How do I know which Airpod Pro Foam Tip is the best?

Where to Buy AirPods Pro Foam Tip

Apple’s AirPods Pro is one of my favorite gadgets ever, and this is because they are so close to being perfect for a truly wireless earphone. While Apple gets almost everything right about the AirPods Pro, there was one little feature that sucks: the silicone tips. 

Read on to Find out Where to Buy AirPods Pro Foam Tip!

The AirPods Pro is a premium product and I really wish they came with a pair of memory foam ear tips that go along with their price tag. But it is what it is and I wanted something better, something that fitted better, felt more comfortable, and isolated noise better.

So, I turned to memory foam ear tips for my AirPods Pro, and I haven't looked back since. This is a guide on the best memory foam ear tips for the AirPods Pro and where to buy them.  

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How do I know which Airpod Pro Foam Tip is the best?

There are a few factors to consider when choosing the best foam tip for your AirPods Pro. Here are some tips:

  1. Comfort: The foam tip should fit comfortably in your ear without causing any discomfort or pain.
  2. Noise isolation: Foam tips are known for their superior noise isolation compared to silicone tips. Look for a foam tip that offers a good seal and blocks out external noise.
  3. Sound quality: Foam tips can enhance the bass and overall sound quality of your AirPods Pro. Look for a foam tip that produces clear and balanced sound.
  4. Durability: Foam tips can wear out over time, so choose a foam tip that is durable and long-lasting.
  5. Compatibility: Make sure the foam tip you choose is compatible with your AirPods Pro.

Ultimately, the best foam tip for your AirPods Pro will depend on your personal preferences and needs. It may be helpful to try out a few different foam tips to find the one that works best for you.

After having reviewed all the stores that sell AirPods Pro Tips online; my team and I zeroed in on the 5 that really stood out. These 5 stores were thoroughly reviewed with multiple products being subjected to tests. We found that:

The best store to buy AirPods Pro Tips is COMPLY FOAMTIPS on Amazon. This store not only has the most authentic AirPods Tips but it is also made from memory foam. So, the user can use it for hours without feeling uncomfortable. Most importantly, it is extremely affordable at $24.

Where to Buy AirPods Pro Foam Tip

Comply FoamTips

The names for these tips are long and ridiculous but what isn't ridiculous is the fact that Comply is a leading brand when it comes to earphone tips. They make some of the best earphone tips for multiple brands and are rated highly in the earphone community. This is the same for the Foam 2.0 tips for AirPods Pro, they are an excellent pair of earphone tips.  

  • The Comply earbud tips for AirPods Pro are made from memory foam making them soft and comfortable. They also expand to the shape of your ears for the perfect fit. You can also use them for hours without feeling any ear fatigue.
Where to Buy AirPods Pro Foam Tip
  • The foam tips from Comply fit in snugly, which benefits sound quality as they block out most of the noise. This improves the bass reproduction and the already impressive noise cancellation of AirPods Pro. Check out our guide on Where to Buy AirPods Pro Foam Tip for all the details.

Another design excellence of the Comply foam tips for AirPods Pro is that they fit inside the charging case without any interference allowing them to charge too.  

CharJenPro Memory Foam Ear Tips

CharJenPro’s Memory foam ear tips are designed from the ground up to be amazing, they even have a patent for the design. These are also the World’s most crowdfunded ear tips, so along with the patent, these have some big shoes to fill. And they fill perfectly. They are designed to provide the best fit, and comfort among any ear tips for AirPods Pro.  

  • These CharJenPro ear tips also have a protective layer over the memory form that adds to the protection of your AirPods Pro from sweat, ear wax, and oil. If you're conflicted as to Where to Buy AirPods Pro Foam Tip, then this store is your best bet.
Where to Buy AirPods Pro Foam Tip
  • This increases durability by up to three times. Like other good memory foam ear tips, these expand to fit your ear perfectly. This improves the sound quality and noise isolation too, so you will never lose any details.  

The CharJenPro memory foam ear tips also reduce ear pain and so they can be used for long hours comfortably. They come in 3 pairs of sizes to offer the perfect fit for all ear types. And finally, they are designed to fit in the charging case of your AirPods Pro without any obstruction.  

Foam Masters Memory Foam Ear Tips 

These foam ear tips for AirPods Pro from Autoline Pro are an excellent choice if you are looking to replace the silicone tips that come with your AirPods Pro. These are the 3rd version of the Foam Masters Foam tips for AirPods Pro, making them better than previous versions.

  • The memory foam is upgraded for better comfort and to reduce ear fatigue to almost zero. They are also fitted with an Earwax filter to keep the goop away from entering your AirPods Pro.
Where to Buy AirPods Pro Foam Tip
  • They are also coated with NanoWeb Membrane coats to improve, sweat resistance, and improve the fit of the AirPods too.   
  • AutoLine Pro is so confident in its Foam Masters ear tips, that they offer a money refund if you feel any pain or fatigue while using them. The fit of these ear tips also improves bass reproduction and noise isolation providing a better listening experience.

Foam Masters memory foam ear tips are also designed to fit flawlessly in the charging case of AirPods Pro, making them one of the best foam tips you can buy for AirPods Pro.  

Proof Labs Memory Foam Ear Tips 

The Proof Labs memory foam ear tips are another excellent pair of ear tips for the AirPods Pro. Thanks to the memory foam material, they offer an upgrade to the fit and comfort over the silicone tips found with the AirPods Pro.

  • These also improve the noise isolation/cancellation performance of the AirPods Pro improving the sound quality and bass performance.  
Where to Buy AirPods Pro Foam Tip
  • They fit perfectly, taking the shape of your ears making them suitable for long listening hours.
  • With 3 pairs of ear tips in the box, you don't have to worry about fit regardless of the size of your ears. All of this makes the Proof Lab memory foam ear tips some of the best ear tips for AirPods Pro.  


