What Books are 100% Worth Buying? (Titles and Genres)


Over the past decade, and with the rise of Kindles and E-readers. Books have begun to get a bad rep.

Looks of people don't have the storage space, and so more and more books are falling to the wayside. This is a sad predicament.

At one time, the amount of books in a household was a great determining factor into later academic success.

This article will explore which books are 100% work buying, exploring titles and genres.

What books are worth buying?

One of the most beneficial genres of books are memoirs, non-fiction, and historical fiction. The recommended titles that are worth buying are "The Nightingale", "Sapiens" and "The Power".

What books are worth buying?

The books which are worth buying spark debate, and constantly get you thinking about the world you are living in.

They will aid escapism and provide you will valuable avenues to stop thinking about the present moment.

They will aid you in your development as a person to become more worldly and knowledgeable.

They will help you see the world though a perspective which is not inherently your own. Making you a global citizen.

What are the 10 best books worth buying?

Genres: Historical Fiction / Memoir / Dystopian / Fantasy / Non Fiction / Romance

1. Kristin Hannah - The Nightingale [Historical Fiction]

Read the Nightingale before it is too late. This World War 2 novel is set to be released as movie later this year and it has already started to create a buzz.

The story follows two French sisters as they both set off on two different paths to take France's Nazi occupation. A riveting story, you will be captivated. Based on true events after reading you can complete a research task.

December 2021 the adaption of this book will be released starring sisters Dakota & Elle Fanning. Great to see the female effort in World War 2 examined.

Why is this book worth it? Because it is a newly published piece of art which exemplifies that literature is not going down the drain.

This best selling author has many works in development with Netflix and amazon so the future is bright.

2. Trevor Noah - Born a Crime [Memoir]

A great book that looks into life for a young mixed-raced boy in South Africa. Trevor Noah has lived an interesting life. You get to learn the rules of Apartheid as you go, making this not only a great comedic experience but a learning experience.

You get to learn about Jewish, blacks, colored, Japanese, and Chinese experiences in South Africa.

And, ultimately, you get to go on a journey to find out how Trevor Noah became the man that he is today.

Why is this book worth it? It is so easy to forget the trials and tribulations which others go through in order to be where they are.

Trevor Noah has regularly eaten slugs, and seen people being shot in front of him. His rise was most definitely not an easy one.

3. Suzanne Collins - The Ballad of Birds & Songbirds [Dystopian]

If I say MAY THE ODDS BE EVER IN YOUR FAVOUR, do you recognize the series this book comes from?

That's right, Suzanne Collins continued with the Hunger Games. In this prequel, fans of the series get to look into the life of President Snow. Who was he before he was the great ruler of Panem?

Did he experience hardship? How was the Capitol after the war?

In this fantastic dystopian tale you go through another Hunger Games and see how another group of children fare in the area. It is worth a shot.

The movie is already being planned! Why is this book worth it? I think it is set in stone that everyone will be rushing to watch another hunger games movie so get the book in early.

It's an easy read.

4. Yuval Noah Harari - Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind [Non Fiction]

Another non fiction text. If you haven't already read this text, then now is the chance.

In this text, Yuval Noah Hariri goes through a timeline of humanity to examine how Homo Sapiens came to dominate the earth. He then looks at how nations are build and some technological advancements humans are likely to face.

Why is this book worth it? As people we should constantly we striving to become better more knowledgeable members of this world. This book is just one piece in that puzzle.

Once you complete this, you can then move on to his follow up book Homo Deus.

5. Franz Kafka - The Metamorphosis [Dystopian]

Frank Kafka is a central European author who creates situations which have become known as Kafkaesque.

It is likely many people would feel like they have gone through a sort of Metamorphis this quarantine. So why not read a book which aligns with how you feel.

It is very likely prior to reading the book you will then gift it to a friend or family member to then enjoy.

Why is this book important? Sometimes, it can be difficult to see your place in the world until you're gone.

With many changes taking place, this book may align with the lives of many people right now.

6. Naomi Alderman - The Power [Fantasy]

One day, everything changes. Women are no longer women. Women gain a power, a special power. Then they take over the world.

Well, I wish it was that simple but then that would be the storyline spoiled. It is far more complex than that, this book is in a world of its own.

A sci-fi fantasy mix Alderman shows how to make feminist literature fun without leaving out any of the nitty gritty.

Why is this book worth a read? Because it reminds you one change, can change your whole life.

7. George Takei - They Called us Enemy [Non Fiction]

Now this isn't technically a book. But it is, a comic, or a graphic novel. George Takei was a household name, he still is. But before that, he was being held in an American Japanese prisoner of war camp as a child.

Born in America, George watched as the media and his neighbors changed their tune towards Japanese citizens and suddenly referred to them as enemy.

The book takes us through law changes which disempowered Japanese citizens leaving them weak.

Why is this book worth the read? Countries forget how they treat their citizens, but we mustn't forget. Stories like this must not be forgotten.

Expect to feel saddened.

8. J R. R. Tolkien - Lord of the Rings [Fantasy]

With a new amazing series in the work, it may be time that everyone reread Lord of the Rings. Comprising of three main books, The Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers, and the Return of the King.

These three books will take you on a journey far beyond your world into middle earth.

Luckily, you can also read the Hobbit or another middle earth book next.

Why is this book important? It reminds you sometimes it's not the book alone, but the series it is part of.

9. Margaret Atwood - The Testament [Dystopian]

Two decades after the release of the amazing The Handmaids Tale, Atwood finally came back to give us The Testaments.

A fantastic book you get to engage with the dystopian world Gilead at a different epoch of time,

For fans of the adaptation, The Handmaids Tale, don't be worried. There are absolutely no spoilers in this book so you can read it.

Atwood says there will be no other additions to The Handmaids Tale, but after we got this who knows!

10. Tayari Jones - An American Marriage [Romance]

A light-hearted romance, this book takes you through some of the turmoil and issues modern American marriages face. From imprisonment to infidelity, it is likely you will see your friends and family members within this book.

Tayari Jones used to study at Harvard before diving into literature and the work truly feels like a break from strenuous work.

Read this book if you need something to relax you after a difficult days work.

Why is this book worth it? Because books which aid your relaxation are priceless.

Is buying books in 2021 a waste of time?

No, buying books will never be a waste of time. And we should be ever grateful we don't live in an era of book burnings and banned books.

On the contrary, authors now can sell publish and become successful without the backing of publishers.

Buy books because you want to read and see yourself grow, or you want to relax. This shouldn't be a peer pressure task.

How to save money on books?

Firstly, if you want to buy a new book, look at a variety of sites. Different retailers still sell new things at different prices.

If you don't mind buying second-hand books, then this is great. You will instantly see a drop in price, and you can choose the cheapest option.

If you buy books in bulk, new or second hand, you can probably get a small discount included by buying a few.


Have we aided you in finding new books worth buying? Or, are you still not convinced? We tried to provide a range of books from nonfiction, to romance, to fantasy, to a series. But was there something we may have missed out?

Comment below which books you are interested in giving and shot, or if you have already read any of the books on this list.

Happy Reading!

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