Is Kindle for Kids Really a Good Idea?


Most of us know that instilling the habit of reading in our children is the right thing to do. However, in this age of digital books, is it possible to do so?

Kids these days detest handling and reading physical books. That is why instilling the habit of reading in them is difficult. However, there is a solution to this problem.

With the help of kindle, you can do so. Before you buy a Kindle for your child, you need to ask yourself, is kindle for kids really a good idea?

I will answer this question below. Not only that, I will let you know once and for all whether you should buy a kindle for your kids or not.

In short, is kindle good for kids?

Kindle is great for kids because it helps children read easily, has a novelty factor and tracks your child's reading. Moreover, it doesn't affect children's eyes.

I will go into the details of these reasons and more below. By the end of this article, it is easy to understand why kindle is such a good idea for your kids.

Why are Kindles good for kids?

There are numerous reasons why kindles are good for kids. I will highlight all these reasons below.

1. Easy for children to read

The number 1 reason why kindles are good for kids is that they make it easy for your children to read.

Most kids these days are accustomed to using the smartphone. Kindle is similar to smartphones and tablets.

Once you get a Kindle for your kid, your kid will indeed find it easy to read. It is one of the main reasons why you should think about getting a Kindle for your kid.

2. Track your child's reading

As a parent, it is always a good idea to expose your children to good books. Not only that, you have to ensure that your kid finishes those books as well.

With the help of kindle, you can achieve both these goals.

Kindle also allows you to track the progress of your child's reading. Consequently, you can know right away whether your child has completed a book or not.

Tracking your child's reading is not possible when your child is reading physical books. That is why kindle definitely has an advantage.

3. Portability

Carrying books around is no easy task. Even when you have to carry just comic books, carrying multiple of them can become bulky and uncomfortable. They can take a lot of space as well.

Kindle, on the other hand, is portable. In a single device, you can carry the entire library for your kids. The portability factor means that your kids can read anywhere and even during commute.

It is another reason why kindle is good for your kids.

4. Increasing library of content

Kindle has an ever-expanding library for kids. Whether you're looking for comics for your kids, novels, or something else, it is easy to find them on kindle.

The ever-increasing library of content means that your kids will never get bored. Once they start reading one book after another, it is easy for you to instill the habit of reading in them.

Consequently, kindle can certainly help you instill the habit of reading in your children. That is why buying one for your kid is a good idea.

5. Achievement badges on offer

Reading physical books can get boring after a while. It is especially true for children. To combat this, kindle offers achievement badges.

Every time your child gets an achievement batch, he/she will be more excited about reading further. When your kids are excited about reading, they are sure to read more books.

Thus, the achievement badges on offer certainly encourage your kids to read more. They break the monotony as well. They are the primary reasons why you should think about getting a kindle for your kids.

6. Aids vocabulary improvement

The Wordwise feature of the Kindle allows your kids to know the meaning of the words without interrupting the reading.

Right while reading, they can know the meaning and understand the context and continue reading. It means that there is no interruption in the reading process.

Another advantage of this feature is that it aids the vocabulary improvement in your children.

What more could you ask for?

The facilitation of vocabulary improvement is another reason why kindle for your kids makes perfect sense.

7. Availability of kid-friendly wallpapers

Want to make kindle even more interesting for your kids?

Choose from the wide range of kid-friendly Kindle wallpapers which are available. These are sure to keep your kids captivated for a long time. Once they start using kindle, they are likely to read the books in the library.

Thus, kindle is undoubtedly entertaining for your kids, which is why you should get it for them.

8. In-built dictionary

Apart from word wise feature, the Kindle has an inbuilt dictionary as well. With this dictionary's help, your children can quickly know more about the words they are learning. Consequently, it will become easier for them to use those words.

When children read physical books, they have to keep a dictionary by the side. Another alternative for them is to check the meaning of the words on their smartphone.

Rather than using multiple mediums, they can do all of this on a single device when they are using kindle. This not only aids the learning but also improves the reading experience. It is another reason why you should get a kindle for your kids.

9. Novelty factor

What was the reaction of your child when you first give him/are a book?

Most children think that reading books is old school. However, when you provide them with the Kindle, there is always a novelty factor. Your kids will undoubtedly try to explore the device more.

Kindle has a single purpose. It encourages users to read. That is why eventually, your kids will start reading one book or the other.

Thus, the kindle's novelty factor is another reason you should buy it for your kids.

As you can see, rather than ignoring the need for a kindle for your kids, it is better to get it for them. The advantages of the kindle are numerous. That is why you shouldn't ignore getting one for your kids any longer.

Before you make that buying decision, however, it is time to look at the flip side.

Are Kindles always a good idea for kids?

In certain cases, kindle might not be good for your kids. It is crucial to be aware of these as well before you make that buying decision.

1. Excessive exposure

In case your kids start spending 5 to 6 hours daily on kindle, they might suffer from eye strain. In this case, kindle might not be good for your child.

The solution is pretty simple. You have to ensure that your children are spending only a limited amount of time on kindle daily.

2. Availability of all types of books

The library of books on kindle is pretty vast. There are many adult-themed books available as well. This is another disadvantage of kindle for kids.

However, once again, the solution to this problem is pretty simple. With the help of parental controls, you can easily limit their access to kid-friendly books only.

Thus, there are a couple of disadvantages of kindle for children, but you can easily overcome them with my solutions above.

Are Kindles bad for children's eyes?

No, kindle is not bad for your children's eyes as long as the daily use is limited.

Reading regularly can benefit your child rather than damage their eyesight. You have to just monitor the number of hours which they are spending on kindle.

You should encourage your children to read on kindle for 60 to 90 minutes but not more than that.

Is a Kindle a good gift for a child?

Yes, kindle is undoubtedly a good gift for your child.

The Kindle library consists of over 250,000 books for children. With the help of kindle, it is easy to encourage your child to read and instill the habit of reading in your child. That is why it is such a good gift.

What's the best kindle for children?

The Fire HD 8 Kids Edition Tablet is the best kindle for your kids. It consists of an IPS screen which makes it easy for your kids to read.

Not only that, the aesthetically pleasing case makes it attractive for children.

The parental control feature means that you will be at complete ease when your kids are using it.

It is available in the 8 and 16 GB variant, which is more than enough for saving books. Moreover, your kids can access educational apps as well as textbooks through it.

All these features, along with the colorful case, make it perfect for your kids.

So, Kindle is a good idea for your kids. The advantages of buying a Kindle for your kids are enormous.

There might be a couple of disadvantages as well, but it is easy to eliminate them. All in all, once you buy a Kindle for your kids, you can certainly instill in them the habit of reading and allow them to explore over 250,000 books that are available on the Kindle library.

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