Are Apple Silicone Cases Worth it?

Are Apple Silicone Cases Bad

Few phone owners prefer to use their phones without cases. The topic of a phone case might look simple to you. However, its role in bestowing good looks, comfort, and safety to your gadget cannot be overlooked.

Silicone is a popular material for phone cases other than rubber, plastic, polycarbonate, and TPU. Each of these materials has its own advantages and disadvantages for a phone case. However, silicone has outperformed many other options in building the best selling phone cases.

Apple’s silicone cases are among the fastest selling phone accessories from the iPhone maker. Quite a few reviews on Apple silicone cases say their prices are on the higher side. So, before choosing to buy an Apple silicone phone case, it is worth knowing if the price justifies its quality.

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Are Apple Silicone Cases Bad?

In this post, I will discuss “Are Apple Silicone Cases Bad?” During your reading, you will also find out what is good and bad about silicone cases; the pros and cons of Apple silicone cases; and my practical advice on choosing an Apple silicone case for your iPhone.

With so many brands offering silicone cases for iPhones, you have a vast gamut of options in front of you. When choosing for the right phone model, silicone cases are highly compatible with the devices they are made for. So, you are under no compulsion to choose your phone case from Apple unless their cases are really worth it for you.

So, at the end of this reading, you will be better informed on what makes an Apple silicone case good or bad for your phone and whether is it worth investing in Apple silicone cases.

  • Why silicone is a popular choice for phone cases
  • What are Apple Silicone Cases
  • Why are Apple Silicone Cases Bad
  • Pros and Cons of Apple Silicone Case
  • Why are Apple’s silicone cases so expensive
  • Should you buy Apple Silicone Cases?

Why silicone is a popular choice for phone cases

Silicone is also known as polysiloxanes. This is a kind of polymer that includes a synthetic and inert compound derived by repeating siloxane units. The process of formulating silicone consists of alternating silicon and oxygen atoms and further combining hydrogen, carbon, and other elements during the process.

Silicone is a soft, flexible, durable, and shock-absorbing material.

Though there is a class of clear cases for iPhones, silicone is considered more advantageous for a phone case due to its several desirable characteristics. Silicone is a soft material, slightly sticky to the touch. It very well grabs the surface it is placed on. So, a silicone case will fit onto the body of your device bestowing a firm casing and protection on it.

The commonest material used for modern silicone phone cases is liquid silicone. It differs from conventional silicone in the way that liquid silicone is harder, but has the supple characteristics of a gel phone case.

Silicone cases are light in weight and sport a matte appearance. They are resistant to dust and fingerprints. Like gel cases, silicone cases also cover the sides and back of phones very well. Their looks and feel make silicone a popular choice for phone cases.

What are Apple Silicone Cases

Despite many reviews claiming that Apple silicone cases are expensive, they have a huge following. Apple says it has designed its silicone cases to protect its iPhones in a better way.

In a running note accompanying the Apple silicone case product description, Apple claims on its website, “Like every Apple-designed case, it undergoes thousands of hours of testing throughout the design and manufacturing process. So not only does it look great, it’s built to protect your iPhone from scratches and drops.”

Therefore, it is evident that Apple takes enough care to ensure the quality of its silicone cases as much as it cares to ensure the quality of its other offerings.

However, you must understand that Apple’s silicone cases are just another silicone case. There are also several other silicone case options from other brands for most models of your iPhones. Many such options are also known for their excellent grip, durability and ability to improve the overall usability of the device. So, it is worth researching more to decide if you must buy an Apple silicone case.      

Why are Apple Silicone Cases Bad

Are Apple Silicone Cases Bad

While choosing a silicone case for your iPhone, it is better to know if Apple cases are a good pick for your case. Here I have pooled up a few points from the negative reviews scored by Apple silicone cases on some popular user forums.  Try to understand them in depth to decide if Apple silicone cases are really bad.  

Are Apple Silicone Cases Bad

An often repeated complaint about Apple’s silicone cases is that they are expensive. Many reviews say Apple’s silicone cases deteriorate quickly. Chipping and cracking is a common thing noticed by several users.

are apple cases worth it

Some users claim that the material used in the making of Apple silicone cases is poor in quality and so their cases do not last long enough. To check if this is true, we must also check if silicone is a good choice for iPhone cases.

