iOS 16.0.3 Launch is Imminent with More Bug Fixes

iOS 16.0.3 Launch is Imminent with More Bug Fixes

It's been less than a month since the release of the iOS 16.0.2 update that took care of issues iPhone 14 users were experiencing and Apple is now gearing up to launch iOS 16.0.3 with some more fixes.

Though it's not entirely known what they're planning to improve with this update, there are quite a number of bugs that are still present in iOS 16 and the new range of iPhone's that we'd like Apple to address.

It could also be a factor why the company is so tight lipped about the whole 16.0.3 update and why they're working around the clock to drive more fixes before the launch of iOS 16.1

For example, users are experiencing battery drain issues and while iOS 16.0.2 did fix it in a way, we're hoping that the 16.0.3 will finally bring an end to the problem.

Other issues such as low volume while handling CarPlay phone calls on the iPhone 14 Pro and display flickering issues when the brightness level is set to low are a few more fixes we're hoping to see in iOS 16.0.3

iOS 16.0.3 | A New Update on the Way?

At present, not much is known about the release date of the new update, but editors at Macrumors suggest that the update is expected mostly this week or the next and definitely much before the release of iOS 16.1 which is slated for later this month.

It's still too early to tell just what improvements are going to come to iOS 16.0.3 and there's a small chance that Apple might consider pushing the release of iOS 16.1 if all their bugs are not fixed with 16.0.3.

However, since everything about the launch of iOS 16.1 is still hush-hush, we can pray that the update will go live by the end of October unless Apple decides to release one more beta after iOS 16.0.3

What we do know right now is that iOS 16.1 will feature support for Matter accessories in the Home app, using Apple Fitness + without owning an Apple Watch, adding the battery percentage icon for older iPhone models and Live Activities for third party apps.

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