Why Should You Read (Once a Year) How to Win Friends and Influence?


Certain books have become quite popular over the years.

How to win friends and influence people is one of them. However, no book is suitable for everyone. That is why readers often need to figure out whether the book which they are planning to read is suitable for them or not.

Today, I will answer the question, should I read how to win friends and influence people?

Not only that, I will go into the fine details of my answer as well so that you can know for sure whether you should go ahead and read this book or not.

In short, Should you read how to win friends and influence people?

"How to win friends and influence people" is worth reading for everyone, because it offers practical, easy-to-use tips on how to be more successful in life thanks to dealing with people.

Before I go into further details, I will share a few reasons why you should read how to win friends and influence people.

I will share with you not just one or two reasons but 7 different reasons why you should read this book.

1. Helps you make friends

The number 1 reason why you should read this book is to help you make more friends. True to its name, it can help you make more friends and I am talking about true friends here.

The more friends you have in your life, the better it is for you. You can easily tap into your circle of friends to get some advice, support, or help whenever you need it.

It will turn to be easier and simpler to solve a lot of your problems as well. True friends are a great blessing in life.

It is the number 1 reason why you should read this book.

2. Aids the expansion of your social circle

The more friends you have, the bigger will be your social circle. The book can help you develop more acquaintances as well. Consequently, your social circle will expand even more.

When you have a large social circle, it can help you with your personal life and also your carrer or professional life. It will become easy for you to excel in your career.

Whether you're looking for new customers on whether you're looking for a job, your expanded social circle can undoubtedly help you out.

With the principles in this book, expanding your social circle will undoubtedly become easy.

Consequently, you can gain a lot by reading this book.

3. Helps you make a lasting impression

When you're meeting someone, it isn't easy to make a lasting impression.

In case you do not create a lasting impression, the person you are interacting with will not remember you. It means that the next time you meet that person, you will have to repeat the same introduction and remind them of your previous meeting.

What if you could make a lasting impression instead?

With the help of teachings in this book, you can certainly do so. When you make a lasting impression, you can certainly benefit from your social connections.

Not only that, you can outsmart your competition as well by making a lasting impression in front of every person you meet. The book which I'm speaking about now can certainly help you with the same. It is another reason why you should read this book.

4. Practical techniques on offer

Many books claim to help you expand your social circle.

The problem is that these books do not share with you practical tips. That is why you have to decipher the execution of the techniques by yourself. It is not easy to do. It takes your time and a lot of trial and error to do so.

How to win friends and influence people stands out because it provides you with practical tips. After reading the book, you can easily act on the tips. Consequently, it becomes easy for you to win friends as well as influence others.

The practical techniques provide you with a direct blueprint to benefit from the book. There is nothing left to chance if you go precisely as per the instructions in the book.

The practical techniques on offer make it one of the best books on the subject.

5. Helps you succeed in life:

The book claims that it can help you make friends as well as influence others. However, how can that help you?

When your social circle expands, it will become easier for you to succeed in life. The next time you want to sell something or get a new job, you have to tap into your social circle. By doing so, you can accomplish your goal easily.

The larger your social circle, the higher your probability of success.

This book also teaches you how you can influence others. Once you influence others, convincing them to work with you or buy your products and services becomes easy. It is another reason why you should read this book.

Consequently, reading this book can certainly help you succeed in life.

6. Timeless principles

The 1st edition of this book was printed in 1936. However, it is still relevant. That is because it uses psychological principles to help you make friends as well as influence others.

When you buy any other book, you will realize that the principles are not timeless. You cannot execute them if the book has been published 10 years back or so.

However, you will not have to face this problem when you're going with this book.

Even though it has been updated since then, but these principles are timeless.

The timeless principles on offer by this book make it a must-read.

7. Makes you more confident

How will you change if you can establish a good rapport with everyone?

The answer is simple. You will become more confident. Confidence boost results in positivity. A positive person is likely to succeed in life.

Thus, the book can make you more confident and benefit you in more ways than one. Due to the same, this is a must-read book.

These are the 7 reasons why you should read how to win friends and influence people.

Before you do so, it is crucial to find out how much time it will take to read. I will answer that below as well.

How long does it take to win friends and influence people to read?

It can take you 4 hours to read this book. I'm assuming that you read it at an average speed of 250 words per minute.

However, if you increase your speed, the time can decrease even more. You can go for an audiobook as well, which will help you save time.

The book is over 250 pages. The exact page count depends on the edition which you are reading.

Nevertheless, you can expect to spend between 4 to 5 hours reading this book.

Why should everyone read this book at least one time per year?

The book which I'm speaking about now is not a one-time read. You should read it every year. There are a few reasons why you should read it every year. I will highlight these reasons below.

1. Better retention

The number 1 reason why you should read it every year is to improve retention. Every time you read the book, you're likely to retain more.

Once you retain more, it will become easier for you to execute more. Consequently, you can benefit more from this book if you read it once every year.

2. New perspective

A lot of the knowledge you gain from the book depends on your current perspective and mind frame. When you're reading the book after a year, your frame of mind and perspective will vary. That is why you can see the book in a new light as well.

Since the book is positive, you can gain new points and techniques from the book as well. It means that you can use the book more effectively.

When you read it every year, you will gain a new perspective, and learn something new makes it a must-read.

3. More effective

What happens when you retain more from the book?

The book will become more useful for you as well. The points which you had missed earlier will be clear now.

It is impossible to grasp everything in a book, like how to win friends and influence people in just a single reading. That is why, when you reread it, you can certainly benefit more from the book.

As you can see, there are quite a few reasons why you should read this book every year rather than just for a single time.

So, yes, you should read how to win friends and influence people. With my reasons above, it is easy to understand how you can benefit from this book. Not only that, it is a better idea to read this book every year rather than just a single time. The advantages of doing so are numerous.

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