There is a long list of options with regard to the material for a phone case. If you decide to settle with a silicone case, Apple’s silicone case is as good as any other brand’s silicone case.

apple silicone case review iphone 13

Some reviews claim Apple’s silicone cases attract dust and oil and hence they need cleaning from time to time. These cases are also said to hurt fingers. Some users say these cases tend to stick to the pockets and people have a hard time taking it out.

are apple silicone cases worth it reddit

In some cases of chipping and cracking, the users say they have been able to get a replacement from Apple under its limited warranty terms.

do apple silicone cases protect against drops

Even some cases of wear and tear have been accepted for free replacement. In some cases, warranty cover had been denied. However, it also depends on the store or warehouse personnel reviewing the case.

Pros and Cons of Apple Silicone Case

Apple’s silicone cover has several advantages like drop and scratch protection, slip resistance, and dust protection. These cases come in a variety of colors and designs and hence you have a broad choice in front of you. Here I am summing up the pros and cons of Apple silicone cases gathered from user reviews.

Apple Silicone Case
Pros Cons
Apple’s silicone case is cheaper than many other types of cases The price is not wallet-friendly
Water, shock, drop, and scratch resistant Attracts dust and oil and needs frequent cleaning
Assortment of colors and designs to choose from Chipping is very common and the case cracks in the corners with usage
Enhanced protection for your phone and better grip under your fingers Often it sticks to the pocket and sometimes it is hard to get it out.
Light and skinny, it does not add up to the bulkiness of the device Does not last long enough when compared to other types of cases
Fits very well and closely onto your device Does not cover the entire device
Does not affect the functionality of your gadget Wear and tear is seen more prominently than in other types of cases

Why are Apple’s silicone cases so expensive?

For many customers, the prices of Apple silicone cases are perplexing. “Why are Apple’s silicone cases so expensive?” is a popular question repeatedly asked on Apple discussion forums. I have gathered some points to answer this question to give you an idea.

Usually, Apple is a highly trusted brand and people are willing to pay more for Apple-branded products and accessories. To honor the warranty terms, Apple has to keep the prices on the higher side. Therefore, like any other Apple product or accessory, Apple silicone cases are also expensive.

Apple’s bulk profits are from its iPhones and other mainline gadgets and not from accessories. The income Apple generates from selling accessories is insignificant when compared with Apple’s bottom line. Therefore, it is natural that Apple prices its accessories on the higher side accommodating a bigger profit margin.

The high price tags of Apple’s accessories enable the third-party partners of the technology giant to market their products at a lower price. This helps in strengthening Apple’s third-party accessory market which is a kind of free advertisement for the iPhone brand.

Since Apple’s silicone cases carry Apple’s brand and name on them, it is highly essential that Apple has to ensure their quality. Apple ensures that its silicone cases are made from higher quality materials than those of the other competitive cases.

To justify the quality, Apple has to fix a higher price for its phone cases like it does for its other accessories.

Should you buy Apple Silicone Cases?

Your iPhone is a significant investment. Though they are expensive, they are fragile too. Despite the care you take to safeguard your iPhone, it is a good decision to protect your investment with a phone case. Apple silicone cases are durable and flexible. They offer better protection to your device and feel soft and smooth under your fingers.

While an Apple silicone case can protect your device from accidents, it can also add some fashionable looks. In the long run, a phone case is not a bad investment since a well-cared iPhone will easily find a customer who will also be paying for the case when you resell your device. 

Apple silicone cases fare well in most reviews. As you observe in cases of most products and accessories, it is but natural to find some unhappy reviews also. Though their prices are on the higher side, quite many customers have found Apple silicone cases a good choice.

However, before you settle with an Apple silicone case for your iPhone, it is worth considering the other options like Ballistic Soft Jacket, Peel Strong Grip, Ciel by Cyrill, Surphy Silicone Case, ESR Yippee Soft Case, and Tekeways Case to check if their specifications, prices, and reviews meet your expectations in a better way.

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