Will Apple Glasses Replace iPhone?

Why Apple Glasses Are The Next iPhone

Want to know more about the rumored Apple Glasses? Check out our Why Apple Glasses Are The Next iPhone for more details.

It’s been 17 years since Apple launched the world’s first smartphone and ushered in a new era. Although, the iPhone may not be as impressive as it once was compared to current technology it did revolutionize the way modern humans communicate. And now, almost 1.5 decades it looks Apple is getting ready to once again change the world, this time with the Apple Glasses.

Apple glasses are augmented reality (AR) glasses that can display AR-generated content in the user's field of vision. For example, you will see Maps, texts, social media, videos, and games superimposed on reality. It's a must-have gadget that will be equipped with the latest technology.

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As a concept, it certainly is revolutionary and It’s with that concept in mind that companies like Apple are looking towards the next big thing, the next technological revolution; in all honesty, the next iPhone.

Apple’s been working on this new technology for years now, but it’s only lately that they’ve started talking about it.  Right now, everything’s up in the air, but thanks to some crucial information confirmed by Apple, Inc. as well as some reliable leaks from the usual suspects, we have a rough idea of what to expect with the Apple Glasses.

After reviewing various official documents and compiling credible rumors on Apple Glasses, my team and I at Stupid Apple Rumours found that:

Apple Glasses are the next iPhone. It is expected to be a revolutionary technology that will change how users communicate as well as perceive the world. With AR technology incorporated into a superimposed world, the user can navigate in real-time, text with their eyes, and much more.

Why Apple Glasses Are The Next iPhone

Image by Martin Hajek for iDrop News

Apple Glasses Concept - What Are Apple Glasses?

As mentioned earlier, Apple Glasses are Augmented Reality glasses that are being developed by Apple Inc. If you’re familiar with the concept of Google Glass - which was Google’s attempt at this technology circa 2013.

  • However, Google Glass never really took off as it was and still is a super expensive product. It failed miserably due to its high price tag of 1500$, its horrible bulky design and certain privacy issues.
  • These days the Google Glass has moved away from the Consumer market to a more business-centric niche with very few everyday applications.
  • Apple's technological feat aims to cause a technological revolution by making AR Glasses as widely available as possible.
  • Apple’s AR glasses, which for now is being named Apple Glass, isn’t meant to be a technology designed for a handful of people, but rather, a technology designed for everyone.

At least it's important enough for the company to call it the next iPhone and hope that this product will eventually replace iPhones. And Most importantly, change the world the way the iPhone once did.

Apple Glasses Features and Benefits

Based on reliable industry leaks, we can expect Apple Glass to have the following features:

#1 -- Dual Lens Information Display

According to Jon Prosser a famous Apple Leaker, the Apple AR Glasses are going to be able to display information in Augmented Reality on both lenses.

  • His sources in Apple state that the device will showcase a dual-lens information display powered by AR. Apple Glass users can also expect an entirely seamless and immersive experience. Most importantly, the information they need on a regular basis will be made readily accessible and available to them.

#2 -- LiDAR-powered Augmented Reality

Due to Apple’s commendable consistency with its Pro-Privacy policies, the Apple Glasses reportedly will not have built-in cameras, although that might change in later iterations.

  • Instead, the Apple Glass will be outfitted with Lidar sensor technology on the right temple, which will allow the Apple Glasses to fully map the environment in 3D, allowing for accurate AR displays.
  • It is also rumoured to be able to Chroma key the background. So you literally change the background on the fly. According to a patent filed by Apple, these glasses can change the background as long its a solid color background. This is mostly possible due to the lidar sensors and a high refresh rate of 75 fps.
  • Although the use of this cool feature wasn't elaborated in the patent, it can be assumed from the rumours that gamers, video and VR enthusiasts will primarily benefit from this.

#3 -- No Built-In Processing

To keep them light and slim enough for everyday use, the first iteration of Apple Glass will likely not have any built-in processing, leaving the heavy-lifting to be done by a paired iPhone.

  • In this regard, the Apple Glass will act more like a wireless display that will depend on your smartphone to process information.

