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It's hard not to believe that the AirPod Safety Strap is a complete Photoshopped joke by now, but I think it might actually be for real. Either way, I just wanted to say this product is awesome for addressing what I believe may very well be Apple's cockiest move to date just in time for the holiday shopping season. First off, the AirPods are so ridiculous looking that they're practically an internet meme waiting to happen. Second, there was never any need to remove the AirPods in the first place!


How to find Airpods if offline

And Apple had every opportunity to fix this design flaw in advance of its iPhone 7 release. But instead of doing so, they actually released them and want you to pay more than $100 each for these flashy little things which you basically have no choice but to lose within hours of putting them on!


What if there were some extra precautions taken against AirPod drop ins? Something that connected the two wireless earphones together so they wouldn't get lost easily? A utility strap, for example, is something we’re calling an innovative accessories idea in response to the unveiling of the AirPods. Designed as "a connection strap" featuring a heavy duty nylon design, it seeks to provide a simple attachment which secures each earphone to your person.

In other words, it makes sure you don’t lose one or both of them! This product comes with a pre-sale page for $19.95 dollars and appears already designed to fit comfortably around your neck when not in use. There are even color options too like classic black or white - making another affordable way to keep your music playing anywhere you go.

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