Do AirPods Fall Out Easily?

Do AirPods fall out Easily | All you need to know in 2024

Do AirPods fall out easily? Are AirPods comfortable? We answer these questions and more! Read our AirPods review to find out what you need to know before buying a pair.

AirPods are a great way to listen to music and make hands-free calls. Those who own AirPods have nothing but good things to say about it. But if you are the owner of AirPods then you would know that one of the biggest fears that you have is that they might fall out of your ears. This blog is about the question that we all have in our minds, do Airpods fall out easily?

You might have heard of AirPods falling out while jogging or exercising. Well, in case you haven't here is the story. The biggest problem with AirPods falling out is the fact that they don't come with a wire.

That's right! You can lose it easily by losing track of it. Since there is no wire holding them, they can easily fall out. In our Do AirPods fall out Easily article, we'll look at AirPods falling out, the reason behind it, and what you should do.

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Do AirPods fall out Easily

Do AirPods fall out Easily

Apple has designed AirPods with ergonomics in mind, which means AriDpos should offer a snug fit and keep them from falling out easily. Yet, there have been many who have reported that their AirPods fall out easily or don't fit well.

Do AirPods fall out Easily

AirPods falling out of ears mostly depends on who is wearing them. So the answer to the question, do AirPods fall out easily is ‘depends’. It depends on a few factors, though the main factor is the person wearing it. Check the next section on why do AirPods fall out easily.

Why do AirPods fall out Easily

The most likely reason why AirPods fall out of ears easily are,

Poor fit - This is the most common reason an AirPod falls out of a user's ear. If the AirPods don't fit correctly, then they are likely to fall out. Apple has designed the AirPods to fit 90% of their customers, which means while it covers most customers, there are still people that can have ill-fitting AirPods.

While 10% seems like a small percentage, that's still a lot of users because of how popular AirPods are. People have ears that are of different shapes and sizes. The 10% of users can either have ears that are too small or too large, which can lead to AirPods falling out, at the slightest physical disturbance or movement.

Learn how physical disturbance and movement are a reason for AirPods falling out below.

Physical disturbance and movement- For the vast majority of people, AirPods shouldn't fall out even when they are doing physical activities such as working out, dancing, etc. Physical movement mostly affects people with poor fit. So if AirPods don't fit you right, then they will fall out when you move around a lot.

On the other hand, physical disturbance includes getting hit or other disturbances that can cause AirPods to fall out easily. Here are some scenarios, removing clothes, removing masks, sometimes even adjusting your hair can cause your AirPods to fall out if you accidentally hit them.

So people who are into exercising, and physical activities, be sure that AirPods fit you well before you purchase. Also, be careful when you are trying to remove your mask or clothes, these are times when you can dislodge your AirPods. But if you have already bought them, don't worry, there are some fixes which we will discuss in the next section.

Wrong ear tips - While the regular AirPods don't come with ear tips, the Pro version does. AirPods Pro is Apple's flagship earbuds that have all the bells and whistles you want. This includes the best possible fit and isolation for an uninterrupted music listening experience. To achieve this, Apple had to use silicone ear tips to get a better fit, moving away from their iconic earphone design.

Apple includes ear tips of different sizes with each AirPods Pro and these should fit almost all customers. So AirPods Pro falling out of your ears might be because you are wearing the wrong sized ear tips.

Even then, I have heard users complain that the ear tips don't fit them well enough because their ears are too large or too small or the shape is uncomfortable.

In such cases, there are other solutions that you can try to prevent AirPods from falling out. The next section will guide you on that.

How to stop AirPods from falling out of your ear

Here are some fixes and preventive measures that you can take to stop your AirPods from falling out easily,

Clean your AirPods - While I didn't mention this as a cause before, dirt and oil accumulated on your AirPods can affect their fit in your ears. A dirty or oily pair of AirPods are more likely to fall out of your ear compared to a clean one.

So make sure that your AirPods are clean for the best possible fit. You can clean your AirPods using a clean microfiber cloth. You can dampen the cloth a little if needed, but avoid using water to clean them.