#4 -- Gesture Controls

If you’re wondering how the Apple Glasses will be operated, the latest reports say that the interface will be controlled via gestures using your hands.

  • Since Apple Glass is outfitted with LiDAR, they’ll be able to detect hand movement with extreme accuracy, so gesture controls are entirely likely. So, you can not only control various basic navigational actions with your hands but you can also play games with these glasses. This would be one of the primary reasons Why Apple Glasses Are The Next iPhone

#5 -- Prescription Lens Option

According to another leak from Prosser, the Apple Glasses will probably be available with a prescription lens option. This is an absolute dream and I personally never got used to the Google glasses and I'm extremely myopic, no pun intended.

  • If this feature will be made available, it only furthers the argument that Apple is designing these AR glasses for everyday use. First, it’ll replace your eyeglasses, then it’ll replace your smartphone.

#6 -- Adjustable Opacity

This feature is currently more rumor than anything else.

  • However, due to reports on some Apple-patented lens technology, its possible that the Apple Glasses will come with adjustable opacity lenses, making applications such as Dark Mode another likely feature.

Apple Glasses Design 

The latest Apple Glass prototype is reported to look simple and minimalistic. Apple wants the glasses to look fashionable even with all the tech loaded. 

The Glasses are supposed to feature a LiDAR scanner on the right temple region. The Glasses are rumored to be made mostly from plastic and they will come included with a matching wireless charger (probably a case).

There are no other cameras so far, but this could change with future iterations. And the glasses will support prescription lenses for extra, but so far the rumors point to no tainted variants. Some rumors say that the Apple Glasses could feature swappable arms. 

And for the displays, Apple is working with Sony for their OLED technology. Overall, the Apple Glasses are rumored to look sleek and elegant while packing powerful hardware, which only makes it all the more exciting. 

Apple Glass Specs

Since there is no definitive information regarding the specs. We can only predict the tech that's going to be incorporated into these futuristic Smart Glasses. Of course, it's not all speculation as there are rumors and leaks as well to bolster the credibility of these predictions.

  • From through research, we can gather that these glasses will have a complete AR integrated view that will superimpose on the user's reality instead of a HUD view like Google glass. This means that the field of vision will be around 53 degrees.
  • We can also expect cameras to be incorporated in addition to the unique HoloLens. This lens is assumed to have a high refresh rate of up to 120Hz. Since there's going to be quite a bit of data that's being transmitted from the glasses to the phone, we can also assume there to be a dedicated Wi-Fi connection.
  • When it comes to the battery life and the charging process, we assume it be an extrapolation of the wireless charging case technology of Apple AirPods. As for the charge itself we're looking at 3-4 hours and multiple charges offered by the case.
  • One more feature we're counting on, that actually has made a few rounds online is the ability to protect what's viewed on the glasses. According to Apple, there is also the possibility that only the wearer of the glasses will be able to view the contents on the screen and people passing by will not be able to get a glimpse of what you're doing.
  • The Apple Glass is also expected to come with built-in biometrics that enables one person to gain access to the device. The feature is still being tested, but based on what we know so far, the Apple Glass is expected to automatically unlock as soon as it's able to detect the owner of the glasses and will not unlock for any random user.

Apple Glasses Leak - How Much Will Apple Glasses Cost?

Image from Jon Prosser at FrontPage Tech

Apple Glasses Price Information

According to everyone’s favorite source of Apple leaks, Jon Prosser from Front Page Tech, Apple Glass will be available at a starting price of $499, with the option to pay more for prescription lenses.

  • If this information is accurate, then we can expect Apple Glass to be entirely available to everyone and this factor would be one of the primary reasons Why Apple Glasses Are The Next iPhone.
  • Of course, if the rest of the information is accurate - then it won’t be a standalone gadget, and instead, an accessory to the iPhone. So, it will still cost quite a bit.

Thankfully, under $500 for some cutting-edge technology should be within reach for most - especially when compared to Google Glass's hefty $1,500 price tag.

