Fake iPhone 13

fake iphone 13

We all want an iPhone 13, but due to its high price, not everyone will be able to afford one. There are different reasons why people want to buy the iPhone 13, and one of them is social status. What if I told you that an iPhone 13 is still available, but it's a replica? You might be wondering where you can get it. I discovered the best website where you can purchase this. DHgate has the best fake iPhone 13, and it is one of their best products.

When compared to the original, the price of the fake iPhone 13 is very low. Here are some of the stores on DHgate where you can buy a fake iPhone 13.

Laualex Store

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Just like the real iPhone 13, the 2021 new iPhone13 fake mobile phone counter display has satisfying features that customers will love to have. It has a unique feature that weighs just like the original iPhone 13. It is also a better phone for users who want to find a phone that looks like a real one since it has a 6.1-inch screen.

Starlight, Red, Blue, Midnight Color, and Pink are the five available colors.

The price is reasonable, which is $19.17 per piece, and if you’re going to buy ten pieces, then the price falls to $17.25. This iPhone 13 dummy model can also be used as an exhibition in shops. It can be used to fool others as a prank frame.

This fake iPhone 13 prototype has the same look and shape as the legit phone, and the camera is black, but it really doesn't work. The store also has a 94.6 positive review. This year, the store completed 524 transactions, and 420 of them gave positive feedback.

Therefore, the store is a legit one. Unfortunately, when it comes to customer service, their ratings are lower than average for items delivered, communication, delivery time, and shipping charges.

Check here for the store

Kaibaicen Store

dhgate iphone 13

This fake phone has the appearance and feel of a real phone. The camera looks so good at the back. The phone isn’t working, but it appears to be. This is an excellent toy replacement for a real phone. The available colors for the iPhone 13 are black and white.

The price is cheap at $14.39, and when you order twenty three pieces, it falls to $13.12, making it cheaper than the first store. This fake iPhone 13 can also be used as a birthday surprise, and this is for some people who want to have a collection of dummy phones that can be used for other forms of fun activities.

It looks authentic, but its resemblance is also constrained to the point where it can be differentiated from a real phone. The shop sells the latest mobile phone molds on the market.

The store also has a 99.4% positive review. This year, the store completed 2489 transactions, and 2099 of them gave positive feedback, which makes the store excellent. When it comes to customer service, their ratings are about average on items delivered, communication, and delivery time, and above average on shipping charges.

Check here for the store

may_dhgate Store


This dummy phone is the exact same size as the real one. This is compatible with Apple iPhone users. It can also be customized, which makes it a little more expensive in price.

Seeing the phone, I can say that it has a true and reliable appearance and color. It is the best when it comes to durability and quality.

The material is undamaged, brand-new, and within its original packaging. It contains as many buttons as an actual phone does. It only has two colors, which are white and black.

The good thing about this product is that buyers can return an item for a refund within 7 days of receiving it, and the buyer is responsible for the return shipping costs. Buyers may return the item(s) for a refund within 7 days of receipt if they are not as described or have quality issues.

The price of this dummy phone is $70.39 per piece, and it drops to $64.16 if you order five pieces. This year, the store completed 2098 transactions, and 1431 of them gave positive feedback, giving the store a 97.9% overall.

That makes it a good place to buy. However, when it comes to customer service, their ratings are below average on items delivered, communication, delivery time, and shipping charges.

 Check here for the store

Final Thoughts

Each customer has different factors to look up when choosing a dummy phone for the iPhone 13. A customer must see to it that the features they like in a certain product match the product that the store offers.

Every store has different features for each product. That’s why it's very important that your needs are in line with their offers. As for me, I see to it that I considered every aspect in choosing the best dummy phone according to its functionality.

The three stores listed are the stores that caught my attention, and that’s why I chose them: I can guarantee that they will give value to the customer.

Some of the factors I considered in choosing the store where we can buy a fake iPhone are as follows: the price and reviews, the demand, material, color, size, durability, customer ratings, and warranty.

When it comes to price, the Kaibaicen Store has the lowest price compared to the two stores. Its reviews are also good, and its customer ratings are high.

The Laualex Store has different colors of the iPhone 13, and customers' reviews of the store are high. The appearance and size of the phone in this store also give great value to me, and it sure attracts customers to buy.

Lastly, the may_dhgate store, the durability and quality of the product made me choose this store since it is close to perfection when it comes to its similarity with the authentic iPhone 13. Whatever store you choose, each has different distinctive features according to its intended use.

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