How to Hide Dock iOS 15 without Jailbreak in 2024

How to Hide Dock iOS 15 without Jailbreak

Annoyed with the design of the dock on your iPhone? Learn How to Hide Dock iOS 15 without Jailbreak in this guide.

iPhone software is aesthetically pleasing, however, iPhone severely lacks customization options when compared to Android. One such lack of customization option is in the home screen dock. The dock on your iPhone has a dual-tone finish and so it doesn't look seamless with your phone background.

If you are not a fan of this design, then you can hide the dock on your iPhone using the instructions in this guide. 

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How to Hide Dock iOS 15 without Jailbreak

How to change the Dock color on iPhone

If you enjoy making your gadgets your own, you might wish to alter the iPhone's Dock's color. Four app icons are kept in the Dock, a specific location at the bottom of your screen. It blends in with your wallpaper by default and is only slightly translucent. 

Unfortunately, there is no direct way to alter the Dock's color. You can only adjust the personalization by lowering transparency. This accessibility feature makes it simpler to see the screen. However, it also alters the Dock's appearance, so you might want to give it a shot. Let's investigate the details.

How to change the dock color on your iPhone

Your iPhone or iPad's dock is transparent by default. You can lessen the transparency as follows to somewhat alter how it looks:

Step 1 Open the Settings app and tap Accessibility.

Step 2 Tap Display & Text Size.

Step 3 Turn on the Reduce Transparency setting.

Now check out the Dock on your Home screen. Its hue will look more uniform. Your wallpaper will automatically match this color.

Additionally, you'll see less transparency overall on your iPhone. For instance, the search bar, Control Center, and folder widgets will all have solid backgrounds rather than transparent ones.

Simply follow the directions above and toggle off Reduce Transparency to return to the transparent appearance that is the default.

Redditor Application to Hide Dock on iOS 15 without Jailbreak

“Hello! I made a small app that hides the home screen dock and home bar indicator on a jailed device using the MacDirtyCow exploit. This is my first app and I am proud to release it! Sorry for anyone looking at the code, it's a little messy...

There is an option to restore the default dock in case you are on iOS 14.

If it is not working with TrollStore, try sideloading with AltStore. I'm sorry if it does not work, I do not know what is causing it. If it does not work, there are other tools that you could try that should do the same thing.

Download and Source Code:


A Jailed toolbox application for iOS 14.0-16.1.2 using CVE-2022-46689.

Enable Notifications and set Location Services to Always to keep the app running in the background and keep the dock hidden.

Warning: Some changes are permanent on iOS 14.0-14.8.1

IPA is available in the Releases section.

This is my first solo app made with Xcode!


Application to Hide Dock on iOS 15 without Jailbreak
  • Hide dock
  • Hide home bar
  • Hide folder backgrounds
  • Remove regional Restrictions
  • Disable the app switcher blur
  • Custom sound effects
  • Change system version (shows in settings, iOS 15+)
  • Enable iPhone X Gestures
  • Enable Dynamic Island (iOS 16+)
  • Screenshots


You can install it through AltStore or TrollStore (if your device supports it)

Learn how to hide or remove the Dock from your iPhone with this trick

With this method, you may now learn how to conceal or delete the Dock from your iPhone. Having the iPhone Dock one color and the rest another can get dull for some people. This is just for cosmetic reasons, but it also shows that these programs are fixed, even though we may pass screens.

Obtaining a home screen without a highlighted area Remember that you can add several apps as well as one or more files, which, as we indicated in the paragraph above, will remain fixed and be accessible to you no matter which page you are on.

iOS no longer provides us with a way to conceal the lower iPhone dock. With this easy approach, you can now accomplish it without jailbreaking your device or downloading an additional program.

This easy-to-use hack takes advantage of a wallpaper-related iOS flaw that affects some versions of the operating system. 

How to make your iPhone Dock Transparent Super Easy

Getting a wallpaper that we will use as our background image is the first step in starting to hide the dock in iOS.

Use only specialized wallpapers to make your iPhone stand out from the crowd. You can choose between using a colorful background or one with a colored background. Using a white background would have an odd impression considering the artwork of the application's icons.

You must open the Safari app, then navigate to the heyeased website from there. There, you must search for "Hide dock Wallpapers" or "Mysterious iPhone Wallpaper" alternatives.

The wallpapers change depending on the iPhone model, as you can see. Because of this, it's crucial that you discover and choose your iPhone model before browsing and selecting any wallpapers.

You will be able to see all of your options once you've decided on your iPhone model.

You can view all of your available wallpaper alternatives by exploring this page. When you see one you like, simply tap and hold it before selecting "Share" and then "Save image."

Hide the lower dock in iOS without having to jailbreak

You merely need to go to the photo gallery, choose the image you downloaded, then set it as your wallpaper after you have the wallpaper you prefer. Simply choose the options "Use as wallpaper," "To define," and then "Home screen," "Lock screen," or "Home screen and locked screen" to accomplish this.

Ready! As you can see, hiding or showing the iPhone's Dock screen only required a few simple actions, providing a much cleaner and more seamless interface between the screen and the screen.

As we stated at the outset, we are merely masking it so that it is translucent and blends in with the rest of the screen.

Change the wallpaper to a different one you prefer in the future to restore or make the dock visible once more, exactly as we did initially to make it translucent.

Finally, keep in mind that this hack, which uses the iOS default gradient, was made possible by a problem that existed in some iOS versions. As a result, it is likely that in the future, Apple will remove this hack from being used.

Wallpapers that hide your iPhone dock

How to Hide Dock iOS 15 without Jailbreak

You can virtually invisible your iPhone dock by using specific photos. The graphics make use of the way iOS combines the dock opacity with the color of the backdrop wallpaper. Regardless of the wallpaper you choose to download below, the dock will discretely fade in, becoming virtually undetectable.

Here is how to make it blend the best possible: If you use one of the special wallpapers and set Reduce Transparency in Settings > Accessibility > Display & Text Size, the Dock becomes practically invisible. The hero image above attests to this.

These wallpapers for the invisible iPhone dock are all square and have a sizable canvas. Don't panic; it only serves to align the image when you set it as your device's wallpaper.

Just a fast choice of solid gradient colors to start. As you can see, the darker bottom is what blends in so well, effectively making your iPhone dock translucent. It's probably because it matches the new green Apple Watch band mint green is my favorite color in this space.

  • Coral transparent dock wallpaper for iPhone Download
  • Mint transparent dock wallpaper for iPhone Download
  • Red transparent dock wallpaper for iPhone Download
  • Grape opaque dock iPhone wallpaper Download
  • Strawberry transparent dock wallpaper for iPhone Download
  • Gray transparent dock wallpaper for iPhone Download

There are a variety of gradient photos with rainbow embellishments in addition to the solid gradients. In addition to having a simple color gradient, these also make the iPhone dock invisible yet have a little more personality.

  • Grape rainbow gradient hide the dock wallpaper for iPhone Download
  • Pink gradient iPhone wallpaper Download
  • Transparent dock iPhone wallpaper blue gradient Download
  • Transparent dock iPhone wallpaper yellow rainbow gradient Download

The Mysterious iPhone Wallpaper website, a collection of wallpapers, has these and additional comparable pictures.

How to Hide Dock iOS 15 without Jailbreak  - Conclusion

And that is it, these are all the ways you can use to hide the dock on your iPhone. None of this is straightforward, but it works and you get a fresh new look on your home screen. We hope this guide on How to Hide Dock iOS 15 without Jailbreak was helpful.

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