Wear them correctly - To ensure a good fit, gently push the AirPods into your ears with the stem aligned downwards. Also rotate the AirPods slightly so that the stem is aligned parallel to your face. Don't push in too deep, you should be comfortable and the fit should be snug.

Run an Ear Tip Fit Test - You can improve the seal between your earphones and your ears thanks to this useful Apple function.

Connect your AirPods to your iPhone while wearing them, then go to Settings > Bluetooth. Select Ear Tip Fit Test from the information menu next to the device.

If your device doesn't have the "Ear Tip Fit Test" option, your iOS probably isn't 13.2 or higher and needs to be updated.

Try 3rd party silicone ear tips - Even after cleaning and wearing your AirPods in the correct way, if you are still having issues with the fit and the AirPods are falling out easily then, you can purchase 3rd party ear tips that offer more size options or have ear hooks that can provide a more secure fit.

You can find many quality ear tips for both the regular AirPods and the AirPods Pro, but here are some of my favorite 3rd party ear tips with ear hooks from Amazon.

Ahastyle - Ahastyle is a brand that makes ear tips for all AirPods model but their Ear Hooks Cover for AirPods Pro stand out the most.

do airpods pro fall out

They are comfortable and soft allowing users to wear them for long hours. You get 3 sets included along with a pouch to carry the spare ones. And you can choose from two different colors. The only downside is that you have to remove them if you need to charge your AirPods.

Proof Labs - Looking for a set of ear tips for your brand new 3rd Generation AirPods? Proof Labs has you covered, their AirPods 3 Ear Hooks Covers, look and feel good.

AirPods keep falling out

Your AirPods won't fall out easily any more thanks to the ear hook design. You can wear these for long hours as they are soft and comfortable. You cant charge with the ear hooks on, which is a bummer. There are 2 color options and an included carry pouch for the set of 3 ear hooks.

OneCut - The OneCut Silicone Ear tips are the best ear tips you can get for AirPods 2. These come in a pack of 5 and are soft and comfortable to wear.

do airpods fallout when running

They offer excellent grip for your AirPods thanks to the ear hook design. YOu can choose from 9 vibrant colors too. You have to remove them if you want to charge your AirPods.

Foam Ear Tips - Foam ear tips have been a famous accessory for earphones and earbuds for quite some time now. They offer a much more comfortable and secure fit compared to silicone ear tips but they tend to be expensive. HEre are some of the best foam ear tips you can get for AirPods Pro.

do airpods pro fall out easily

Lanwow Premium Memory Foam Tips

Foam Masters Memory Foam Ear Tips

CharJenPro AirFoams Pro

Use Adhesive Tape - I wouldn't recommend this method unless you have no other option. This method has worked for many users, so it's worth giving it a shot if you have no other choice.

For this to work, you need waterproof adhesive tape. Avoid duct or scotch tape as they can leave a sticky residue on your AirPods.

Cut out small 4 small pieces of tape or use a hole punch to remove four circles of tape. Now place these tapes on either side of the AirPods speaker opening. You can try using the AirPods now and see if the tape offers an additional grip for you.

Try shaking your head to see if the AirPods fall off easily.

Try wearing the AirPods upside down - If the aforementioned tips did not help you, you should try wearing the AirPods backward.

I'll admit that I've tried running with wired earphones on backward. This is a well-known running technique that has reportedly become less effective over time due to cordless earbuds.

But you can still accomplish it! Furthermore, even though it can seem unusual, there's no harm in experimenting with it to find a better fit that will keep your AirPods from slipping out.

In the event that the AirPods are taken out of the ears or become loose, the Automatic Ear Detection feature promptly pauses playing. You can choose to turn it off rather than leave it active as doing so may have an impact on other features like the ANC.

Do AirPods fall out easily - Conclusion

AirPods are an incredible piece of technology that can be used to listen to music, make phone calls, and much more. AirPods represent the future of wireless audio products. However, there is a widespread misconception that the AirPods fall out easily.

AirPods can fall out of your ears only if you move around too much or if they don't fit well and these issues are faced by only a small percentage of users. But you can take measures to reduce the risk of them falling out. If you’ve been considering the AirPods for a while now, we hope that this article has helped you make the decision.

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