iPhone XS vs XS Max - Which To Buy?

iPhone XS vs XS Max - Which To Buy?
Apple released three phones and if you watched it or caught the live stream of this release, we saw that they kind of focused on more of a refresh and more kind of getting the iPhone 10 from 2017 up to speed in 2018 and really being a powerhouse. It's the same shape and design as the last one so I guess that's why they're keeping it. There's two new phones out and which do you buy? It's kind of expensive. They go over $1,000 if you want the X max. The big one goes well with this 6.5inch screen, the one that is probably going to be pick up, that's just my guess. I don't really feel it’s a huge difference compared to the iPhone 10. The only difference that I see is in the iPhone 10 max. Here's kind of what's new with the iPhone Xs and Xs max. They're pretty much the same except for a few different things. The first is the color now comes in a gold on the iPhone Xs or Xs max. They boosted its storage finally so it starts off at 64 gigabytes and goes up to 256 and for the super sweet premium model 512 gigabyte. So now you can get a phone made by Apple that has half a terabyte of storage which is kind of a big deal. Phones are really evolving into computers. Another big change to the Xs, and obviously the Macs family, I'm just going to call it the Xs family so you guys know it's on the same phone, is the a12 Bionic chip. So they always update their new chip each and every year when a new iPhone comes out. They have 6 cores and then 4 cores that are basically dedicated to the CPU and GPU. The new a12 is one of the first 7 nanometer chips to go in a phone but with the new a12 chip what's awesome is it actually consumes around 45% less power than the iPhone 10 which is a huge win and I guess that's why they're not selling it anymore. Another thing is the GPUs are actually 50% faster which is really awesome because mobile gaming has become a thing. The new way 12 Bionic chips pretty sweet because it actually comes with an updated neural. Another thing that's dope is the dual SIM card support so if you're international in the US, we’re kind of spoiled with one carrier. Now stock comes on both iPhones - the iPhone Xs and then the Xs max. So that's perfect if you're in a country where you want to have one SIM card for just calls and then the other for data and then switching out around as you travel. There's not really much new in terms of like physical changes on the Xs family but the camera has a new wide-angle lens with smart HDR. Have you ever heard of the Google pixel? Google has this kind of software that stitches photos together so as soon as you click and take a photo it actually takes a few photos and stitches together to composite the best one. I'm honestly shocked it wasn't just on the max. Photos look good because there's a new portrait mode where you can adjust the depth of field, pretty solid. I really want to see if other companies start to catch on because then photos are really going to jump up and then Instagrams is not real. Both the 5-inch screen and the 6.5-inch screen have up to 2 gigabit LTE speeds. So it being dual SIM, new a12 chip - these things are kind of packing a punch. Battery life is going to be a huge decider on which phone you go - towards the Xs or the max. The Xs max has up to 90 minutes more battery life. That's just on the talktime side so it's going to show all around and same with the new Xs. I'm guessing it'll be able to perform better. The new a12 actually uses less power so probably going to make a huge difference over the X versus the Xs. If you get the Xs you're probably going to notice a better battery life experience over the 2017 iPhone 10. It's starting to really upset me when companies say phones have an all-day battery life. That does not make any sense. If you're a different user than me and you like to game more than I like to watch Youtube videos or just write emails and my usage and battery life experience is going to be way different than yours. So setting that, I don't think it makes a lot of sense. On the Xs max that's the only notable improvement. This is a huge difference in why you want this one and I totally think the max is going to be the one everyone goes for in gold. It's the iPhone 5s, if you remember how hard it was to get the gold color all over again. The next big kind of debate is price. The Xs goes for $999 then the Xs max goes for $1099. So basically you're paying around $1,000 for the new iPhones. What's interesting is Apple's not giving you any other option. They discontinued the iPhone 10 from last year so you’re only choice is to get a brand new phone or the Xs or the Xs Max or your good friend the iPhone Xr. But if you want to get the spicy 512 megabyte model it's gonna cost you thirteen hundred and fifty dollars for the Xs and then the max is fourteen hundred and fifty bucks. As you guys know they discontinued the iPhone 10 last year and it's kind of interesting what other phones they discontinued. Apple is shifting their focus to the older phones as more of the budget options and not going to make a hundred dollar iPhone 6s. Probably you've been leaning towards the 256 gigabyte max which is going to cost twelve forty nine then the Xs for 256 gigs is fifty. So eleven forty nine verse twelve forty nine, for me this is the one I want, the Max. Probably due to getting extra battery life and paying a little extra money. If I'm paying a thousand dollars I might as well spend a little bit more, there's no real big difference at this point and honestly I find that the bigger screen and bigger battery life and I just see the bigger price makes sense. Well that's the one I could kind have think, but the XR is gonna be my daily driver in the one I really want. It's just not out ‘till October. What you guys think about the new Xs and Xs max, which do you think is better? Everyone's kind of leaning towards the Max because they want the battery life for obvious reasons, and then the Xs because they just like to have small phones. Read about: Airpods Supercopy Review iPhone 11 Clone

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