12 Easy Tips on How to Find Time for Reading


Close to 6.7 billion people know how to read because there is so much value in it.

You can find time to read and achieve your goals through dedication and focus, especially in the evenings and morning.

When you think about the value of reading, you will find yourself creating plenty of time for it. It would help if you thought about it and remained psyched about it, and this article does it.

Now let's answer today's question!

In short, how to find time for reading?

If you don't have time for reading, you can create reminders or stickers, make it a hobby, wake up earlier, go to bed late, reduce time spent on entertainment or social media, and use reading apps.

Let's talk about it in details!

Why don’t you Have Time for Reading?

You don’t have time to read because of your low motivation and time management issues.

When it comes to reading, harness motivation to go as far you want. Strive to become an attentive and critical reader, and never hold back.

Squeeze reading into your free time. You will never regret learning something from your privy or unique reading habits.

Learning to always spare some time to read and staying motivated will help you read more.

Read on to learn about ways to create time and techniques for reading more.

Time Stickers on Your Bookshelf or Books

One way to create time to read is to write the time down on stickers and put them where you can’t avoid them.

You can appreciate the cheapness of stickers and their wonderful colors. Sticking them on your shelves or books is a bold move that you will understand as you read more.

If you don’t have books or a bookshelf, create the stickers with titles of books or articles you need to read. You can also note down the topics or subjects that you want.

Luckily, computers already have stickers, and you can also download the sticker apps or software from any software store. Phones also have stickers, which is also amazing.

You now see that stickers are easy to create and use. The difference that they make is incredible, and you will appreciate having them.

1. Make Reading your Hobby

Reading can take you to places you have never seen and give you the feeling that you always cherished. So, you can make it a hobby and enjoy exploring worlds that you may never have reached.

Reading as a hobby will help you appreciate different worldviews and life circumstances, which may relate to your own. Be open to new information and be proud of your new knowledge.

2. Prioritize Information that Is Most Relatable

When planning your reading, prioritize books or material that is most relatable and interesting to you.

You can identify sources that update your knowledge and or present surprising ideas about life. You will appreciate the information that you ae about to get through reading.

3. Start with the Toughest Ideas

Reading will make you smart. You will always have time to go through the information that is not easy or ordinary, and you can also read academic sources.

So, start with things that you never got time to understand. You will realize that you no longer want to waste your time on inconsequential things, and you will read more.

4. Keep Your Books or Reading Material Near You

When you finally nail the reading hobby, you will have a collection of books and materials that you really want to cover. Label them and keep them in the open.

Keep the book that you really want to finish in the most visible spot. You can place it at your bedside, and you can also bookmark or create shortcuts for digital material.

5. Explore Creative Projects

Creative projects can help you read more and you can easily create one for anything.

If you are reading a novel, try guessing the plot. If you are reading non-fiction material or anything, try doodling a mind map and expanding it.

You will soon be psyched to fill in the missing information by completing your reading.

Reading as a hobby will make you achieve a lot of freedom through creativity. You will be enjoying the process of reading while creating plenty more time for other things.

6. Start with Entertaining Media

Watching videos on the topic that you want read abut will give you a forefoot of inspiration to create more time for it. You will be amazed by the creativity of readers.

You can find other cool content in social media groups or forums that focus on your niche or topic. Use the topic to do simple online search might land you on great threads or groups with graphics, stories, memes, or chats related to your topic.

7. Join Reading Groups

Be free to explore reading as a hobby, and don't hesitate to join groups of hobbyists that love to read about your favorite topics. You will use your extra time efficiently and enjoy this new habit.

You can be sure to find groups of people that read for fun. As you explore the worlds that occur in books and reading resources, you will be glad that others love them.

8. Wake up Earlier

Waking up two hours earlier will help you read more. It will teach you the discipline of going to bed earlier because you need an average of 8 hours of sleep.

You can learn to wake up earlier by creating a set of exciting activities for your morning hours. Some people only need an alarm, but others need compelling reminders of the wonderful achievements and experiences for themselves and their loved ones.

The other advantage of early rising is watching the beautiful sunrise. Your life may change from catching the amazing and breathtaking scenes of nature.

9. Go to Bed Late

If you are unable to wake up early, you can go to bed late. You may just read yourself to sleep or share the experience with your loved ones in the late-night period.

The advantage of creating extra time in the early or late periods of the day is that it gives you room to complete your normal tasks.

The advantage of reading late in the night is that you will learn to plan your day and will internalize the information in your sleep. It would help if you always tried to get enough sleep.

10. Reduce Time Spent on Social Media and Entertainment

You may be surprised to hear that the average time that people spend on social media is 145 minutes, but you may be the outlier too. Reduce that time and read.

If you browse the internet and land on social media sites, you waste a lot of time reading random posts. Save that time and read things that will make you smarter.

You can always check out social media updates, but restrict this time. Try to talk to your loved ones or friends directly through calls and texts and avoid vague connections.

When you spend less time on social media and focus on reading, you will realize that the other things still fit your schedule. You will just be having better priorities and tastes.

Spending less time on social media and reading more books will also help you appreciate the value of personal time. Social media tends to steal your private time.

When you finally learn to reduce the time that goes to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Snapchat, or other sites, you will gain more control of your life.

Reading more and spending less time on social media will make you cool. Most people have lost control due to social media and have less knowledge. Reducing the time that you spend on social media will improve your understanding of life and people.

You may also reduce the time that you spend on entertainment by reading more books. You may be overindulging in something that does not relate to your growth, so mitigate it and read.

You may have a guilty pleasure that you overdo something that takes a lot of your time and money. If it is not very beneficial, reduce it and focus on learning.

Reading will effectively replace things that only bring short satisfaction and give you a deeper view of life.

11. Reading Apps

You can create more time to read by reading apps that send you reminders and plan your reading materials.

Some of the best reading apps you may use include Good Reads, Rewordify, Apple Books, Newsela, Overdrive, and the Amazon Reading App.

Reading apps have many features that amaze you, including reminders, highlighting tools, bookmarking your last page, and other useful tools.

You can always go for a free or paid tool. If you are a beginner, you may need these tools to guide you in understanding vocabulary or other important tools.

Reading apps will help you remember your reading schedule. Installing one preferred app will also help you remember to read when you see it on your phone.

Final Thoughts

You will have a great experience reading your preferred books or materials and gain a lot of knowledge. Be ready to explore the amazing worlds that authors create for you.

Avid readers can become great writers too. When you read, try to share the knowledge by putting it into practice. Other people will appreciate your wit.

Do not limit yourself on the topics you can read about. Expand your horizons and go further. You will enjoy the vast knowledge that lies out there.

Finally, if you enjoy this post, you can share the link to let others gain the motivation to read. Enjoy your reading!

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