Apple Glasses Release Date

Image from Mac Rumors

The release date for the Apple Glasses is a prickly topic - as it always is when it comes to these ground-breaking products where the company has yet to reveal, confirm, or deny any information.

  • In Apple’s defense, it’s a great way to generate a ton of hype and excitement over an upcoming product, especially one as potentially revolutionary as the Apple Glass.
  • However, for consumers like us, it all depends on who you listen to. There are a handful of industry analysts and authorities to look out for when it comes to this kind of information.

The ones with the best track records for industry and production leaks include Jon Prosser from Front Page Tech, highly-regarded Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, DigiTimes, and Bloomberg.

Prosser: Apple Glass Reveal in 2021, Product Launch in 2022

According to reliable Apple leaker Jon Prosser for Front Page Tech, we can expect Apple to officially unveil their AR Glasses concept sometime in Q1 or Q2 of 2021.

  • If that happens, Prosser expects that Apple will be ready with their AR Glasses - which he believes will be dubbed Apple Glass - by 2022.

Kuo: Product Launch in 2022 At The Earliest

Ming-Chi Kuo, on the other hand, expects a much later release date of 2022 at the earliest.

  • Kuo is another reliable source of information on the latest Apple products and is a widely respected industry analyst.

DigiTimes: Apple Glass Launch in 2021

DigiTimes, on the other hand, reported recently that they expect Apple Glasses to launch sometime in 2021.

  • Their analysis and prediction of the Apple-made AR wearable’s release date are by far the most optimistic, as they’re expecting the product to launch sometime next year.
  • However, despite its optimism, it is in no way baseless. DigiTimes has done quite a bit of research, so I wouldn’t write it off as impossible.

Bloomberg: Launch in 2023 At The Earliest

At the other end of the spectrum, international business news platform Bloomberg reported their release date expectations do be no earlier than 2023 - a full three years from now.

  • While Bloomberg’s report does take into account the obstacles to be faced due to the on-going pandemic, Apple fans, ourselves included, aren’t all too happy to wait three years for such an exciting product.

Jeff Pu: Predicts the Launch will take place in 2024 - 2025

As of December 2022, the expected release date of the Apple AR Glasses is sometime between 2024 - 2025 as reported by Jeff Pu. The delay comes as Apple is facing issues with the design of their glasses and they're still struggling with factors such as heating, processing and light.

  • There will be an official announcement detailing the release, specs and price of the Apple Glasses a few months prior to the official launch.

Apple Glasses Review - What We Know So Far

Apple Glasses Concept and Production Leaks

Okay, this is where it gets a little crazy. With all of the leaks and hype revolving around the upcoming Apple Glasses, it’s hard to tell what is reliable, trustworthy information, and what isn’t. Here’s a little timeline where we attempted to present the most reliable information as simply as possible:

  • In 2017, Apple first hinted at the possibility of AR glasses when they revealed the augmented reality API bundle Apple ARKit.
  • Apple acquired the Danish company Spektral, which had been using machine learning for real-time video editing technology that could push Apple’s own AR technology forward. Source: TechRadar
  • Patently Apple reports that several technologies with applications in augmented reality glasses have been submitted by and awarded to Apple in recent years. These patents include adjustable opacity lenses, lenses that can cast images to a wearer’s eye, and 3D mapping technology that totals 53 patents with applications in AR.
  • Apple has been steadily bolstering its team with specialists in bleeding-edge augmented reality, including Jeff Norris, who founded the Mission Operations Innovation Office at NASA.
  • According to the latest reports from TechRadar, Apple has a team of over 1,000 people working on AR technology and its applications.
  • Last May 2020, Apple acquired NextVR, a virtual-reality content producer, reportedly for their expertise in virtual reality products.

Apple has yet to grace the world with details on its exciting upcoming new product, but it’s coming. It’s happening. Whether or not the Apple Glass will become the next iPhone is something that only time will tell, but one thing’s for sure, it’s going to come in a big way.

Apple's Patents

Apple files multiple patents long before it launches any products and the best thing is that these patents are public domain. So, anybody can take a trip and access these.

Now, one of the most useful aspects of accessing these patents is that it can give us a clear idea of what the product might eventually look like. It can also give us a decent understanding of the technology and features of the product.

