and give you access to a lot of information, but there’s a catch - you will need to purchase a subscription package for that particular software.

Though not expensive, apps such as Spyic or Spyier will allow you to check everything on the targeted iPhone without having to lay a finger on it. So, let’s check how we can hack an iPhone using a third-party software.

How to Hack an iPhone Using Spyier Without Being Caught

How to Hack an iPhone

Spyier is a third-party software that allows you to hack an iPhone without even laying a finger on it. The unique design of Spyier, lets you have unfiltered access to any and everything on an iPhone and you wouldn’t have to even install any software on the iPhone.

IMP** - It’s mandatory to know that the only way you can access someone’s iPhone is if you know their iCloud ID and password. If not then this method may not work for you and you can stick with the other methods I listed earlier.

To hack into an iPhone using Spyier you would have to follow a certain set of instructions. These are laid out below for your convenience.

  • Once you have purchased the subscription, an email will be sent to the registered email id and this will contain a set of instructions that have to be followed. During this step, you would be redirected to the Spyier dashboard where you will have to enter the iCloud credentials of the target. (It’s best to use the iCloud credentials that are currently being used on the iPhone, this will give you real-time access to information)
How to Hack an iPhone
  • Now that you have entered the iCloud login details, Spyier would take a couple of seconds to sync with that particular iCloud account.
  • You will not be able to access your Spyier dashboard and view everything that’s happening on the iPhone. 

The best part about using Spyier is that since you don’t have to install any software on the iPhone, the person you’re targeting will never know that you’re watching their every move.

Features of Spyier

A premium subscription of Spyier will grant you access to a plethora of features and while there are too many features to mention, here are some that really stood out.

  • Monitor Messages - You can monitor text messages and iMessages, including view photos or multimedia files that were shared. While doing so, you can also check who particular messages were from and bookmark them to be viewed at a later time.
  • Monitor Locations - Spyier will provide you with the exact GPS coordinates of the iPhone user at all times. You will be able to view their location history and even set Geo-fencing to receive notification alerts if the iPhone is outside a particular radius.
  • Monitor Calls - The call monitoring section in the Spyier dashboard will show you the entire call log of that iPhone including access to contact details and time/duration of each call.
  • Monitor Social Media Apps - You can even monitor apps such as Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, KiK and more from within the Dashboard. By tapping on Social Apps in the left panel, you will be allowed to choose which app to spy on and then you can start viewing messages sent on that app.

How to Hack an iPhone Using Spyic Without Being Caught

How to Hack an iPhone

Quite similar to Spyier, Spyic lets you hack into someone’s iPhone without anything but their iCloud credentials. Here too, you would have to buy a subscription plan and use that to access information and data stored on a particular iPhone.

To hack into someone’s iPhone using Spyic, you will have to follow these instructions.

  • Start by making sure you have the correct iCloud credentials, if you don’t then this may turn out to be a waste of time. 
  • Once you go ahead and subscribe to Spyic, you will be sent an email confirming your purchase. This is where you would have to login using the iCloud account ID and password. 
  • When you have successfully logged in, you will have access to your very own personal dashboard, this is where the magic happens. This dashboard will let you view and spy on everything happening on that iPhone.
How to Hack an iPhone
  • Simply, tap on the left panel of the dashboard and you will see a list of apps  that you can take advantage of. For example, you can click on Location and you will see where that iPhone is at any given time.

Here too, you wouldn’t have to install any software on the iPhone or jailbreak the device to spy on it. Companies have made hacking an iPhone a piece of cake, all you need to do is shell out a little every month to keep the subscription plan active.

Features of Spyic

  • Monitor iMessages - Spyic lets you hack into an iPhone and will show you every message sent from the device. It will show you archived messages and even provide you with access to deleted messages.
  • Monitor GPS History - You can check the GPS data of that iPhone from where it’s been on a certain date to its current location and even provides you with Geo-fencing capabilities.
  • Monitor Media - Media files stored on the targeted iPhone are no more private.  By clicking on the option Photos or Videos from the left panel of Spyic, you will be able to view everything that’s saved on the iPhone and can even download them onto your PC.
  • Monitor Social Messages - Social media accounts can be hacked into and no matter what they use, you have access to them all. From Facebook to Twitter, every DM is available to you with the click of a button.


If you were looking for how to hack an iPhone, I have managed to provide you with the best of the best solutions to help you through the process.

While I don’t endorse or support hacking, it’s good to know information that can be used in times of need. The best part is that with an iPhone, the user will never get to know that you have hacked their device.

See you on the flip side!

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