  • Comfortable
  • Improved noise isolation
  • Memory foam tips fit in AirPods Pro case
  • Includes three pairs
  • Wing tips improve fit and stability


  • Wing tips don't fit in the case

Lanwow Premium Memory Foam Tips

Where to Buy AirPods Pro Foam Tip

These foam ear tips have a similar shape and design as the CharJenPro Memory Foam Ear Tips, and are made with high quality soft memory foam that give it a sporty feel.

  • These foam tips are designed to help lock in sound and prevent external noise from entering your ears.
  • They're super easy to install and take off, but they are small so chances are that they may get lost.
Where to Buy AirPods Pro Foam Tip
  • I found the Lanwow Premium Memory Foam Tips to be quite decent and comfortable to wear.
  • There are no drawbacks and they even fit snug in the charging case, something that other third-party companies have failed to do.


  • Comfortable to wear
  • Improved noise isolation
  • Memory foam tips fit in the AirPods Pro case
  • Available in black and white


  • None

Alternatives to Amazon

Amazon isn't the only place selling foam ear tips for AirPods Pro, you can buy these from other websites too. And most of these websites are the official website of the product manufacturer itself. For example, you can get Comply Foam Tips for AirPods Pro from here, the official site of Comply. 

Similarly, all other ear tips on this list feature other sites you can buy them from except for the Proof Lab ear tips. The Proof Lab ear tips are available from eBay if you don’t want to buy them on Amazon. These are their websites 

ComplyComply™ Foam Tips Compatible with Apple AirPods Pro 

CharJenProAirFoams Pro Active 2.0 Ear Tips – CharJenPro 

Foam MastersMemory Foam Ear Tips for AirPods Pro | Version 3.0 ( 

I would still recommend you to buy from Amazon. This is because Amazon offers deals regularly which can bring down the cost of ear tips. These are some of the best AirPods Pro accessories.

Another reason would be the huge buyer base on Amazon, this brings in a lot more reviews, explaining the upsides and downsides of any product. Since, ear tips can be finicky to buy, reading user reviews will let you know what you are really getting from a wide pool of people.  

Things to Keep in Mind While Buying Ear Tips

Buying the perfect ear tips for your AirPods Pro needs some knowledge. They need to tick all the right boxes so that they are better than the ones you get from Apple. So, these are the factors you need to keep in mind before buying a pair of ear tips for your AirPods Pro.  


  • The included ear tips of your AirPods pro are made from silicon, which is good in their own right when it comes to cost, seal and fit. But silicone tips tend to get uncomfortable after using for a while and they can let outside noises in.
  • This can be fixed by moving to a memory foam ear tip, these are softer, more comfortable, and isolate noises better. Memory foam ear tips can also sound better because they fit perfectly improving bass reproduction without losing details. 


  • The fit of an ear tip is important if you want to listen to music comfortably. And fit also determines the ability of your AirPods Pro to stay in during walking, running, or other exercises. Here again memory foam tips are better than silicone as they fit better by adapting to your ear shape and size.
  • And finally, a good fit is determined by the size of the ear tip, so buying a set of ear tips in different sizes is better, than buying the same size. Even the same person can have different ear canal sizes.  


  • While most ear tips don’t come with a warrant per se, they do offer services like refunds, or replacements in case something goes wrong with them. Look for such details on the manufacturer's page either on Amazon or on their website before buying them.   


  • The comfort of any earphones/headphones is important if you want to have the best listening experience. Here too, memory foam ear tips are generally much better than silicone tips, so if you are not comfortable with your AirPods Pro, then investing in a pair of memory foam tips is highly recommended.  


The AirPods Pro are some of the best true wireless earphones you can buy right now. And you can make it better by changing the ear tips.

If you have no problems with the fit, comfort, and noise isolation with the AirPods pro, then you probably don’t need to change the tips. However if you do have some difficulties in fitting them in your ears, then you should look for alternatives. 

This guide will explain Where to Buy Airpods Pro Foam Tip. These are some of the best accessories you can get for AirPods Pro.

And the best alternatives to silicone tips are memory foam ear tips. They are better than silicone tips in all areas. This makes them a great choice for anyone looking for an upgrade from the stock ear tips offered by Apple. Go get a pair of memory foam ear tips, if you want the ultimate experience from your AirPods Pro.  

Check out the best AirPods Foam Tips on Amazon!

Where to Buy Airpods Pro Foam Tip - FAQs

Can you get foam tips for AirPod Pro?

Yes, you can get foam tips for your AirPods Pro. They will improve, fit comfort and noise isolation. If you want more from your AirPods Pro, then it is good to invest in a pair of foam tips. In this article, we have explained where to buy AirPods Pro foam tip and the best ones too.

How do you get AirPod Pro tips?

You can get official silicone tips from Apple or other e-commerce sites like Amazon. You can also get foam tips or third-party silicone tips on e-commerce sites too. I recommend getting a pair of memory foam tips for a better experience. Check out where to buy AirPods Pro foam tip in this article.

How much does it cost to replace AirPod Pro tips?

You can get silicone tips from Apple directly for 7.99 USD for a set of two ear tips. This means each pair costs 4 USD. Or you can buy foam tips that offer better comfort, fit, and noise isolation. They cost a bit more, but they are worth it. You get more sets and better quality and performance too. Check out where to buy AirPods Pro foam tip in this article.

Are foam tips worth it for the AirPods Pro?

Well apart from enhancing noise cancellation, foam tips are comfortable to use and they provide a better seal thereby offering better sounding audio. They are considered to be the most comfortable option compared to silicone tips and are made using high quality memory foam that doesn't lose its shape.

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