From the patents alone, we could conclude that the consumer electronics giant had been working on Apple Glasses since 2008. Although there have been multiple patents, the latest ones from Apple are the ones that give us a clear idea of what the Apple Glasses will look like.

For example, Apple filed a patent last year is primarily about the potential input methods of the Apple Glasses. It states that the glasses have a specific system that utilizes infrared heat sensing to detect when someone touches an object. This allows the glasses to then project controls onto a real-world surface.

So, this tells us that Apple is looking at a device that can project controls onto tables and other surfaces.

According to another patent that was granted for the Apple Glasses called the "Tunable and foveated lens system". The glasses could prove beneficial to users who have to wear presctiption glasses. By automatically adjusting the position of the lenses, the Apple Glass will act like a regular pair of prescription glasses and can be worn by people who require glasses with power and those who don't.

Apple Glasses or Apple VR headset?

As mentioned earlier, the Apple Glass will primarily be an AR headset and will not feature any type of VR function. So, you expect features like your notifications and social media among other dedicated apps overlapping on real-time view.

However, it was also rumored while the Apple Glasses won't have a VR feature, Apple was creating a dedicated VT headset that could hit the market earlier than the Apple glasses.

This relatively less complex device features ultra-high-resolution screens and a cinematic speaker system to emulate realistic visual experiences.

As for the design, sources claim it's extremely similar to the popular Occulus Quest but slimmer and outfitted with a fabric of some kind. Of course, the design is still being refined as it was reported the company is still testing out various head shapes.

As for the price, we can only assume and that assumption is that it's likey not cheap considering the Occulus Quest is somewhere around 400$ and others go all the way up to 4000$.

It is likely to hit the markets in 2022 after a grand unveiling in 2021. This Apple VR headset will primarily cater to gamers with video streaming and of course various applications with Siri.

How much are Apple AR glasses?

According to various sources such as Jon Prosser and Ming-Chi Kuo, the Apple Glass is expected to be priced at a starting price of $499. Considering the amount of engineering and cutting-edge technology that's going into this device, it's honestly a steal.

  • Those who wear prescription glasses are in luck as the Apple Glass also comes with the option to pay more for prescription lenses. Check out our article to find out Why Apple Glasses Are The Next iPhone.

Apple Glasses wish list: What we want

While we can predict the design and features of Apple Glasses, it isn't absolute. Most importantly, Apple could always change the specs and technology. However, being a die-hard Apple fan, there are certain things that I do want to see. For example:

Apple Glasses that look like real spectacles: After having used Google Glass, Sony SmartEyeglass, and other smart eyeglasses, I hated the fact that none of them wear seamlessly. All of them stood out and looked like it was out of the Minority report. So, I would love to see smart glasses that look like natural eyewear.

Additionally, I would also love to see Artificial Reality in full 3-D and not just as a layer. With a HUD and full 3-D integration, Apple Glasses would be beyond its contemporaries. Moreover, I would love to see it run all iOS compatible AR apps as well. As this would provide the users with a much broader user experience.

Most importantly, it would be amazing if the Apple glasses could provide the users with a battery life of at least 8-9 hours like the AirPods. Of course, we would love to see a portable charging case as well. After all, it wouldn't be worth it, if it could last through the major part of a day.


What is Apple T288?

Apple T288 is an Augmented Reality (AR) headset that Apple is working on. The final product is expected to be a combination of AR and Virtual Reality (VR). So, the Apple T288 project could end up being a Mixed Reality headset or glasses.

Why did Google Glass fail?

Google Glass was one of the most anticipated products when it was under development. But upon release, the project failed because there was no clarity on what the product was and who it was intended for. That coupled with a poor bulky design meant that it was dead on arrival.

Will Apple ever make smart glasses?

Apple has been rumored to be working on a pair of smart glasses. There is not much substance to these rumors, but if Apple is developing a pair of glasses then we will be hearing about it in the coming years. These glasses will feature AR capabilities and more. Read our article on why Apple Glasses are the next iPhone to know more.

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